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I am one of laziest person in the world
2017-05-28, 02:41 PM,
As title said I am one of the laziest person in world who knows CPA/PPD from last 5 years & still not putting any effort into it & enjoying life on DAD money, I just need kick on my butt, I will start my journey from today on wards from now on , I have been lying to my freinds my parents all these years but now enough is enough I have to put effort and need to keep going from now on, I will stop talking and keep working along with dailyt complusory 10 hours sleep and religious activity which keep me on my goal, I will stop wasting my time

I just want this thing in my life from now on

1. Sleep
3.Religious Activity

Help me towards my goal

I want daily 5$ atleast & Will use Instagram & Youtube

I will invest 0$ from now on because I have none

Thanks For reading & I will welcome every suggestion and will improve my life
2017-05-28, 03:12 PM,
I wish you the best luck and don't get lazy again! Good luck Money
2017-05-28, 03:35 PM, (This post was last modified: 2017-05-28, 03:38 PM by nJrbmVrB.)
We have the same problem man. Since i started Internet Marketing three years ago, i feel like i haven't done any hard work at all.

Instagram and stuff weren't that hard.

i wasted a lot of time on playing video games and watching anime.

tried a lot of times to change myself, but still failed on doing so.

watched a lot of motivational videos, liked a lot of entrepreneurs fan page on Facebook (to get motivation) but all it gave me was a few hours or a few days of motivation, then after that, I'm back to the lazy version of me.

it's hard, but I'm still trying to change, hope that i will switch to a better version of me soon.

i Wish you the best of luck; i hope that you achieve your goals!
2017-05-28, 03:39 PM,
That's great decision. Kick out also bad habits (time wasters) and focus on something positive and good only.
GL mate and don't lose focus. Cool

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2017-05-28, 07:23 PM,
that third thing you don't need Grin

btw. good luck my man ;)
2017-05-28, 09:39 PM,
You know what IM can be lucrative, and you can be making thousands when you have the drive and put effort into it, i'm kinda on the same boat there, been stalling a lot since google fucked my sites last year, i got demotivated and haven't gotten much done lately, but yeah laziness is your worst enemy i would be earning right now if i hadn't given up when things went south.

I'm trying to get rid of some ugly bad habits of mine like procrastinating and other things that distract me, but you know old bad habits die hard.
Good luck on your journey mate don't give up and stop being lazy.
2017-05-30, 05:12 AM,
Set your goals and follow it. Good luck
2017-05-30, 08:52 PM,
Religious Activities is not required to be honest.
2017-06-01, 05:44 AM,
Don't be lazy, otherwise you will regret about this.
2017-06-01, 03:28 PM,
(2017-05-28, 03:12 PM)DutchHero Wrote: I wish you the best luck and don't get lazy again! Good luck Money
I actually got again 2 days ago after posting this thread :(

Today Bought Hosting & reading about IG, I will start IG From Now On

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