How to earn $450 USD per half a month - THE LEGAL WAY [FREE AND PAID METHOD]
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How to earn $450 USD per half a month - THE LEGAL WAY [FREE AND PAID METHOD]

Hi gals and guys!

Since I'm new here, I'm not going to share an ordinary opportunity with this great community.
I'm going to give you something fresh, with which you can only profit.

Do you want to earn at least $10 daily from a company which has been operating on the market for more than 5 years (it won't cost you nothing)?

If so, please continue reading.

I'll be talking about company called Navizon .

Navizon, Inc. is a pioneer in accurate location, positioning and tracking of mobile
devices everywhere. In urban areas, where GPS falls short, individuals can
determine their location, navigate and find their friends with mobile apps that
blend satellite-based GPS with Wi-Fi and cell-id positioning. Businesses deploy
solutions that work outdoors and indoors. Outdoors, using Navizon's global
Wi-Fi and cell-id location databases and SDKs. Indoors, businesses deploy
branded location-aware mobile apps, track mobile devices using Navizon's
real-time locating system (RTLS), provide indoor positioning and wayfinding
(indoor GPS) using ambient signals, count visitors or trigger proximity-based
actions. Whatever the application, Navizon delivers accurate positioning anywhere..
You'll get paid for what you are doing for other companies for free.
Without stress, strain and completely legally.

Simply, you'll get paid for mapping Wi-Fi and BTS APs with your smartphone. That sounds cool, eh?
So you are wondering that you're doing this job for other companies for free, right?
When you use your smartphone with Google Maps, you're collecting anonymous data for Google, for free.
Why don't get paid for doing the same job for another company?
That's a question, really…



1. Proof of Navizon account (points mapped for a half a month)

[Image: gs72.png]

As you can see, I've 5 referrals and they do all the job for me.

2. Proof of PayPal payments (08.01.2013 - 08.15.2013) - $450 USD

[Image: a2oi.png]

As you may have noticed, it's not actually the $450 USD, but just $441 USD (due to PayPal $0.2 fee).
Yep, I've claimed 45 rewards. This means, that I got paid $10 forty-five times (45 x $9.8 = $441 USD).


Registration is very simple - just click desired link and follow the instructions.

Referral link - users signed under me will get [PAID METHOD] for free
Non-ref link - users not signed under me will get [PAID METHOD] as well*

* If you would like to thank me somehow, then please use the "Referral link" instead. Thank you!


Once you've signed-in, you'll have to specify your "home area". Either click "My Area" or "Set my home area" link and just create a rectangle near your home area.

The "home area" is not meant to be a place where you'll be mapping your points, but it can be used with a conjunction of "Coverage" to find out where you can map most of them.

In order to start mapping your points, you need to install Android or iOS application, corresponding to your platform. You can either search for the app called: Navizon from the Play Store or App Store, or even install it into the device remotely.

Android users go [Image: details?]
iOS users go HERE

When you start Navizon, application you've just installed, go to the menu, click "Mapping" and then click "GPS on" button.

Now you are successfully mapping your points. To upload them, just go to the "Mapping" menu and click "Upload", to upload them. They are also being uploaded continuously (as long as internet connection is available).

As of now, you should see "Some of your points have not yet been processed" in your Navizon account, specifically in "Rewards" tab, if the mapped points were uploaded successfully.

When you collect 10.000 points, you can "Redeem" these points for $10 USD ($9.8) - due to PayPal fees and send them to your PayPal account.

The first "Redeem" is free, because you're running the trial premium version. But once you've made your first $10, you need to buy premium account, which costs you next 10.000 points and lasts forever!


You get certain amount of points for what you've mapped:
Wi-Fi AP discovered by you: 3 Points
Cell Tower discovered by you: 15 Points
Wi-Fi AP already mapped: 1 Point
Cell Tower already mapped: 2 Points

You can earn a lot of points as long as you do not live in "Areas with limited rewards", which are the following:
Manhattan, N.Y, U.S.A.
Madrid, SPAIN
Singapore, SINGAPORE
Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
Prague, Czech Republic
Brno, Czech Republic

Points from these areas will show up, on the "Rewards" page, as:
"Wifi already mapped not qualifying"
"Cell towers already mapped not qualifying"

However, points that are discovered by you do qualify (even in these areas) and will earn you:
3 points per Wi-Fi access point
15 points per Cellular Tower

Whether or not you live in one of these areas, you can still get some referrals and get 20% of the points they accumulate though!


Now that you know how to map your points and claim your rewards, whenever you:
- go outside
- use public transport
- ride a bike
- drive a car
or do anything else (the possibilities are numerous), you get paid every time you take a smartphone with you (and enable mapping, obviously).

I hope you'll like my [FREE METHOD] and if you'd like to get [PAID METHOD], you'll have to sign-up as my referral and thus way, you can get ten times more points if you follow the instructions which are described in the manual.


I will give my method [PAID METHOD] to all members of this great community.
Yes, even to those, who did not registered under me. You must be happy ;-)

So you want to get more rewards? Then please read the following instructions:

1. You will need to get either:
a) a lot of lazy referrals
b) 5-10 very active referrals - my case

To get very active referrals, you will need to contact some of these:
a) Taxi drivers
b) Truck drivers
c) Salesmen

..tell them about Navizon and obviously ask them whether they could use your affiliate link.

You're done. I'm done.
That's what I did. I don't need to do anything thanks to these people. We both enjoy Navizon.

I hope, that you liked my brief guide.
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2013-10-24, 01:15 AM,
Sounds interesting, I will give this a read tomorrow as I am too tired right now.
2013-10-24, 01:21 AM,
Anyone try this? I'm have bad rep here

[Image: greenvps1.jpg]
2013-10-24, 01:42 AM,
That is legit and tested. I got bad reputation here due to no referral links allowed and then my post have ref link, Sorry guys...
2013-10-24, 01:59 AM,
Sounds great. i will take a look :).
2013-10-24, 11:40 PM,
well, lets try it. How long does it need to recalculate?
"Your points are being recalculated. Please check back later."

i registered yesterday.

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2013-10-31, 12:52 PM,
Please wait until you are completely finish the task... They are going to inform you via email
2013-11-04, 09:11 PM,
did you copy paste this one? i think i saw this in some forum.. btw will try this later

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