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How To Find Low SEO Competition Keywords
2016-11-27, 12:56 PM,
Elites I will share something pretty good that will help you out for those that dont know about it anyway.

Disclaimer I did NOT write this guide it is a share from TBN so full credits to them:
Quote:Step 1: Find Low SEO Competition Keywords

I will demonstrate to you how I discovered my low SEO competition score keyword.

I have been over this procedure a couple times on this site as of now, so I will make it brief.

Most importantly head on over to It is free.
and start searching for keywords

Enter a keyword into the "keyword Research" seek box. We are searching for a keyword that has a "Ranking Difficulty" beneath 40.

So you can see, me chose keyword for this post has a positioning trouble of only 22.

Presently we will utilize one all the more free seo ranking score checker to ensure we can rank no. 1 for this keyword.

Next head on over to This keyword seo score apparatus is allowed to utilize as well.

Utilize for SEO watchword rivalry examination

You can see that my watchword has a SEO rivalry score of 28. It is viewed as simple to rank.

You likewise need to ensure that your contecnt is deserving of positioning number 1 in Google seek.

It is pointless me going again and again it consistently.

Presently you ought to have a simple to rank a keyword and some executioner content.

Presently we should investigate the shabby SEO bundles that will rank you no. 1.

Step 2: Buy Some Cheap SEO Packages

We will utilize these packages over a 3 month time span.

We would prefer not to toss heaps of backlinks at a site in a short space of time, that would not help by any means.

Therefore the ranking technique will work for new and aged domains. It will work for any site out there.

In the principal month we would prefer not to do a great deal. Gradual dependably wins the race.

We will develop the backlinks in more than three months, I discover this the most secure approach to do it.

Month 1:

As a matter of first importance before we construct any backlinks we will get some social signs.

Social signs are a positioning sign, how about we indicate Google that our new post has some enthusiasm for it.

Investigate this post to perceive how social signs influence SEO.

Social Signals:

Modest SEO Packages: Social Signals $1 For 1500 Social Signals; I have utilized this package again and again, it works and it is modest.

This ventures out, and simple.

So you have your new su --- Forum discussions and promotions are not allowed. --- ance listed, then request this social signs bundle.

This is the thing that you will get from this bundle;

Linkedin offers

Facebook likes


Google +

Not terrible for just $1. You don't get modest SEO bundles like this anyplace else.

I have utilized these social signals before and can guarantee you that they will stick, they are changeless and will positively affect your positioning status.

The gig claims it can likewise acquire genuine natural activity to your site as well, which is a little special reward.

The social signals alone won't rank you no. 1, notwithstanding it is a decent place to begin seo of a site.

This is the way the social signs will be conveyed:





This is a decent approach to show Google that individuals are occupied with our post and that it has some esteem. It will help your new post pick up a little power with Google Bot.

I begin with social signs since we need to develop the backlinks at a consistent rate.

It is improbable that an un-shared post that positions no-where in Google will get an entire heap of backlinks in the initial couple of weeks it has been posted, unless it is on a high power site that is.

So we have to trick Mr Google into believing that our post has been shared around the informal organizations seriously and is getting a little buzz about it.

At that point, when the web 2.0 backlinks begin to stream a week or two later, it looks more common. It is conceivable that 10 to 20 backlinks will be picked up from a fruitful social share.

I utilize the bundle recorded on the grounds that they post social shares on an alternate IP without fail, it would be pointless something else.

For just $3 you get 4500 more social signs, simply look at the gig additional items on the off chance that you need those. I won't oblige them to rank this post.

Tumblr Backlinks:

Modest Tumblr backlink package $10 For 15 High PA Tumblr Backlinks; I have utilized this bundle some time recently, it is useful at the cost.

You register delted Tumblr web and re-register them. After that you write some content related to your site with a backlink to your your cash site.

There is no other cheap SEO bundles like this one for deleted Tumblr blog entry backlinks.

This is the thing that you will get:

15 High page power Tumblr backlinks

Tumblrs with PA 28 +

These backlinks are ideal for another site

Tumblr is a well developed site, a backlink from this site has some genuine ranking help.

