How To Setup A Niche (An Interesting Read)
2013-06-25, 09:31 PM, (This post was last modified: 2013-06-25, 09:50 PM by Mr White.)
Not my tutorial, had this saved in a word document.

This is the most asked question on PPD, "How/Where to find a niche", while it's the easiest step. I will try my best to answer your question.
There is two type of niches, Saturated ( explained above ) and Non-Saturated.

Tools we will be using:
Youtube Keyword tool:
Google Keyword tool:

How/Where to find saturated niches:
Saturated niches are the easiest to find, they most likely are Gaming/Hacking software. Youtube is the perfect place to find saturated niches.
Head up to youtube and search for example: "Key generator" ( Key generators are one of the most saturated niches )
[Image: trEc1.png]

We found over 105k results ! There is lot of generators on youtube. Lets go deeper and search for a specific generator, i'll go for "Black Ops 2 key generator"
[Image: 2Day2.png]

Youtube found over 35,500 results ! Yep, this is for sure a saturated niche. You got over 35 k competitors. It's not impossible to get over the first page, using good SEO you will achieve this. Try being the first to upload the video on youtube and SEO it.

How/Where to find unsaturated niches:
Here goes the hard part, unsaturated niches are much more harder to find than saturated ones. I do not suggest going for niches that you know they will get saturated soon, like a game that will be released soon ...
Think outside the box, most of PPD users use saturated niches ( Gaming,KeyGens,Cracks,Hack tools,... ) and note that most of them, not if all of them are fake tools. As i already said, think outside the box, yeah , i know you keep hearing this sentence "Think outside the box" and never answered your demands. I will teach you how to think outside that box:

Everyone is using gaming niches, most of gamers don't trust surveys anymore, since most of the tools are fake. This niche is dying.
Stop thinking like others, go through your own way. Anyone on the internet will do anything to get something for free, including surveys. Which gamer wouldn't complete a survey for a free "Razer Mouse"
[Image: razer-naga-mouse.jpg]

I personally would complete a survey to get that mouse. So yep, we found a niche, 'Free Razer Mouse giveaway'. It's an electronic niche, and not gaming. Head up to Amazon or Ebay and search for the most wanted items there. Here is an example of a Galaxy S3 giveaway:

After you found a niche, head up to youtube and search for her keywords, example: "Free Razer Mouse Giveaway" then head up to Google Keyword ( link above ), yes google and not youtube, you can find youtube videos on google, but not google searches on youtube, that's why always go for google keyword's, once their search for the keywords and enhance yours from the results.

Always go outside the box, don't follow other's example, PPD niches are unlimited and can be used anywhere. Think, be clever, and as soon as you find a niche set it up, even if you're not sure about the results, you will learn from your mistakes.

I will be glad to answer any of your questions about niching, just post them below and i'll answer them asap.
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2013-06-26, 12:33 AM,
This is really great, usually I though about gaming niche and that's all but thinking about giveaways, it could convert better
2013-06-26, 12:45 AM,
(2013-06-26, 12:33 AM)leslijs Wrote: This is really great, usually I though about gaming niche and that's all but thinking about giveaways, it could convert better

I am struggling to find a product that has a decent search per month. i.e Kindle Fire giveaway has bugger all searches
2013-06-26, 12:46 AM,
I feel like i've read this somewhere before.. HMMM.

anyways good tut for the community.
2013-06-26, 12:50 AM,
(2013-06-26, 12:46 AM)christopherson Wrote: I feel like i've read this somewhere before.. HMMM.

anyways good tut for the community.

Probably have mate, as I said it's not mine, it was sitting on a wordpad file on my external hd.
2013-06-26, 05:13 PM,
Thanks, this is very interesting!
2013-06-26, 06:57 PM,
The main problem for this kind of niches is promoting. You can't just add a video on youtube with "Razer free give-away" . No one will even download it:D

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