How to make easy money with facebook and twitter
2014-07-20, 03:24 AM,
It's depending on how much effort you put into it) by simply posting to Twitter or Facebook once or twice a day.

[hide]STEP 1
You need to create a Twitter/Facebook account about something that a wide range of people are interested in for example, food, cars or even make it an adult account- it really doesnt matter as long is it will appeal to most people. So do NOT go and make an account about something like Cyclists because not many people are interested in cycling compared to something like food (which everyone is interested in).

So now you have got a Twitter/Facebook account all set up nicely, make sure you have a decent display picture and bio description, it will make people feel more comfortable liking/following you. Let's say for example you made your account about food, all you have to do is post pictures of delicious food that everyone would want to eat. Then when you tweet or post it you will get almost all of your followers liking/re tweeting/favouriting your post because the food will appeal to them. This helps your account to grow and in turn helps you to make more money. In the next step we move on to how to actually bring home the bucks.

This is where I teach you how to actually make the money. Once you have got the stage where you have at least a few hundred people liking/retweeting your posts you are in a good position to start earning money becuase your fan base (audience which will make you the money) is large enough. The first thing you need to go and do is sign up at sponsoredtweets(dot)com . This site collects advertisers who want to advertise their product or something. When you link your Twitter account with Sponsored Tweets, you can make money in 2 main ways. One way is that based on the amount of followers you have and the amount of people you are following, you can set a price at which you will charge advertisers for you to tweet out a post advertising their product. To give you an idea of how much you can be earning from this, I own a Twitter account with 22,000 followers and im following 6,000 followers and my recommended price to charge advertisers is $21 per tweet... Thats $21 dollars for TWEETING!! Eventually you can start to charge more and more per tweet as you gain followers. The second way you can make money with Sponsored Tweets is earning money for every click you get on a certain link. So for example, an advertiser will give you a special link and you put that link into a tweet advertising the their website (or whatever they want you to advertise) and then whenever someone clicks on that link you will earn some money. This is why it is important to make sure you have at least a few hundred retweets/likes per post to make sure that you have an active audience of at least a couple hundred so you will get at least a couple hundred clicks. This can add up to more than $50 per tweet/post if you play your cards right.

That method above is mainly for Twitter so here is another method which can be used on Facebook as well as Twitter...
Sign up to a site called MyLikes(dot)com and from there you can post or tweet a 'gallery' to your audience either on Facebook or Twitter. You will get a special link which you can shorten using or something and put that in your post and then you will get paid each time someone clicks on that link.

Now you will realise that it is difficult to get to 20,000+ followers on Twitter so unlock the content below and I will teach you how you can get hundreds/thousand of real followers to your account for FREE each day!


Okay so there are two methods you can use, 1 method will teach you how you can get targeted followers to follow your account and the other method will teach you how you can get thousands of real but random followers following your account. This is important because if you have tens of thousands of followers and someone sees you account, they are much more likely to follow you because you already have a lot of followers so i advise you to use both methods if you want to see maximum results.

This is the method which will teach you how to get thousands of real people to follow your account. Go and find sites like getmorefollowers(dot)biz and naturalfollowers(dot)net . Once you are on those sites you can authenticate your account with them and they will add you to a database of about 50 people. Once you are added to the database you will gain a new follower each time someone else is added to the database and you will automatically follow them back. However im going to show you how you can just get the followers and not have to follow back!!!

You need to go open up twitter in a separate tab and open the settings page then to the app tab and this will display all the trusted applications you allow to your twitter account.

Now go to the sites I gave you earlier (getmorefollowers(dot)biz) etc and click 'sign in with Twitter' and authenticate your account.

Then you need to quickly go over to the tab with your twitter settings open and refresh the page and you will notice that a new app has been 'trusted' and added to the list. That app is the one you just authenticated with. You need to click 'Revoke access'. What this does is, it stops the app from automatically following anyone however you will have already been added to the database so you will recieve followers but you will not follow anyone. You may only end up following 1 or 2 people if you are really slow at switching tabs and refreshing the page and clicking revoke access- but that really isnt an issue.

Repeat these steps and depending on how many times you do this method a day you can be gaining thousands of followers a day. At one point I gained 4500 followers in a day by doing this alone.

This method wont get you thousands of followers a day at first but that's okay because it isn't supposed to get you that many. It will get you a couple hundred a day but they will all be people really interested in your account which is where you will get all your retweets and favorites from.

Go to an account similar to yours. For example if my account was all about posting delicious food then I would go search for key terms like 'Sexy food' or 'food *****' and then i would look at tweets from account that are posting similar images to me. Then I find a tweet from that account which has at least a couple hundred retweets. Then I open up the list of all the people that retweeted the list and all i simply do is follow everyone on that list. Keep doing this with lots of tweets and follow as many people as you can every day (Twitter has a follow limit of 1000 a day (Also don't get caught for aggressive following, have a break in between every 50 people you follow or so.))

Thats it! Out of all the people you follow, at least 50% will follow back as long as you used method 1 to gain thousands of followers to make your account look more official. So lets say you follow 1000 people in 1 day using this method, at least 500 will follow back- that is 500 people which will be looking out for your tweets and retweeting you.

You will find that you no longer want to follow the people that dont follow you back and thats easy to sort out. Unlock below to mass unfollow all the people that dont follow you back. After unlocking this content it- everything I teach you is 100% free to do and you can follow / unfollow an unlimited amount of people. It is nothing like the stupid websites you get nowadays where you have to pay a subscription fee to unfollow or follow more than 100 people. NOTE: not everyone will follow you back straight away so wait a few days before you assume that they're not going to follow you.


Thank you for unlocking.
This will teach you how you can mass unfollow people that dont follow you back.

Download a program called Tweet Adder. It is not free but just search for a crack or serial key they're easy to find.

Now link your twitter account with Tweet Adder and go onto the tab at the side which says 'not following back' and you it will show you a list of people who are not following you and then you can mass unfollow everyone. [/hide]
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2014-07-20, 03:31 AM,
Who hacked driza's account? Where is the ending "?" man...MAN WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU???
2014-07-20, 04:16 AM,
I saw this tutorial on another forum. Is your name 'blackcyber' in any other forums?

There are 10 kinds of people. Those who understand binary, and those who do not.
2014-07-20, 01:51 PM,
is this still work? i mean, really?
2014-07-21, 03:27 AM,
(2014-07-20, 01:51 PM)likkylooq Wrote: is this still work? i mean, really?
If you follow the guide.
2014-07-21, 04:15 AM,
Thread moved to the correct section.

Any questions related to CPA belong here.
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I am temporarily absent due to family circumstances.

2014-07-21, 06:50 AM,
(2014-07-21, 04:15 AM)DutchPride Wrote: Thread moved to the correct section.
What happened to the reddit thread I made it's not there?
2014-07-21, 09:30 PM,
Driza did you really copy and paste ANOTHER tutorial?
2014-07-22, 07:03 AM,
nice share man like the revoke access idea
2014-07-22, 11:25 PM,
Thanks! i will try this soon

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