Backlink from a high page authorit site will more likely than not push any site up the SERPs.

Google loves to list Tumblr web journals, regardless of the possibility that the su --- Forum discussions and promotions are not allowed. --- ance on there is not very great.

It is most essential that you record every single backlink that you get. Utilize Google reassure.

Google puts a considerable measure of trust in backlinks from locales with high area power, so Tumblr is an extraordinary place to begin building backlinks to a fresh out of the plastic new post or site.

I utilize this on every one of my locales now. Why? Since it works, it's simple, and in particular of all it is protected.

The backlinks made in this bundle will be put in the post itself and will stay on the high authority landing page. All the exquisite positioning juice will pass onto your cash site and push it up the SERPs.

Like I say, I have utilized this service before and the site have low outbound links on the landing page, which is marvelous. The site had only 1 or 2 different posts on the landing page.

When you arrange this bundle ensure that you stir up your grapple content.

The anchor text that I will use to rank this post will be:

Cheap SEO Packages (correct match)

--- Forum discussions and promotions are not allowed. --- (URL)

Click Here (Random Words)

The service gives a full report, you should simply get those links ordered gradually when they arrive.

I recommend ordering the links gradual over the primary month. Do 2 a day until they are altogether done.

Ensure that you get the Tumblr Homepage and the Post page filed.

The landing page is most essential to record, this is the place the positioning juice sits that will stream to your cash site when Google gets to be mindful of the backlink.

It is most imperative that these expired Tumblr sites have backlinks. The backlinks that indicate the Tumblr are the way to pushing your site up the SERPs.

This bundle will get you backlinks from Tumblr sites that have backlinks indicating them as well. This is most vital, it's about the backlinks and nothing more with this procedure.

That is it. Month one cheap SEO bundles finish for only $11 altogether.

Ensure you have listed all your backlinks and keep them in a spread sheet for future reference.

Toward the end of month one you need be positioning some place on Google page 2 down with your choosen keyword.

If you have choosen the right keywords :)

Month 2:

Month 2 is super cheap and will cost you a stupendous price of $8.

Presently we have the expired web 2.0 backlinks done in month 1, however there is a slight issue with that. The Tumblr locales don't have our keyword in the subdomain URL.

Presently we will give Google a signal what our site is about.

We will do another web 2.0 link wheel, setting up shiny new web 2.0 sites with the correct keyword in the subdomain URL.

Obviously you can set these up yourself for nothing, it takes a little time. Why do it without anyone else's help when you can complete this on another site for just $2, astonishing quality for cash.

Web 2.0 Link Wheel:

Web 2.0 backlink bundles with sign in details $2 for 20 new web 2.0 sites; you get 20 high authority fresh out of the box new web 2.0 locales set up with su --- Forum discussions and promotions are not allowed. --- ance on them prepared to file.

The essential gig is for $1, you have to choose the $1 additional to give sign in points of interest to all the web 2.0 sites.

When you arrange the bundle it is essential that you advise the vendor supplier to include your keyword into the subdomain URL of the web 2.0 webpage.

So I will request:

Tell the supplier if the correct match keyword is taken to include a stop word before the keyword. So you would wind up with something like;

Simply ensure that your keywordis in the subdomain URL, don't miss this step

Additionally utilize a similar anchor text profile as demostrated before.

At that point you simply kick back and sit tight for the request to be finished.

At the point when the request comes in you have to sign into the web 2.0 locales and link them all.

Do 10 sites on Tier 1 and 10 locales on Tier 2. All sites will link to your cash site. All is clarified on my free backlinks post.

So you now have social signals, 15 expired Tumblr backlinks and 20 new web 2.0 backlinks. Now it is time to mix it up a bit.

We want video, image and doc share backlinks.

Video & Image Share Backlinks:

Video and image share backlink packages for cheap$5 For Video Image Doc Share; you are getting a whole lot more than video, image and doc share backlinks from this service.

For just $5 you are going to get:

10 Article Submissions
10 Press Release Distribution
10 PDF/Doc Share
10 Web 2.0 Posting
10 Social Bookmarks
10 Video Shares
10 Classified Ads
10 Image Share
10 Social Signals
10 Directory Submissions
So you are going to get a total of 100 backlinks from 10 different platforms.

