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Poll: Is GSA SER useless without a captcha solver and a content generator?
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Yes. It's useless.
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No. You can use it without them.
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Total 28 vote(s) 100%
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Is GSA SER Useless?
2013-12-31, 12:13 PM,

I apologies all the GSA SER fans for the title and I know it's an awesome thing in automating the SEO process. But, I wanted to know if it's useless to have just GSA SER without a captcha solver and a content generator like spinnerchef?

If those additional things are not required, can someone guide me in the right way to use GSA SER with out any addons.

Thanks in advance.
2013-12-31, 12:20 PM,
You need both of those for the program to verify more efficiently.

Articles are important because you can use particular platforms that provide diversity in your linking.
2013-12-31, 12:27 PM,
You need captcha breaker so that GSA ser works correctly.
Also you need indexification service (20$/monthly)
and private proxies (10$/month minimum), emails are also needed but you can use free ones, VPS is a good thing but you can use your own PC.

In total I would say the first month would be ~300$ and then only 50$ monthly minimum.
2013-12-31, 12:28 PM,
Any tool is useless if you don't know how to use it properly. If you read the thirst part of your question "know it's an awesome thing in automating the SEO process", you should be able to answer the rest yourself. To automate the process correctly you need all the components to work together properly as intended by those who created the tool.

There might be a way of a workaround where you'll need to fiddle with settings, add manual input or other things....What kind of automation is that then?
2013-12-31, 12:33 PM,
(2013-12-31, 12:13 PM)contentcouch Wrote: I apologies all the GSA SER fans for the title and I know it's an awesome thing in automating the SEO process.

My Appologies but I think this thread is useless, You already Know GSA is a wonderful piece of software and around this forums or anywhere you read people will say buy atleast Captcha breaker along with it, since they are compatible with each other and gives more efficiency and i hope you knew this too.

And i know you must be worried spending as CB comes for $140, But Dont Worry Go Ahead you will make the best investment and you will realise that in the first week itself when you see your site rising and ranking.


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2013-12-31, 02:37 PM,
Yes, you can use GSA SER without captcha breaker, but your results will be shit.

Or AFAIK you can fill the surveys manually. The results will still be shit.
2013-12-31, 03:03 PM,
not useless you just need resources eg: target urls, proxies, vps, captcha service, indexer and your brain then bank that's it! pretty costly though.
2013-12-31, 04:50 PM,
Okay, I asked this question cos, I was able to use GSA SER setup by one of my client on his computer, but when I asked him, his answer was negligent, so wan't able to get a proper answer by him. I was able to glance it without his knowledge, so I was not able to get the things right. It would be helpful, if you people can let me know what other resources should I need along with GSA SER. Not worried about this prices though.

Thanks again for all the responses.
2013-12-31, 04:57 PM,
GSA SER, indexer, captcha breaker, proxies and some VPS. That's all I think.
2013-12-31, 10:30 PM,
(2013-12-31, 04:57 PM)apetrov Wrote: GSA SER, indexer, captcha breaker, proxies and some VPS. That's all I think.

You were very helpful. As I already know that I need GSA SER, CB and Proxies, I know were to get it. But, what is the best VPS and indexer that you would recommend?

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