I want to lose my weight, help please.
2017-11-08, 09:13 PM,
I want to lose my weight, But I am not able to stick to my faith. I always give up maintaining my diet and going to gym. 

But, this time I do not want to giveup. Any suggestions?
2017-11-08, 09:44 PM,
I think there are a lot better places in internet to ask about it. Try on bodybuilding forums.
2017-11-08, 10:25 PM,
Wake up early and go outside for jogging. :D It helps.
2017-11-08, 10:32 PM,
Remove bad habits that's first. Do you eat more while you are under the stress?

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2017-11-08, 11:35 PM,
Just exercise daily buddy ! Nothing else is needed.
2017-11-09, 12:18 AM,
skip one meal and have fruits instead.
2017-11-09, 12:26 AM,
If weight was like data, you could have transferred it to me as I need to gain weight. ;_;
2017-11-09, 12:31 AM,
It would be easy if you keep your fat ass out of restaurants and your head out of the refrigerator.
2017-11-09, 03:33 AM,
You just need to develop a habit of consistent exercises. For example, like right now I wake up every 4:30 am just to have a morning stroll of 3 laps!

[Image: 2m7x0so.gif]
2017-11-09, 05:26 AM,
I work with sales traning and leader coaching, besides my hobby CPA projects. Whenever we have a talk with someone, from which we want to change habits, we always start slow. No matter "how serious" the problem may be.

It takes X around 2 months of repetive an action, before it becomes a habit. So yes, a good way would be to jog once or twice every week. But be prepared - the first 1-2 months are going to be hell. But from there, your bain has formet a habit, and you will feel it's a natural thing to do. And also, your body gets addicted to endorphines, which gets released when you exercise.

We people are designed to work by habits. That's how we survived just a few thousand years ago, where it was all about saving energy and surviving. The last few hundreds years has been way different, but humans havent adapted fully yet. A good example is this; think about what you did this morning. I'm sure you can remember every step you took - from waking up, checking your phone, taking a bath, brushing your teeth and so on. Why? Because the last 100 mornings you had, were the exact same.

So what does this mean for you? Well, it means that you should be patient. People that want to change their lifestyle, tends to forget one thing. That their brain is not suitable for a lot changes in habits, and especially not that fast. So take it slow, real slow. Map out what you want to change, but make a timeline of them. E.g. month 1, you start to jog every monday + friday (Yes, it's important to have it pointed out. For your brain). Month 2, you also start to eat only X calories each day.
Take these bigger habit changes slowly. Of course you can to small habit changes like not buying fast food and stuff, but dont overload your brain with all the changes. It will fake that you're tired, sick, make up excuses and stuff, only to stay in it's line of habits.

This post got a bit long, sorry. It's one of the areas that really interests me, and which I work with every day. I feel lucky! I'm in no way a training expert, but I know a lot about habits and behaviour :-)

Feel free to ask questions.
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