How To Make Money Using White Hat Niches/Methods [Guide]
2013-08-23, 06:21 PM,
Hello Elites,

This is only a basic example guide to show you why/how you can start using Whitehat niches and methods. So lets put some things into perspective right now, I'll wager a bet that around 99.9% of you reading this thread right now use mostly fake files. Am I right? I would suggest that is the case.

Most of you are not in the right mind set to think out of the box, come up with legit methods and ways to start earning with CPA, other than using these types of files/methods that are plastered all over the internet that consist mostly of movies/generators/fake hack stuff things of this nature.

Guess what.... you can make money using white hat methods! Shock so lets take a look right now and see what we can accomplish if we put out minds to it....

Mind Map:
Where: Google/YouTube/Social > What to use: actual CPA offer content example: free grocery shopping = make a domain/video/fan page under just that! > resources I need: a, domain b, create video for free c, create fan page for free > How to get traffic: Rank your site/video/generate fans

That is a basic mind map that would be needed, sounds simple and basic but it's the truth. There is NOTHING stopping you from using the actual niches < that the CPA offers < themselves are RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!

Lets think with common sense and logic just for a minute here, there are MILLIONS of people searching right now for free coupons/vouchers under thousands of different things. Lets find an example shall we so lets go for now with "free grocery shopping"

Keyword: free grocery coupons = 166/70 daily searches - 675,000 SEO competition. Now we break this keyword down into seed keywords and we can find some that have less competition just waiting for you to rank videos/websites and drive traffic towards all eager to complete your CPA offers related to the niche.

Example of keywords LOOK - slim fast coupons: = 136/57 DAILY searches - 24,10 < SEO competition that is not hard to rank, I could rank that when I'm SLEEPING!

More: = bounty coupons = 122/51 - 62,10 < SEO competition

Trust me I found LOADS of keywords to rank for!

So what would look appealing to the traffic?

Go to your CPA network right now and simply look at the best offers, trust me you may be surprised by what you can start to achieve here. Be honest, how good would it make you feel if you started actually making money by offering people EXACTLY what they want and actually give them something for it. Shock

Make it happen and take action today, together we can help the CPA industry to become even stronger at this bad time.

Written by myself - ϟ★Hawk Eye★ϟ
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2013-08-23, 06:27 PM,
Well written guide. Definetly you are right.And with legit niches no more worries about getting flagged,banned etc...
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Henta24(2015-03-30 11:59 PM)  HawkEye(2013-08-23 06:36 PM) 

Adult Baby !!!
[Image: 4wz14as.png]
2013-08-23, 06:27 PM,
Great guide.

About the first line, you are right. I use fake files to earn.
Secondly the whole mind map thing, is good. I never thought in that way.

Thank you for this thread. I will deeply think on it.
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HawkEye(2013-08-23 06:36 PM) 
2013-08-23, 06:34 PM,
Thanks Hawk Eye for adding this section and for your time by writing this thread. I'll look for some campaigns to promote while reading this guide.
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HawkEye(2013-08-23 06:36 PM) 
2013-08-23, 06:45 PM, (This post was last modified: 2013-08-23, 06:46 PM by GunZ.)
The section is a very smart idea for this moment. As an internet marketers we need to be flexible, the situation is so different every next day/month/year. Also thanks for the guide, the method is very new and unknown for most of the members.
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blackemil(2013-08-23 06:47 PM)  HawkEye(2013-08-23 06:45 PM) 
2013-08-23, 06:48 PM,
Great guide and also new section! Thanks
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Bandit(2013-08-24 12:06 AM) 
2013-08-23, 11:31 PM,
amazing.. thanks for giving exact example of white hat niches. Getting traffic for coupons/offers/deals looks quite easy if its targeted 95%+. People will surely do the survey to get coupon/offer etc.

Thanks again for sharing. I'll try this now.
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HawkEye(2013-08-23 11:33 PM) 
2013-08-24, 12:16 AM,
nicely done to explain a guide & the New Section lso.
2013-08-24, 12:27 AM,
Thanks for this very informative post, I am happy that some of the very HQ members are taking some initiative to keep PPD/CPA world safe. Thanks for this hawk
2013-08-24, 04:30 AM,
Thank You will read when i am back home

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