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[INSTAGRAM JOURNEY] Citalop's Instagram Journey!
2017-11-19, 06:36 PM, (This post was last modified: 2017-11-22, 01:51 AM by citalop.)
After diving into CPA to learn about certain techniques and different methods I've decided to do Instagram CPA! I'd also like to thank DEADZ for his awesome eBook, which is definitely worth to read! I am still a student and it would be nice to earn some extra cash without that much work :). I also have an IG growing with 4,4k followers at the moment. I will create a shopify later and do dropshipping with that account! I hope you will learn something from my journey and maybe get inspired! :D
Sorry if I have some grammatical mistakes in my posts, English isn't my native language (I am from The Netherlands).

My Method
I've started with the FIFA18 niche, but that didn't work too well (earned like 15 dollar in 2 weeks with 10 accounts). I didnt get why so I researched a bit, changed all the bio's, names and usernames so it wouldnt have any banned words. It still didnt work, so I just went to an account it just followed, and when I saw the followers of that account it was full of other cpa profile, so that must've been the reason. It's difficult to target fifa related accounts without other people following them already.
Thus I decided to go with free followers niche. It may be "saturated" but it's the most general niche (you can literally target anyone with a low follower count).

What will I be using?
I am running GMT2
A huge thanks to valarinstagram for hooking me up with some High Quality Instagram Accounts!
I have changed all the 10 fifa accounts to the follower niche, which is already warmed up, and I bought 16 more accounts from valarinstagram + 5= 31 accounts in total.
The other 21 accounts will warmup so they won't get banned that fast.
Bought a windows VPS for 5.50 dollar

Journey Goal

My goal is to earn enough money to start internet marketing with dropshipping as Ive already watched so many videos about that, and I just really like learning marketing techniques.

[X] $1/day
[ ] $5/day
[ ] $10/day
[ ] $25/day
[ ] $50/day
[ ] $100/day
[ ] > $100/day

This journey is sponsored by valarinstagram, check out his Instagram Accounts sales thread here!

I will try to update every day, but sometimes I am home late.
Just reply to this thread if you have any questions!
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2017-11-19, 06:50 PM,
following this journey. keep us updated!
2017-11-20, 05:23 PM, (This post was last modified: 2017-11-20, 05:24 PM by citalop.)
So far its not going that well...
Yesterday I had 31 clicks, but only 1 conversion, which is REALLY bad.
It might be because I am tagetting dumb kids from The Netherlands and some of them are like 6-10 years old so maybe they cant read the text.

I just got a conversion out of 4 clicks, so I hope it continues that way.
Ill update my scrapinglist this evening to English sources
It is just following and sometimes liking successfully so thats not the problem (I followed around 2,4k people yesterday with 31 accounts)
[Image: 2dd635470b551a94bf01f78ec51648be.png]

I hope it will get better though.
Any tips why? I use IG-> in bio->IG Prelander -> OGAds raisegram landingpage
2017-11-20, 11:57 PM,
Good luck mate. Hope you do well. :)
2017-11-21, 11:29 PM,
Nice brother, All the best for the journey.
2017-11-22, 01:50 AM,

[Image: 0db3d1318132caf0f28d606efe7b516c.png]

So far its looking good, did some changes and its getting more conversions :)

I hope it will stay this way!
2017-11-22, 04:31 AM, (This post was last modified: 2017-11-22, 04:31 AM by geraldosfire.)
Nice journey mate! Where did you get the windows vps from?
2017-11-22, 06:40 PM,
(2017-11-22, 04:31 AM)geraldosfire Wrote: Nice journey mate! Where did you get the windows vps from?

I bought it from for 5,50 dollar :)
2017-11-22, 07:18 PM,
(2017-11-22, 06:40 PM)citalop Wrote:
(2017-11-22, 04:31 AM)geraldosfire Wrote: Nice journey mate! Where did you get the windows vps from?

I bought it from for 5,50 dollar :)

Never heard of it. No reviews for it on google also. I might try it as well as it is cheap as hell! Thanks mate, also following your journey!
2017-11-22, 10:24 PM, (This post was last modified: 2017-11-22, 11:22 PM by jomu.)
Do you target this country only which I see on live leads(I mean this is Netherlands?)and if you do, can you tell me more about targeting specific countries?

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