Ignore- CPA Elites interview
2013-08-14, 04:05 PM, (This post was last modified: 2013-08-15, 02:23 AM by Ignore.)
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My first interview with Ignore, I PM'ed him and had this interview done.. hope you guys enjoy it.


If you would like to be in an interview or you would like someone interviewed, then please PM me . If you have any questions you'd like to ask in future interviews, then post them below!

Until next time, I'm XiOc. LIVE LONG AND PROSPER!
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2013-08-14, 04:32 PM,
Quote:Don't always ask for help, try to look for the answer yourself. You'll learn more from this.
^This is true!

Great interview, I really enjoyed reading it!
Can't wait for Bok1ca to be interviewed!
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koolhunk(2013-08-17 05:54 AM) 
2013-08-14, 04:33 PM,
(2013-08-14, 04:32 PM)Calisthenics Wrote:
Quote:Don't always ask for help, try to look for the answer yourself. You'll learn more from this.
^This is true!

Great interview, I really enjoyed reading it!
Can't wait for Bok1ca to be interviewed!

I PM'ed hawk eye
2013-08-14, 04:38 PM,
"no chance for me to enter? just kidding :P"

I love that shit. haha

[Image: banner300x250.png]
2013-08-14, 05:20 PM,
Quote: " If you are able to help someone, post it and help them. Don't wait for someone else to post. The more people who help, the greater our community will become! "

I really like this part :D
2013-08-14, 06:11 PM,
Great interview! I also enjoyed reading it. It's nice to know a little more about people. Smile
2013-08-14, 06:25 PM,
Nice conversation, thanks for sharing.
2013-08-14, 09:34 PM,
I did enjoy the interview, impressive idea and + rep for the journalist Grin
Looking forward for interviews with: PB3, Darkstar, Hawk Eye, McGee and of course Bok1ca.
2013-08-14, 09:38 PM,
It was a fun break between studying :D
2013-08-14, 09:45 PM,
I liked the interview. Really well said Ignore.

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