How To Find a Niche For Your Dropshipping Store [Guide]
2018-03-08, 12:39 AM,
Hi Elites, I am now reading about dropshipping and right now learning how to find a niche for a dropshipping store. I have come across this amazing article and thought to share it with the other members who are new to drop shipping like me.

Note: If you are new to drop shipping, I would suggest reading this guide newbie friendly guide first - Newbie Friendly Guide To Dropshipping.

“What You’ll Learn: This article will provide valuable insight to find a niche for your dropshipping store. Those who succeed most at drop shipping are those who take the time to research profitable niches.”

Lots of people want to start their very own dropshipping stores, but the very thought of it scares them. All those potential shipping problems, plus all that money spent on inventory? It’s overwhelming and honestly kind of intimidating.

What dropshipping niche to think of? What to concentrate on? What if the chosen niche doesn’t turn out to be as profitable and popular as planned?

Those who succeed most at drop shipping are those who take the time to research profitable niches. In other words, try to find a product or genre that is not already explored and exhausted by competition.

The riches are in the niches.

Yes, this will take some extra time and research on your part, there’s no getting around that. Nowadays there’s no such thing as mainstream marketing; Niches ARE mainstream.

If you have already found a niche and just want to explore more hot-selling AliExpress products then we’ve got your back! WooDropship keeps track of 20,000 best-selling AliExpress products from over 100 categories with Trending AliExpress Products page so you don’t have to go through thousands of products.

Find a Niche For Your Dropshipping Store: Where Do I Start?

All the online guides recommend going for something that matches your personal tastes and interests. While it does sound enticing to approach your business like a passion project, it may not be the best opportunity available.

However, if you want to be successful in building a profitable dropshipping business, you should nevertheless pick a product(s) carefully and base your choice on concrete data.

Old school suppliers and wholesalers are not particularly known for their digital marketing prowess and aren’t likely to appear at the top of most search results. Do not be put off with seemingly outdated websites and portals. In all likelihood, you’ll need to comb through at least 10 to 20 pages of search results.

Find a Niche For Your Dropshipping Store: Using Google Trends for Niche Research

Google Trends is a hidden gem that gives you the valuable insight into general public interest towards a particular product or service. This service is designed to analyze search trends, so it can be ideal for your business.

Here’s what it shows to help your dropshipping store:
How does the search volume change over time
What are the most popular search terms
Where do the people searching for this term live
Whether the interest towards this search query is seasonal and changes through the year.

[Image: 1-1024x508.png]

In the above example shows the interest towards this search query (Beluga Caviar), like we previously mentioned – if you hover over this particular graph, you will see that peak seasons for this search query are for the winter months, i.e. Christmas season.

You will also find it imperative to learn more about the regions where this search query is the most popular.

[Image: 2-1024x336.png]

Additionally, you will get the chance to take a look at the most popular related search terms and reasonably make an estimate on the speed of their popularity growth. This will be a very important piece of knowledge at the inception of planning your digital marketing strategies (SEO, PPC etc.) necessary to promote your dropshipping niche.

[Image: 3.png]

Google Keyword Planner while a mainstay for AdWords and SEO specialists for years can also be a boon for niche market analysis. Use many keyword modifiers when searching for suppliers, try keywords like “reseller”, “distributor”, “warehouse”, “bulk”, and “supplier” in addition to “wholesaler”.

[Image: 4-1024x593.png]

Originally geared towards pay-per-click advertisers, the keyword planner is a wellspring of information for niche market analysis. Similar to Google Trends, marketers can grasp which search queries would lead to your niche market and come up with fairly accurate estimates of customer traffic.

The downside is most information is not accessible for nonpaying AdWords customers, so don’t be surprised if you won’t get exactly what you want from the tool.

[Image: 5.png]

Find a Niche For Your Dropshipping Store: Common Pitfalls

A few caveats for the budding drop shipping entrepreneur. There are some specific niches that should be approached with great caution. Depending on the location of your business, I recommend you to think very carefully if you want to include them in your store:

Common items that are usually carefully checked by hand before purchase – technology and household electronics, dress footwear, fancy clothing, etc. When we buy such products in regular brick-and-mortar stores, we try them out beforehand and make sure they suit our every need, no matter how frivolous it may be.

If you do go ahead and put up such promotions in your store, be prepared to handle an avalanche of refunds and returns – most likely, your store patrons will face some shopping difficulties with ordering the right configuration the very first time.

Large, bulky and heavy items. Such packages may lead to some unwelcome shipping issues. At the very least, the cost of such a delivery will be maddeningly high, and your customers will see no point in ordering such an item instead of buying it in a regular store when it’s so cost prohibitive.

Items that can get damaged during transit. Fragile and perishable products made of glass, ceramics as well as non-canned food are obviously not designed to being loaded in and out multiple times. Depending on the customer location, the goods may be offloaded in multiple processing centers.

Since the delivery can take a significant amount of time, the overall condition of such items by the moment when the package is received can turn out to be quite disappointing for the customer and ultimately for your store reputation. Businesses have been ruined by far less.

Items that can experience some legal issues while being taken by a postal service and transferred through customs. This should be a consideration especially if your targeted customer base is international. Swords, hunting knives, firearms (recreational or otherwise), bows and arrows, etc. can be classified as dangerous goods by a postal service and/or customs, therefore it is essential to check agency requirements beforehand to be absolutely sure you will not encounter any difficulties prior to shipment.

Please note that these requirements may vary in different countries, so take some time to learn more about these regulations in your target region.

Find a Niche For Your Dropshipping Store: The Bottom Line

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Similarly, dropshipping won’t make you rich overnight. You won’t be going out and buying that new Bugatti you had your eye on or your very own private island anytime soon.

If you do these things, you can create a lucrative company without the need to invest in your own inventory or the shipping costs that come with fulfilling orders.

Find a Niche For Your Dropshipping Store: What next

Step #1 – use this awesome Trending AliExpress Products search tool by WooDropship that keeps track of the best selling products!

Step #2 – Learn how to leverage the power of Facebook and Instagram marketing to boost your store audience!

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Thank you for the back to back two amazing guides, I really appreciate your efforts. I will read your guides tonight.
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Nice read, that was a good tutorial to select niche for dropshipping.
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Good shares for the new forum, thank you!
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(2018-03-08, 12:46 AM)Samarbete Wrote: Thank you for the back to back two amazing guides, I really appreciate your efforts. I will read your guides tonight.

(2018-03-08, 01:10 AM)hallow8 Wrote: Nice read, that was a good tutorial to select niche for dropshipping.

(2018-03-08, 01:25 AM)HawkEye Wrote: Good shares for the new forum, thank you!

Thank you for appreciating, and thank you HawkEye for creating the new section. I'll come up with more useful guides in future.
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Thank you for the HQ guide! This inspires me to start drop shipping.:)
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Thanks for the great guide.
It makes me feel that it's not that hard to start a dropshipping business,
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Amazing stuff, Thank you for the tut.

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