IndeXer's Life Experience (Short Bio)
2016-01-06, 02:02 PM,
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Tell us about your family life? (Optional)
Ah family, my family is my life, my mom, my brothers, I live for them. My dad expired when I was in 8th standard, right from my childhood I've seen my family struggles for daily food and supplies, I am thankful to almighty god that the days of struggling is over now.

Martial status? (Optional)
Still single, want to to get married but still not yet stable in life. Want to earn more $200,000 before getting married.

How did you find CPA Elites?
I find cpaelites through fileice forums, I have no words to explain, when I first came here I never thought I will be staying here for this long, its been more than two years and I am still here, its the only forum where I purchased upgrades, best forum on CPA I've seen till date, no other forum can compete cpaelites.

When did you first start getting into internet marketing?
I came to know about internet marketing when I first started doing PTC, came to CPA in late 2011's, started earning since then, I am sure most of the members who are here first went for PTC sites.

What inspired you to start internet marketing?
Honestly, I was good with the computers since the beginning, when I came to know about google paying blog owners for adsense, I created my first blog, which was a complete disaster, after that I moved on to wordpress, came to know about PTC, then CPA. The only thing that motivates me for getting into Internet Marketing is the addiction I have towards computers.

Where do you spend your hard earned money on?
I bought a home for my mom, which I am very proud of, paying my brothers college fees (still paying Wink), cleared some big debts, saved nothing till now, I want to get married soon so I think I should start considering saving some money for myself.

What is your motivation to keep on making money?
Recently most of you know I was not active, due to lack of motivation, but I am back with a bang, getting stable now, key motivation for me coming back to CPA is my girlfriend. I am madly in love with her.

What's the total amount of Money you have made? (Optional)
Fileice: $63000+
cheersfile: $2100+ (working with cheersfile now)
adnooka: $7000+ (network closed)
12gmedia: $350+ (network closed now)

Any tips for the community?
People get demotivated very easily in internet marketing, there was a time when I was earning more than $500/day but lost everything due to lack of motivation, getting banned on cpaelites was the biggest shock I received since I started doing CPA, thanks to Hawk he took me back and trusted me again. Don't quit, this is all I can say.

Any thing you would like to say here? Go crazy. (Optional)
Be active, stick to one method and tweak it, you can make your $2/day to $200/day within one day if you know exactly what you are doing. To all the newbies, I suggest everyone to learn about PPC because PPC is the future of CPA.

Good luck everyone.
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alexparris(2016-08-25 01:33 PM) Cervantes(2016-01-07 08:30 AM) Quobi(2016-01-06 06:13 PM) today1991(2016-01-06 02:45 PM) 
2016-01-06, 02:25 PM,
Glad to see you have helped your family a lot with your hard earned money, Yea Motivation is what most of people don't have because they simply don't have a goal for their life, They don't have a dream to work for, Glad to see you coming back with lots of motivation and I'm sure you will get 200,000$ and marry the girl of your dreams,
BTW PPC, I should get to know it
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IndeXer(2016-01-07 10:11 AM) 

[Image: di1WHG0.png?1]
2016-01-06, 02:53 PM,
Thanks for taking the time to write this up Indexer, it's awesome to see long standing users sticking around.
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IndeXer(2016-01-06 02:56 PM) 
2016-01-06, 06:13 PM,
Well i think you have earn enough money for your family then you have to go with married option. Dont forget your mom and brothers in any situation. Today you are helping them and you will see the one day come when they will help you . Good luck with your earning
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IndeXer(2016-01-07 10:12 AM) 
2016-01-06, 06:14 PM,
(This post was last modified: 2016-01-07, 09:38 PM by Quobi.)
Thank you IndeXer! I was waiting for this for to long, it was my please to read and I hope you'll achieve your goals!
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IndeXer(2016-01-07 10:12 AM) 


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