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How to Make EASY Money by Outsourcing Flyer Disctibution Services
2018-07-08, 01:39 PM,
This isn't so much Internet Marketing (although it certainly can be), but is an online based business model that many of you can use to make extra money.


What you're doing is creating a "Flyer Distribution" business online.

I've discussed this somewhat in a prior thread where I talked about a way to make extra money on Fiverr with this. But Fiverr is just one platform to sell your services.

Okay, so here's the basic model: You're going to advertise flyer distribution services for businesses, music artists, events, religious causes, who the fuck ever really. You set your prices beforehand obviously and differentiate between if the customer wants the flyers distributed AND printed? Or just distributed? Will they upload it to you or ship to you? Write down all the prices for what you'll charge for that.

I live in America and work with the American Dollar, so with that said, I usually charge 2:1 either way honestly (unless for small orders). So for example, if a customer orders say 1000 flyers to be distributed, I would charge $500 for the order.


Yeah, no shit, neither do I. And I don't.

So here's where a little creativity and just general internet savvy come into play.

I advertise my services a number of ways and one of the 'perks' is that I can essentially advertise anywhere.

One day, I got an order, for exactly 1000 flyers to be distributed in Chicago. Order was $500 (why I mentioned it above lol). Now, I don't live anywhere near Chicago. Tragic. So what you do is simply throw up a few CL ads in Gigs in the Chicago area for someone to distribute flyers. LOL. Simple and stupid, but works. You put the ad up "Need someone to distribute flyers, need photo proof of completed work, you get paid once you send photo proof of completed work, blahblah). You put the gig up for $50-$100, your preference really. And sure as shit, you'll get plenty of hitups. They'll send you photo proof of completed work (usually ask for like 10 pics, maybe 20) and send that to the buyer. Buyer is satisfied and (in my case) comes back for another order. Now, in that first order, the order was for $500 and I paid the distributor $100, so my profit was $400 for doing next to nothing.

So, in short, you're advertising flyer distribution services and then (very easily) outsourcing the work. You're essentially sending a few emails and there is next to no work or skill really needed to it. It's a great newbie method and it's honestly one of my better income streams. I promote my services on Fiverr and Craigslist only, by the way, but I would imagine with a few more twists I could easily get more clientele. I just don't need to and don't want to, it's just one of my many deals. But you could perhaps make a small website for the business? Social Media? There's a million ways you can promote your services and/or add another spin to it to gain more clientele.

2018-07-08, 01:39 PM,
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2018-07-08, 01:43 PM,
(2018-07-08, 01:39 PM)Sami252 Wrote: This isn't so much Internet Marketing (although it certainly can be), but is an online based business model that many of you can use to make extra money.

This has been shared at CPAElites before.


[Image: giphy.gif]

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Then you'll have more time to sleep. ;-)
2018-07-08, 01:44 PM,

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