I'm Nothing Special Elites, Unsure Why Some Show So Much Love.
2014-05-10, 07:45 PM,
Hello Elites,

Running this forum can be really confusing sometimes, on one day you get a lot of love and stuff which is great, other days I get the odd user giving me crap here and there. It's funny, I do see a lot of users really looking up to me and honestly I'm thankful, but, the truth is I'm nothing special and I am just like all of you, period!

Frankly, I started this forum and with a lot of hard work lucked out, I managed to start it up while nothing else was around and it's grown into the original leading CPA marketing forum online. Mostly I hate warning, banning, sending PM's when dealing with issues because I hate confrontation.

I'm honestly just a normal guy that is trying to make life easy, I'm soon to get married this month and will then be moving house, after that I'm trying for a baby and just want a nice peaceful life. Sometimes I do get a lot of flack from users on here when dealing with mistakes they have made not me, sucks, but then that is part and parcel of running forums of course, taking the rough with the smooth and all that.

I often wonder how can I give back and make this forum bigger and better, in regards to growing the forum it's doing that all by itself mostly, I have just put a deal together which means we will be gaining at a minimum of around 200-300 new users every day. I can not get into this but the forum will be growing VERY big, well, (bigger) and better very soon.

In regards to giving back I have been starting up a lot of new giveaways, paying out for merchandise and then posting it out. I mean this all comes out my own pocket much the same as the free VIPs I give away, it's just my way of giving back to the community.

One thing I see these days is all the users that kind of just abandoned CPA Elites, coming back and contacting me asking to come back on here and such, I hate having to be the bad guy by not allowing them as some of their messages seem some what heartfelt, but on the other hand I have a duty to protect my community so it's tough.

Anyways, I hope your all making some money and enjoying your weekend, not even sure why I wrote this thread up, guess I'm just thankful really at being lucky enough to have such an awesome community.

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2014-05-10, 07:48 PM,
Some users are just stubborn Hawk. You shouldn't let that get to you.

[Image: Untitled-1.jpg]
2014-05-10, 07:52 PM,
(2014-05-10, 07:48 PM)RushingWind Wrote: Some users are just stubborn Hawk. You shouldn't let that get to you.

I can also be a bit stubborn, sometimes grumpy even. Cant we all. :)
2014-05-10, 08:04 PM,
For me its really difficult to have a big community, good luck man I hope you have a long and happy marriage ;)
2014-05-10, 08:13 PM,
Hello Hawk, You are the best ;) Always be happy :D May i ask where is that friday contest of posting funny pictures? :D You are giving alot to the community and i feel bad for the ones who are not here on this forum, they are missing alot :D The guides you wrote are just goldmines and can never be found on the internet :)
2014-05-10, 08:52 PM,
"With the mass comes the responsibility" - you're doing well, Hawk. :-)
2014-05-10, 09:03 PM,
Congratz with your wedding! Wish you all the best!
2014-05-10, 09:12 PM,
Running a forum is like leading a pack of sheep, if you lead them to the right path they will there soon enough. So thanks for leading us right!

Kind Regards,

[Image: addskype.png?u=iSaganiCPA&c=purple]
2014-05-10, 09:14 PM,
THanks, Hawk Eye, YOu deserve a HUG,
2014-05-10, 09:24 PM,
You Deserve a Kiss! (not in a gay way)

You just rock! and i have told u this many times and also Why!

Grab a beer mate.

Hard Work Pays!

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