Is our universe real?
2014-04-29, 02:18 PM,
Quote:This the classic Cartesian question. It essentially asks, how do we know that what we see around us is the real deal, and not some grand illusion perpetuated by an unseen force (who René Descartes referred to as the hypothesized ‘evil demon')? More recently, the question has been reframed as the "brain in a vat" problem, or the Simulation Argument. And it could very well be that we're the products of an elaborate simulation. A deeper question to ask, therefore, is whether the civilization running the simulation is also in a simulation — a kind of supercomputer regression (or simulationception). Moreover, we may not be who we think we are. Assuming that the people running the simulation are also taking part in it, our true identities may be temporarily suppressed, to heighten the realness of the experience. This philosophical conundrum also forces us to re-evaluate what we mean by "real." Modal realists argue that if the universe around us seems rational (as opposed to it being dreamy, incoherent, or lawless), then we have no choice but to declare it as being real and genuine. Or maybe, as Cipher said after eating a piece of "simulated" steak in The Matrix, "Ignorance is bliss."

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2014-05-08, 07:16 PM,
According to me our universe is real but sometimes I do feel if it is a powerful illusion since I wonder how it got created, how planets and all stuff got created. But our scientists say it is real. :)

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2014-05-08, 09:06 PM,
I guess you are watching Matrix movie these days. Nothing else.

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2014-05-18, 02:47 AM,
Did you ever hear from the holographic principle? It describes our universe simular to a black whole, that the information which makes us up is "saved" at the event horizon of our universe. So maybe we're just code running on the universal "process streek"
2014-05-18, 03:46 AM,
I believe the Universe is real, it created all of our embodiments and everything that surrounds all of us

The concept of how it got created intrigues me though
2014-05-18, 04:09 AM,
100% real if its a system or something like Matrix it will fail so its just soo real Cute
2014-05-18, 06:54 AM,
I hope it's just a dream and we wake up as little turtles ... ( that's what I had in mind )

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2014-05-18, 10:09 AM,
Our dnk is coded by some alien programmer. We are just sheeps on this planet.
2014-05-18, 01:18 PM,
The meaning of life is to reproduce, as stated by my biology teacher.
2014-05-18, 02:21 PM,
I love this question, it's so grand it lets me think. There is no way to determine our universe is real 100%, there is always a what-if situation attached to every positive answer to the original question. Knowing this as the case, I think it's in everyone's best interest to just live out your life like you want to. Fuck it man just live.

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