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How does he do it?Youtube Mass Uploading Question
2016-12-08, 01:24 AM,
So I came across a channel that seems to be not PVA,has 2500+ BH HQ videos on it that are 3+ mins long and he just constatly spams videos with just spinned titles from VMB Pro,no desc or tags at all and he get to fill all the pages of "Today" and "Last Hour" filter plus he got many of his videos on "Week" filter too.

After some digging I found that he is making about 2-3 channels like this per day and I tried to outrank his videos by uploading HQ SEO Optimized videos on aged channel but they were nowhere to be found on "Today","Last Hour" or "This Week" filters.

So how does this guy manages to outrank proper videos by spamming just titled videos 24/7 and getting all the traffic?

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2016-12-08, 02:53 AM, (This post was last modified: 2016-12-08, 02:54 AM by DrKent.)
You ask the question that you shouldn't ask.
Now anybody that have half a brain will do "something" from your post and I can tell you something 100% for sure, if that person have that half of a brain and if he find method HE WILL NEVER CAME BACK HERE AND POST IT for you and all of us to know. You can think I'm bad person by saying that, but hay, let me explain my point of view. Check reason, that happened hundreds of times in past:

Reason: Every noob will try to do that and it will be patched in no time. So, no money for anybody. Think of unlisted YT method, ppl bank hard in short period of time and its patched. If the person that found that method keeps mouth shout, he and all others that don't post about it publicly will still bank hard from it. That applies to all other private methods that we discovered with lots of hard work and trial and error. You just draw attention on it and it will be patched in short time, when all of us starts to abusing it. Mate, its just my point of view, my 2c

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2016-12-19, 09:15 PM,
Hard to believe someone uploads 2500 BH videos to a single channel without raising an alarm...PM me the link if you want OP.
2016-12-19, 09:47 PM,
(2016-12-19, 09:15 PM)david1337 Wrote: Hard to believe someone uploads 2500 BH videos to a single channel without raising an alarm...PM me the link if you want OP.

Prob has shit tons of channels like that and mass uploads using software its actually not that difficult
2016-12-19, 10:25 PM,
can you pm me the channel link?
2016-12-19, 10:47 PM,
show us channel linnk :)
2016-12-27, 10:24 PM,
I doubt this is possible...
He should be some kind of veteran if he have so much content.
2016-12-27, 10:52 PM,
Wont take long to lose them though of blackhat videos
2016-12-28, 02:59 AM,
I'll look into it for you. I'm pretty good at figuring this type of stuff out its all algorithm. I'm good at breaking them.

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