[Instagram CPA Method] Follow this Instagram Method to Make $$$ Each Day
2015-02-23, 05:08 AM, (This post was last modified: 2015-02-23, 05:27 AM by MrZeus.)
What is up guys?

For about 6 months I have been averaging around $150 a day with Instagram. I’ve decided that there is plenty of room for new people to expand into this market, so it’s time that I share this method! It’s fairly simple but you just need to stay persistent.
I know for a fact that 70% of you will read this guide and not take action. That being said, I know that the other 30% will be rolling in money within several months because they made a life changing decision to use this method.

Let me show you how I did it, and you can do it too. Follow these steps or add your own twist, you will be successful either way.

Step 1:

You must set up an Instagram account in a niche that is semi-popular. Basically, there should be other accounts with a million followers or even half a million in this niche. The niche could be anything! iPhone fan accounts, makeup reviews, funny memes.

Step 2:

This step is where a lot of you will give up. It is time to grow your Instagram account. This is the grind that will end up making you money. You need to grow your account to a decent following. This means that you should be getting around 500+ likes per photo that you post.
Please note that there are many ways of growing an account. Buying shoutouts, share-for-shares, manually following people. There should be guides on here of how to grow your account. This will not be a fast process. It should take a few weeks to get up to a comfortable amount of followers.
Stay consistent with your posts and be engaging (caption example: Tag your friends if you agree!)

Step 3:

Once you have a decent following (500 likes +) per photo, you're ready to move onto step 3. Basically what you're going to be doing is posting a "giveaway" on your Instagram account. I'd say make your giveaway item something that's worth about $500. Then, you want to find a picture on google of a person holding up that product. The product could be related to your niche or it could just be something general like an iPhone.

Step 4:

In order to generate money, I used CPA content lockers on a landing page. In case you don't know, this means that in order for people to enter your giveaway contest, they need to complete a short survey. YOU GET PAID anywhere from 1$ to 10$ every time a person completes a survey. Once they complete the survey, the giveaway competition form will be unlocked.

That means that they can't enter your giveaway unless they do a survey, which will pay you.

You can sign up for the CPA network I use: Referral links only belong in referrals section, thus it was removed.[/size]

Link 2 (Non-referral link): cpagrip.com

:cool: (If you're cool you'll use the referral link)

The network will accept you right away so go ahead and sign up now so that you can get started earning.

Step 5:

After you've signed up for the CPA network above, you'll need to go to the "monetization tools".

From there click on "Content Lockers"

Create a content locker. You should write on your content locker: “In order to prove you're human and not spamming the giveaway, Please fill out a short survey. “

Copy and paste the content locker code, which you will later put on your website.

Step 6:

Create a landing page. You can create a landing page on word press if you're willing to pay or you can create a free website using wix.com. However, wix.com makes it so that you URL would like like: giveaway.wix.com which can look tacky.

Once you have the home page set up, which should be like: “Win an iPhone! To enter, please fill out your information below:”

Also, make sure that your website it mobile optimized. This is extremely important because everyone from Instagram is usually coming from a mobile device.

Step 7:

Sit back and watch the money roll in. If you get 600 likes on a giveaway photo, and 200 come checkout the giveaway on your website, and 100 of those people do the survey, that's at LEAST $100 probably more like $150 to $200!

I've grown to the point where I get about 3k likes per giveaway photo which makes me about 1k per giveaway. Currently, I’ve been doing about one giveaway per week which is getting me around $4,000 each month. I have plans of creating even more pages and expanding my network.

Now if you guys happen to have ANY questions at all, just post one below! I love CPAelites! <3 :money:
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2015-02-23, 05:34 AM,
I've heard this method in the past but it seems unbelievable to me how you can make so much money from mobile users. Could you post some proof like CR?
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morodriss99(2017-09-20 08:24 PM) honeydew(2016-04-08 05:33 AM) rakhilwani(2015-03-19 01:09 AM) 
2015-02-23, 05:44 AM,
The dude has 1 post. Nuff said.
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HackTrack(2016-12-15 10:07 PM) 
2015-02-23, 06:11 AM,
Hard to believe people are filling surveys to enter the contest but till I don't try I can say straight , this work... this don't work. some stats would be awesome if you share bro'.
2015-02-23, 06:35 AM,
Are you the guy who posted this on Forum discussions are not allowed here.?
If so, I have a few questions, do you use Skype? :-)
2015-02-23, 10:06 AM,
For a newbie like me, this share is great! Thanks mate.

Noob question: Can i create an Instagram account using my pc?
2015-02-23, 01:24 PM,
1 post, no proofs, yea sure you are making 4 k a month
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Calapsss(2017-07-31 02:18 AM) 
2015-02-23, 03:12 PM,
I've tested this with a 5k follower, 200+like each photo instagram account, but from cpagrip in 5 days:
243 views - 88 clicks - 3 leads - 1.18$ revenue - 0.01$ cpc - 3,41%
2015-02-23, 03:24 PM,
(2015-02-23, 03:12 PM)bflopz Wrote: I've tested this with a 5k follower, 200+like each photo instagram account, but from cpagrip in 5 days:
243 views - 88 clicks - 3 leads - 1.18$ revenue - 0.01$ cpc - 3,41%

see.. this isnt worth trying ;) But I got a very big twist, which would make it worth.. NO PMs I won't tell anybody!!! Think by yourself and you can bank with instagram - think outside the box
2015-02-23, 03:34 PM,
(2015-02-23, 03:24 PM)A7-strohhut Wrote: see.. this isnt worth trying ;) But I got a very big twist, which would make it worth.. NO PMs I won't tell anybody!!! Think by yourself and you can bank with instagram - think outside the box

ok genius
what's the point of this bullsh*t paragraph, if you're not willing to share
stfu kid
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cpanonelite(2017-08-21 09:18 PM) taaha161(2017-02-18 01:17 AM) DaveNL(2016-11-24 12:17 PM) SysOpe(2016-11-12 08:39 PM) koleinz(2015-09-21 09:41 AM) CpaFiend55(2015-06-04 11:37 AM) Pachu(2015-06-04 11:21 AM) j0ck3r(2015-03-29 12:26 PM) lietuvis002(2015-03-14 06:03 PM) 

A good thing sells itself, a bad one advertises itself

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