The service provider will find and spin a unique article for you. The article will be spun over and over made different each time for posting on each platform.

They will create an Animated video for you and post it to 10 video sharing websites with a backlink to your money site included.

All you have to do is give them your URL and your anchor text. Use the same anchor text ratio as mentioned earlier.

When the report comes make sure you index all those backlinks using Google console.

Be sure to index them slowly, 5 a day max using different Google accounts.

This is an amazing SEO package for the price, this gig alone will push ranks for easy low SEO competition keywords.

To finish up on month two backlinks we need some niche relevant blog comments for good measure.

Blog Comments:

Cheap blog comment seo packages $1 For 8 Niche Relevant Blog Comments; to mix up our anchor text profile we are going to get 8 niche relevant blog comments.

When you order this gig make sure you tell the provider to use your name as the anchor text.

No one posts a serious blog comment using their keyword as the anchor, it’s not natural, so do not do it.

So I will give the provider this URL and ask him to use my name “Nick” as the anchor text.

These cheap SEO packages will help you rank and bank on auto pilot.

All of the comments are done manually.

I have used this service many times and know that it is very good for the price.

The backlinks come from sites with low outbound links, this does not matter too much to us, we are only doing this step to mix up our backlink profile.

We want to have backlinks from many different sources. All of these cheap SEO packages will see to this.

The comments will be on pages that are already indexed in Google.

There is no reason not to do this step at this price, so get it done and move onto month three in style.

When I have used this blog comments package in the past I got comments on blogs with page authority ranging from 1 to 15.

Some of the pages that the comments were placed on had over 100 backlinks pointing to them. All that lovely ranking juice flows over to our site.

None of the pages had any more than 10 comments on there, this service is a real steal at $1.

I use this gig personally over and over to shake up my backlink profile, to make sure it is as diverse as possible.

At the end of month 2 you should be ranking on Google page 1 or top of Google page 2 to be on track for ranking number 1 at this point in time.

If you are not in this position do not panic, keep pumping out the backlinks and your ranking will improve soon enough.
Month 3:

In month 3 we are going to go for the kill and push our site into the top spot.

We want backlinks from high page authority sites and lots of them.

Tumblr Backlinks:

Cheap Tumblr backlink packages$25 for 40 High PA Tumblr Backlinks; these 40 Tumblr backlinks will be enough to boost our site into the Google top spot.

It sounds a lot at first, but consider the work that is going to go into this package and it’s actually great value for money.

Each link is only going to cost you $0.60. For that you get a contextual link on a high domain and page authority site.

Let’s take a look at what makes this package so appealing:

Backlinks from PA 28 +
High quality content used on each post
Image or video included in each post
The time it would take you to scrape 40 unique pieces of content and post them onto 40 different Tublr blogs will be hours. For just $25 you get the job done without any hassle at your end.

Of course you can do this yourself, but if you are short on time then get this is the gig to get the job done.

Make sure you mix up your anchor text using the usual ratio that I suggested earlier.

When the report comes in make sure you index all those lovely backlinks and watch your site climb to the top baby.

Do not index more than 5 of these backlinks per day, slow and steady over the month will do the job.

These cheap SEO packages work. It’s unlikely you can rank no. 1 any cheaper than this using other people to do the work for you.

That is all you have to do in month 3. Everything else has been taken care of.

Now wait until the end of the month to do your final and most rewarding ranking check.

You will now be ranked no. 1 in Google search.

Do not worry if you are not, there are many variables out of our control in seo. We are going to knock out some more backlinks in month 4 to give the site a final push up the SERPs.

If you are not in the top spot after month 3 you will be placed in position 5 or higher. You will certainly be on the first page anyway.

I am going to add a month 4 action plan for those of you that did not quite make it.

It’s possible that you did not hit the top spot because while your site was gaining backlinks the top ranking sites were too, so we need to boost our site a little further to catch up with them.

Month 4:

It is highly unlikely that you will need to complete month 4.

Let’s address what could be wrong with our site.

