How is Youtube CPA/PPD working for you now?
2013-11-11, 11:22 PM,
Hey guys, I've been out of the loop for 2 months. Kind of hit rock bottom with what direction to take in using CPA, considering my videos would be struck down within a week, TOPS. I haven't been working for about 2 and a half months now, I'm earning about $1 a day. Whoo!

That's irrelevant to this thread, however. If you guys go back about 3 months, do you see any difference in regards to using Youtube as your traffic source to push your CPA offers? For example, do your RANKED videos get destroyed in a matter of weeks? Are you struggling still to get to the top? If any of you guys can give me an understanding of where the current situation is at, that'd be great.
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uragunkid(2014-04-10 01:17 PM) jeromejnm(2013-11-29 10:02 AM) 

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2013-11-11, 11:25 PM,
The actual situation is: it is harder to not get deleted. This is from my side.
2013-11-11, 11:35 PM,
Right now i host my cpa videos on a trusted youtube account. Which means it's over a year old, i have 100+ non copyright videos. And that's the reason why my videos never get deleted.

So if you want to test this theory out, find some old youtube accounts with some videos on it. It could possibly reduce the chances of deletion.
2013-11-12, 12:05 AM,
Well, right now all i do is upload on a Account and boost it with GSA and a few views from any exchange sites.

I get on top and i earn! That's so simple.

But i use a private method which helps me to keep my video not getting deleted for a long time.
2013-11-12, 12:10 AM,
Getting your video deleted is actually easier now and none knows how to prevent it.

Aged video seem to last longer than newly uploaded ones.

So my suggestion will be make 10 HQ Videos upload each one on a different PVA and a duplicate with something edited on each account. Then work with 1 video rank it.. Then with another video and so on as you keep going your videos will age a little bit and by the time you have reached your 10th video you may have some videos deleted but you already have some aged backups. (just an example)

Hope I helped!

I recently found out that I have a video on a good niche up from july 1 and I though it was deleted but it's not. That's because it's unranked but the niche is still good so I am gonna use that to my advantage!
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Grapes(2013-11-12 12:14 AM) 

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2013-11-12, 12:16 AM,
Its mostly the same as ever altho 2 weeks ago I couldn't rank a video for 1 week don't know why, now they are all on the first page.
I had only one problem with aparticular niche where I would got on top and after 3 days someone flagged me.
I got pissed off and uploaded the same video for the same niche 8 times, and all of them are on the first page and it will take a while till thumbsucking flaggers get them all down.
What I do diffferent from you guys is that I never use PVA accounts its like a bullseye for youtube and will be taken down with the first flaag
2013-11-12, 01:11 AM,
It's actually off-topic but what software are you guys using for screen and sound capture...
I need a good one,that doesn't make my pc to much laggy.
2013-11-12, 01:16 AM,
(2013-11-12, 01:11 AM)Hynnix Wrote: It's actually off-topic but what software are you guys using for screen and sound capture...
I need a good one,that doesn't make my pc to much laggy.

Camtasia is a really good software, it's all you'll need.
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Hynnix(2013-11-12 06:32 AM) Aidan(2013-11-12 03:25 AM) 

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