How To Find Niches To Promote By Keyword Researching [Guide]
2013-08-27, 10:56 PM,
Hello Elites,

Well I have had a LOT of members ask me how to find these as they put it "so called white hat niches!" - I decided to write this little guide out myself quickly. It's not a rocket science it's VERY easy to find them. Start by downloading the Market Samaria here -> enter your name and email then you will be sent over the tool directly into your inbox.

When downloaded simply open it up and click on the 1. "New project" make sure to leave the "Language And Region" alone and just add 2. "Free Coupons" into the keyword box and then click create. Next you will need to click on the 3. "Keyword Research" and then click on the 4. "Generate Keywords" 5. Click on "Keyword Analysis"

Now above the keyword results you will see some boxes:

Organic | Majestic Competition | Basic Competition | Commerciality

Now I'm not going to give you what I personally use as everyone is different, it's best that you play around with these different boxes and add the type of search criteria you need.

Personally I ALWAYS use the "Exact" search preferences, quite frankly there are THOUSANDS of free useful guides around example: that will give you information based on that stuff.

This guide is mostly about how to pull up niches and seed keywords. So lets take for example "Free Coupons" so if I scroll down the list there are SO many little seed keywords just waiting to be plucked up and used. Go and try it right now and you will see how many there are waiting for you to rank them, make sure to look at the SEO competition of course.


Link -=> SEO Competition Analysis With Market Samurai

Link -=> How to keyword research on market samuria

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2013-08-27, 10:57 PM,
Thanks for this, this will help a lot!
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alexparris(2013-11-11 10:23 AM)  HawkEye(2013-08-27 11:04 PM) blackemil(2013-08-27 11:00 PM) 
2013-08-27, 11:18 PM,
Thank you, always great stuff.
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blackemil(2013-08-27 11:54 PM) 
2013-08-28, 12:14 AM,
I'll try this. Thank you for sharing.
2013-08-28, 12:43 AM,
Thanx man, great community here, a lot of free help
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Piciu(2014-02-22 06:17 PM) 
2013-08-28, 12:57 AM,
Will be using this! thanks a million!
2013-09-18, 12:32 AM,
Shame its only a 30 day trial
2013-09-22, 03:07 PM,
Thanks dude, this software looks great! Ever since Google screwed up their keyword tool I've been struggling.
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HawkEye(2013-09-22 03:08 PM) 
2013-09-24, 01:14 PM,
Good admin always share a good stuff to start like newbie like me , thanks
2013-10-08, 12:36 PM,
thank you very much for sharing!

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