Incentlock is scam!
2014-03-12, 01:36 AM,
First of all i'm escusing that i'm not posting on network reviews section but i can't.. i think because i don't have 75 posts .. anyway...
Why incentlock is a scam? Hmm because they scammed me of 2.9k$
Let's begin why : 3 months ago i saw the thread of cpagrip on Member is spamming competition forum please report this now. and i asked if they acept fake stuff? After a day i got a PM from SAM (incentlock owner) that if i want to promote fake stuff i can use incentlock.
So i registered on incentlock and i made 3.6$ on december just for test to see if i get paid.. when i saw that i get net30 payment i said to give a try and make some money here because they will pay me .. and in few weeks i made 2.6k$ and during that days i've asked sam if it's ok my trafic and said it's ok that i should continue and i also requested weekly payments and he said that will talk to others managers about this..(HE ACCEPTED MY TRAFFIC) (2.6k$ january) that was the second payment .. that i haven't received.
At the end of the month i got an email from paypal that i have received the money from incentlock the money from december 3.6$ and i have to wait to be shown in my paypal ballance but they never shown.. i said fuck off 3$ .. i told that to my manager william and he said that will call paypal to see what happened with money..
In the next month i let 3 niches on incentlock and i made ~200$ i think or 250 idk exactly.. and yes the end of the month,the most waited to get the money..
It was 1 march and i haven't got the money because they had some problems,admins quit etc bla bla.. i contacted wattie (my manager after few days) in 6 march and asked about payments and he told me that they have to check accounts for reversed leads bla bla and then they will pay.
I asked him if he finished to check the accounts for reversed leads and he said that almost all.. and after 4 days he banned me.. reason copyrighted content .. ok,maybe 2 niches were copyrighted but all of them? and he also said that i used the word free.. damn? and i also said to him that a friend from incentlock uses copyrighted niches and didn't get banned and got paid and me not.. and also everyone uses word free and incentive niches..
Here are the conversations :

This is a ugly story i know.. everyone said that i should use incentlock because are new and i used them and got scammed....
Exactly in the day i should got the payment i got banned. very nice ~2900$ were gone.. into admin's pocket very nice.
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2014-03-12, 01:50 AM,
Im leaving the company until this is fixed

Proud to be Albanian
2014-03-12, 01:54 AM,
Also wattie isn't answering on skype ..
what mail i got in the day when i should receive the payment ... :(

Also i'm angry because the admin accepted my traffic said that it's ok .. :| and now wattie lies that ALL my leads were reversed !! ALL not 10-20 leads ALL of them.. and i got banned EXACTLY the day when i should receive the payment..
2014-03-12, 02:01 AM, (This post was last modified: 2014-03-12, 02:03 AM by doodoo.)
(2014-03-12, 01:54 AM)Cristian Wrote: Also wattie isn't answering on skype ..
what mail i got in the day when i should receive the payment ... :(

Also i'm angry because the admin accepted my traffic said that it's ok .. :| and now wattie lies that ALL my leads were reversed !! ALL not 10-20 leads ALL of them.. and i got banned EXACTLY the day when i should receive the payment..
As far as I know,network owners (in this case Wattie or Sam or Kenn) don't reverse leads.I believe that the ones that reverse the leads are advertisers.If they have seen that you earned 2.8k$+ from a French PIN Submit Offer that is scrub and you presented the offer as FREE,they ofcourse will reverse the leads.
A good feature of IncentLock is that they tell if one offer is scrub or non-scrub and the restrictions.
Anyway I don't feel like talking anymore and hope that IncentLock pays in the future since I myself have over 1k$ there.
Hope this issue gets sorted out.

2014-03-12, 02:01 AM,
Terrible,, hope you get your money
2014-03-12, 02:12 AM, (This post was last modified: 2014-03-12, 02:17 AM by DonCheto.)
Man! this is bad! I tell you remember?? That is the reason because i not work with incentlock... I hope man you can have your money back!

PD:Cristian is a serious user, I know him in Fileice and he is a top earner... He dont lie.

[Image: PIYvVbH.png]
2014-03-12, 02:22 AM,
I am going to write exactly the same thing here as I did to our thread in Network Reviews.

Your money did not go to our pockets - we did not get paid for your traffic and therefore we did not pay you.
Leads were reversed because PIN advertisers (especially French) are very strict about the keyword ‘free’ and copyrighted content. We have mentioned both of them in our Terms of Service and we even added them as restrictions to every French offer because at least half of the publisher don’t actually read the terms of service.

You used total of 4 domains, two of them had a keyword ‘free’ even in your domain name along with movie and two youtube videos, which both were about Credit Card generators.
2014-03-12, 03:23 AM,
Dammn, But why do you have 2,8k?
You never did a payout?

[Image: oit5ag.jpg]
2014-03-12, 03:29 AM,
I'm not saying, it's right, but you have AGREED to a ToS and you have violated it. Getting away with your sh*t at some networks is good for you, but come on... Every normal person understands the risk of running blackhat niche and lying about your promotions. I don't use IncentLock personally , but I don't think it's a 'scam' because of your story. They can still be legit and I like the fact, that they come out and reveal the story from their side.
Just my 2 cents, tho.
2014-03-12, 03:38 AM,
Wattie asked me to post this, as he doesn't have enough posts:

Hi Cristian,

First of all, thanks f0restCPA for informing me about this, also wanted to say that you pretty much got the picture.

Also, I’m not ignoring you on Skype, I’ll read your messages ASAP, but I’m not in front of the computer all day.
Now on to the topic. I will try to make is as direct as I can with explanations, if you feel something is not true, then please, explain.
Rules you broke:
  • Copyrighted content in our Terms of Service
  • Offer restrictions:
    1. Copyrighted content:
    From our ToS: [Image: eu8CEeO.png]

    2. Using word free:
    Your website had a word free in it. One of your main offers that you promoted has restrictions of: [Image: GywEp0C.png]

    3. Using more than one blackhat niche – Like credit card generator.

Arguments you used:
  • You have gotten away with this on other network – Well yeah, bluntly put, the bigger the network, the more fraud passes by.
  • Sam allowed you to use copyrighted content – I would hardly believe this, as Copyrighted content is denied by our Tos, nevertheless, Sam isn’t a member of IncentLock Staff anymore.
  • Others use copyrighted content too – Well, we have checked every other users traffic, and seems like everyone but you got paid, meaning there can’t be such incident. Whether or not it is happening there comes a difference when user has 5% reversals(we reverse those) or 98% of reversals(we reverse those – also meaning that user is driving us highly fraudlent traffic, which needs to be stopped with a ban. Also advertisers reverse leads, as it is not in our hands).
Also, could you stay a bit more like a gentlement. We have explained the things above more than once , but you still keep arguing about things that we have clearly stated.
[Image: TAiozQl.png]

[Image: 5E4gQF1.png]

With all that being said, I really don’t feel like there is much to explain. If you or anyone else has questions about this issue or something else considering our network, then please feel free to talk to us on Skype! ;)
Me: wattie.IncentLock
Kenn: kenn.IncentLock

Best Regards,
Wattie Keel

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