I am so tired.
2015-12-02, 07:43 AM,
Hey Elites. I don't know where this is going to go but I'll write until I feel like I have wrote down everything I wanted to say. I'm in need of some motivation/advice. I'm not here asking for a nichie. So in the beginning of this year I was earning 3,000$ per week doing CPA with Adworkmedia. It was all good until Google updated. Then my earnings went back to zero. I was also earning with uploading videos onto YouTube which got me like 600$ per month. Until I uploaded a video which banned YouTube account. No lie I was happy. I didn't have a job at the time so I woke up doing what I loved. Online marketing. Now I got a job which isn't bad I get paid 11 an hour and I work 8 hours each day for 6 days a week. It's a good paying job I guess but I spend all my money on stupid stuff like weed etc... As you seen from my other post I smoke a lot. Anyways I like my job but I don't feel the same way online marketing made me feel. I've been working on a nichie that will earn me 1k per day which will beat my record of 840 in a day but I'm far too tired from work to work on it. I have it half finished already. but like I said I've been too tired so I do a little by little a day which is making the process very long. It's already been a 1 month since I've been working on it. Without a job I would have had it done in a week. Please give me advice or share any videos, speeches, movies, ANYTHING that will get me motivated to complete this nichie ASAP. - Thanks as in return I will share methods I no longer use that still earn $$ a day.
2015-12-02, 08:04 AM,
you can do it bro, just think of how much you enjoy your life when you were CPA'ing, me i work day and night with 3 hours sleep, just trying how to balance my work and CPA, don't stop, maximize your time wisely :)

Do not post disgusting things on here about your personal life, I hope for your sake that was a joke.
2015-12-02, 08:36 AM,
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SeoMike(2015-12-02 10:18 PM) 


Follow my journey! Here:

2015-12-02, 08:49 AM,
Dude, CPA/PPD/other stuff is a way to reach real solid gains.

You need to save your money and invest in a real business.
This is the secret.

Keep going,dude.Use your knowledge..

Good luck .

''If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you'll never get it done.'' - Bruce Lee
2015-12-02, 09:55 AM,
If you don't finish the niche in 1 week then send each of us who comment in this thread $100. Dare you deal?
2015-12-02, 01:28 PM,
this is the best motivational video. on.fb.me/20oz63X
remove (), goodluck mate :)
2015-12-02, 03:24 PM,
Ur tired from all that weed, just give up brah, give me the site and u just dont worry about it.
I would sacrifice myself and take workload and all that pressure of ur sholders, you will feel soo much better when u dont have to worry about anything, all u need to do is give me the site...
2015-12-02, 08:01 PM,
Heh, it's funny. I used to bank hard from CPA too but 1 year ago I stopped and now I want to get back in the game and make lots of money... to buy weed. This is not even a joke. I'm struggling with a depression at the moment and to be honest, weed helps me A LOT but it costs a lot of money in my country (almost 20 euros for a gram)
2015-12-02, 08:10 PM,
hey, I dont smoke but i dont have a job and i left CPA some time ago cuz of personal issues> I try to get back into it too but am struggle with all the things. it seems they not working like before. Maybe someone looking for some refs or something? I need advice / motivation too.
And LordPanda, quit that shit :) (weed i mean ;)
2015-12-02, 08:43 PM,
What you need is a change in your habits. Weed is a fun drug that turns to shit once it becomes a habit. And I speak from experience.

It fucks up your brain's reward system and thus saps your motivation.


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