First of all it’s possible that the top ranking sites got backlinks as you did. So lets hit the site with more backlinks to over take them.

PBN Backlinks:

Very cheap PBN backlink package for pushing ranks $5 For 40 PBN Backlinks; these cheap SEO packages are going to get your site 40 PBN backlinks. These backlinks are almost certain to push your site into the top spot.

You do not get a report with this gig. However you will get the URL of each backlink in your WordPress dashboard. You will see the URL as a pingback in your WordPress blog comments area.

The URLs show up in your WordPress blog because the backlinks come from other WordPress sites, which makes this perfect for us.

All you need to do is copy the URLs into a spread sheet and index them slowly, 5 a day max throughout month 4.

This is an awesome package for the price.

Make sure you use the same anchor text profile as laid out earlier.

So you are going to get 40 backlinks from sites with an average domain and page authority of 15 +.

They will add unique content to each site for you. You just have to pay them 5 bucks and let them do the rest.

Wait for the backlinks to appear in your WordPress comments area and then get them indexed.

Trust me, these backlinks do index, not all of them will, but enough will to push you up the SERPs.

They even allow you to embed a Youtube video into the posts if you want to.

All of these blogs are self hosted with different hosting providers. We have done the web 2.0 thing, so this is what is needed to be done to hit the top if you are not there already.

To see some samples of the domain metrics just head on over to the sales page.

That’s not everything you need to do in month 4.

Finally, we need to take a look at our bounce rate for our post using Google Analytics.

High bounce rate will also stop you from hitting the top spot, we need to buy some Google organic search traffic to combat this.

If you don’t have Google analytics just do this step anyway, I do not recommend doing this to sites monetised with Adsense.

Here are the final cheap SEO packages to round things up.

Google Organic Search Traffic:

Buy Google organic search traffic $1 For Google Organic Search Traffic; blast this SEO package at your post and it will lower it’s bounce rate below 30%.

The service provider will use a bot to search Google for your selected keyword and click on your site, the bot will stay on your site and even move through the site.

This is a big ranking signal these days, it lets Google know that your site has quality content on there and should be sat higher in the SERPs.

The traffic that you get through this package can be tracked in your Google Analytics account, this is very important.

The traffic has a high visit rate too, more than 45 seconds, can be as long as 2.5 minutes.

The traffic comes from a different IP every time and will certainly help you game your way to the top.

For $1 you get a minimum of 200 hits per day for 5 days.

After 7 days you should re-order. Use this gig for the whole of month 4 for it to have an impact on your ranking.

That’s it, you will most definitely be in the number 1 spot now.

Make sure that you only use exact match anchor text for these PBN backlinks, you want all the power you can get from them. You will then need to do 20 quick Tumblr backlinks to even out your anchor text profile.

If you have selected easy to rank keywords you will not require them anyway.

It has some good info hope it helps!
2016-12-02, 11:53 AM,
Nice tutorial! it's worth a try but quick question where do you buy these packages you speak of?
2016-12-02, 02:55 PM, (This post was last modified: 2016-12-02, 02:55 PM by immart247.)
Goog tutorial. Here is the link to the original share, choose the first result
2016-12-02, 02:58 PM,
(2016-12-02, 02:55 PM)immart247 Wrote: Goog tutorial. Here is the link to the original share, choose the first result

No need to post that I already explained where it was from in my post.
2016-12-02, 05:00 PM,
Never heard of spyfu, good share op!
2016-12-02, 06:09 PM,
(2016-12-02, 02:58 PM)BigEarner Wrote:
(2016-12-02, 02:55 PM)immart247 Wrote: Goog tutorial. Here is the link to the original share, choose the first result

No need to post that I already explained where it was from in my post.
Did you see? All of the links to the services are removed.
2016-12-05, 04:52 PM,
I didn't really read all of that but finding low SEO competition keywords is possible only for certain niches. If you work in a specific industry then all of your competitors will want the same "low competition keywords".
2017-03-06, 11:24 PM,
nice tutorial man!!! ;)
2017-03-07, 11:10 PM,
awesome tutorial buddy, i will follow this.
2017-03-09, 10:23 PM,
thanks for the guide :)

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