How did you guys start programming?
2014-06-20, 10:09 PM,
How did you guys start programming? what does it take for one to become a good programmer ?
2014-06-20, 11:58 PM,
I started with just wanting to learn really bad, I read all the stories about people making thousands off of learning a language, and I really wanted to make apps to maybe make some money, also the fact of coding something and having it show up on my screen, or phone, with all of it's working functions was amazing to me, lol I loved it, I also love to challenge my mind.
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QwertySon(2014-06-21 03:21 PM) 
2014-06-21, 10:21 PM, (This post was last modified: 2014-06-21, 10:21 PM by gayden.)
I learned a bit of HTML in school
I loved programming and I felt that I'm into it
Also, I was using computers since I was a kid and I loved sitting in front of the screen for so many hours
I wanted to work in this field and now I'm studying computer engineering
I learned a little bit from many languages
I started firstly with visual basic when I got a cd teaching vb 6
And when I got a PSP I was interested in hacking and started to know a lot about it and I tried to find exploits by myself
That's why I learned a bit of C
And actually I forgot all of what I learned (except for html and css because I'm still using them)
And now I had to learn C++ and MATLAB in the uni
Everyone says that Programming is my job and I used to understand it very very fast

This is my story with programming
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QwertySon(2014-06-21 10:40 PM) 
2014-06-21, 10:55 PM,
Well i dont program often, However i got the basics of HTML and CSS on school.
And tend to use for my niches (if needed)
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QwertySon(2014-06-21 11:00 PM) 

Any questions related to CPA belong here.
Before posting, make sure you are in the correct section.

I am temporarily absent due to family circumstances.

2014-06-22, 06:25 PM,
I had an idea of a software that could sell pretty good, at that time of course I could not make it, but it was enough to motivate me to learn more and more.

First I started with VB.Net which was mistake, at same time I started to learn web development (PHP, Javascript etc...) and switched to C# because of similar syntax with PHP and JS.

Before coding I already had few years experience of web design (HTML and CSS).
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QwertySon(2014-06-22 10:51 PM) 
2014-07-02, 04:36 AM, (This post was last modified: 2014-07-02, 04:37 AM by 1MMigos.)
Started with Pascal in like 6th grade, but I can't really say I started programming since then because well...I didn't remain with nothing since the person who taught us (I was in a programming circle or smth like this) was explaining like shit and I couldnt understand a shit. In september 2013 i started Pascal and after I got the basics, I started Java.

So far I solved like 30 project-euler problems and I've done a lot of projects which includes (My biggest brag) a text-based rpg that has about 800 lines haha.

I recommend everyone Java. It's a very flexible and easy to understand language and a LOT of devices are programmed by Java (Printers, park meters and stuff)
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QwertySon(2014-07-03 12:11 AM) 
2014-07-12, 02:36 AM,
Started with web fundamentals and then moved to Started creating fake apps, then bots and useful system utilities. All this happened in a year. Now I'll be learning C++.
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QwertySon(2014-07-12 03:43 PM) 

"The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried"

My VIP Shares:
How to stop Chrome from blocking PPI installers
How to make advanced, custom messageboxes that match your theme in VB.

2014-07-12, 02:42 AM,
I can remember my first time. My mom was somewhere to learn HTML and i was behind her. I loved to see what words can create and i wanted to learn this so bad. The mentor of my mom said "YES, i can help you learning it" and teached me some fundamentals in HTML. I loved it and got a computer and kept learning HTML - somedays i went into QBasic and some simple stuff to create simple in/output games. I bought a book called "3D game development in C"... i wasnt able to understand what there is written down and i kept reading this book over and over again... some day i was able to understand any word written down there and i loved it! This day was the reason i bought books with almost 1500 sites and i loved them. Coding was and is my passion! :-D
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QwertySon(2014-07-12 03:43 PM) Spiderman(2014-07-12 02:52 AM) 
2014-07-12, 07:58 PM,
I got into programming when I was 11-12 and then took some courses on it in high school and it turned out, I was even more knowledgeable than my teacher so I decided courses were a waste of time and just learned on the internet.
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QwertySon(2014-07-17 02:02 AM) 

"It's not about what you know, it's about what you do that makes a difference."
2014-07-16, 06:30 PM,
I started Programming since I was 12. I learned C since it was the only language discussed during my first year of college. I learn by myself HTML,CSS,JAVA and right now trying to learn android programming.
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QwertySon(2014-07-17 02:02 AM) 

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