Is it Really that Depressive: Making Money Online?
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Hello, dear forum members.

I wasn't sure where to post this thread and wasn't even sure if I should post it. I'm sorry for the tone of it, it's just that I seem to really be stuck and I need some advice. Of course, I realize that I'm not the only one who has got these problems, it's just that I seem to have had enough with it. Oh yes, before all, let me tell you that I've been reading this forum for ages, first as an unregistered user and for about a month as a registered one. Don't look at my '0 posts' significator, I'm not really social/talkative . More of a reader.

I seem to be really stuck. Through this year, I have built and optimized 3 to 4 websites but it seems to me it just won't work the way I expected. You see, what I cannot understand is whether it should really take you a few years to really start making some money out of your business and in the meantime all you do is invest your own money and time without any feedback? Has the Web really changed that much since 2000s when it comes to money making? It's like, for every singe thing that I have ever tried doing I have failed: sites, blog network, selling Facebook likes, eBooks... Every single time you think that, oh, yes, that is the way to go you find a barrier immediately. eBooks don't sell that good nowadays, Amazon and Apple own it all. AdSense takes 6 months to get verified and then they'd ban you for a silly reason in a minute. PPC are practically over. PPD still work, but this is what I don't get completely. I mean, look at how many Internet users are there, why'd somebody and ESPECIALLY k's of people download and even install something that they do not even need or can get for free? These times when they would download everything they'd find seem to be over, either. And when you go though this (and others') forum topics it looks like every second member makes at least a thousand greens using these methods! What I don't understand is am I really that stupid or impatient or what? Literally, all I've been doing for the last 2-3 years online was investing and all I got in return was probably 2% of my own investment. Can people really START making money online TODAY? Or is it all more suitable for people who've been around for the past 10 years? Can you guide me, please, even a little. I'm not a newbie, neither a student. In fact, I'm an IT diplomaed specialist. Am I really that bad online money maker? The most methods I find here would've been amazing if were used 5 years ago but they are practically impossible today. It seems to me that literally EVERY good spot is taken now either by long-time SEO enthusiasts or those media GIANTS.
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You should make one plan and stick to it. If you get sidetracked with different money making methods halfway through your first project and switch, you will never succeed. Pick one thing and split test, then test some more until you find what works. Don't target saturated niches like Clash of Clans H@cks. Think outside of the box and bring value to people visiting your site. Think of a problem people have, research the keywords, then think about how to monetize it. An example (that almost converted me) is "How to unlock *my model of phone*" (Dont want to give away their exact niche) There are no free ways to do it, and since I didnt want to pay out the butt, I had a look around youtube and found some guys video that was HQ and I thought "Oh! I've found a solution to my problem!" I even clicked on the landing page link and the download link. If I didnt know about CPA/PPD I would have done the survey lol
Oh and not every good spot is taken. Just find a niche, break the main keyword into seeds, and think about how to monetize it.
Good Luck
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daemonX(2014-12-17 08:03 PM) 
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We all have that time of season where we get depressed and discouraged by our failures with our campaigns but like what the successful people are always telling us:

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Gabriel88(2014-12-16 03:18 PM) 

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2014-12-16, 02:31 PM,
One failure does count to success and those are the lessons you need to learn and apply in new version of your project. If you are reading then you must act accordingly.
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esmeralda(2014-12-17 12:42 AM) 
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You are like all the people who fail, you try a thing and then you give it up. Do you ever sticked with it for a long run? You could be the bigest facebook like seller, you could have 50 Websites and not only 4. Who told you that you can earn 5k Monthly with owning 4 Websites?

Sorry for being that direct, but i think its time that someone will tell you the truth. When its getting ruff, and you stop you fail, when you never stop you succeed. The bigest mistake is to ignore everything what is going around and only focusing on your IM career. It´s just like with every career: keep it smart, dont work that hard :D
2014-12-17, 09:02 AM, (This post was last modified: 2014-12-17, 09:02 AM by Nem.)
Everybody have bad times and good times. Don't give up if you just have bad time now, remember after every rain there is a rainbow!
Just focus how to do better and keep it going. Sooner or latter you will see progress and you will be proud that you didn't give up!

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2014-12-17, 09:35 AM,
You just need to generate some traffic for your sites and once you make some small money you'll know that it is POSSIBLE to make shitload of money and your negative thoughts will disappear.


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