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Introduction :
My name is Niko,17 years old from Albania. I heard about internet marketing about two years ago,did insta+youtube for a while then quitted.Now i decided to come back.In the past i did facebook+adsense.Used to make quite good amount of money and most of it was from traffic and forced click's.But those days are long gone since adsense its very strict now.Anyway i still do run a blog,all filled with quality since i like writing when im motivated.Not high earning's but i only have invested time and not a single penny.Soon im planing on scaling up,but i noticed i need to have more income for that.Since i know programming i keep myself active and currently i am working for a long term project(my idea are endless lol).Other than that now days i don't have much income from internet,that's why i am starting this journey.I feel instagram is the best way to re-start.

What i currently have :I wont spend any single $ from other source of income in this journey.All money invested will be from this journey.So i need to wait for my payment .I have only one instagram account,and also a pretty unique method which i created myself.No hosting,no vps,no bot.I only do research for targeting(khm khm khm need to work more on it).Using Ogads hosting atm.Earning money from different freelancing/microjobs etc.After i get to a considerable amount of money i will start to invest.

Why i created this thread:I have lurked A LOT,only reading,reading ,reading and reading.Main reason is to motivate myself and i'm curious if i will do it or not.I wont give up anyway.Also they say the best way to learn is to take action and that's more than real.

As i mentioned,i don't have any money to invest and i totally understand it will take some time to achieve all the goals for this journey.I come from a third world country.I don't like math,but i like money calculations so lets do some studying:my sister works in city town hall all week expect weekend.Thats 22 days of work.She has a normal job there,with projects and stuff.
Considering she earns 32,000 Albanian Lek(AL) if we convert that to euro that's equal to 241 euro with the current exchange rate.You may be like wtf,but that is considered a good job salary in here and you have to work from 9:00 to 15:00..fvcked up..
Breaking down even that's 8euro per 30 days,or 10 euro per 22 days.
And i wanna achieve that with instagram.In 3 months i want to earn 8euro/day.In 6 month i want to earn 16 euro per day.ONLY WITH IG.
It may be low for some people but i like to keep it realistic,i gave you a good example of salary in my country,and since ist my last year in high school i have many exams and i need to be focused on studies and of course long term project which im working ;)

[b]Also i started a journey when i joined this forum but i quitted since i had to travel to germany and now the vocations are done i can finally continue this.If you guys have any question feel free to ask,i would try my best to answer.Helping each other is the key.Once a great physics dude called Feynman said "The best way of learning is by explaining it to other people"...yeah it does work...Btw thanks DEADZ for the guide!

last two days (many click ,not many conv) :
[Image: bSGhG04jR_WUoin4JbOs8A.png]
Im doing manually work at the moment,but i don't have much time,since school +other projects
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2017-08-25, 04:42 AM,

I'll be following! Keep pushing and you'll make it for sure!

[Image: giphy.gif]
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OwYea(2017-08-25 04:45 AM) 
2017-08-25, 06:02 AM,
Welcome and Good luck on your journey !
Im here if you need any help .
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OwYea(2017-08-25 06:15 AM) 

PM me if you want to get into a private cpa network. Lots of SOI offers and great am . Made over 40k there this month.
Get 25$ by registering with my link on payoneer
2017-08-25, 06:36 AM, (This post was last modified: 2017-08-25, 06:37 AM by shadowbluff.)
Good luck mate, maybe we will learn from each other.
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OwYea(2017-08-25 12:56 PM) 
2017-08-25, 10:52 AM,
Awesome journey! keep up the good work brother.
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OwYea(2017-08-25 12:56 PM) 
2017-08-25, 11:06 AM,
Keep it Up brother Good Luck
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OwYea(2017-08-25 12:56 PM) 

[Image: jQGbCoA.gif]
2017-08-25, 11:17 PM,
Nice buddy. I hope you do well. Smile
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OwYea(2017-08-26 02:06 AM) 
2017-08-26, 12:22 AM,
This journey look interesting. I will follow your updates. Good Luck mate.
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OwYea(2017-08-26 06:20 AM) 
2017-08-26, 06:23 AM, (This post was last modified: 2017-08-26, 08:10 AM by OwYea.)
Its 1:50am,wanted to update the thread before i go to sleep

18Clicks | 3Conv. | 0.68$

Currently on one account targeting worldwide but mostly focused on U.S.A which i only got one conv...
I'm thinking of opening a second account and target in Canada ,but first i gotta do research !
See you next update!
2017-08-27, 02:32 AM, (This post was last modified: 2017-08-27, 04:48 PM by OwYea.)
[Image: yiZjoglxSG2MT6HeeJ69tg.png]
Add + 0.17$ over night ...
Anyone has any idea how to increase my earnings,or is this normal ?

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