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How To Create quality web 2.0 properties for your tier 1s the proper way
2014-02-18, 08:52 AM,
Hey guys,
I've had a lot of adds on skype from here about people asking whether I can post how I create my tier 1s, so I thought I'd post it here for everyone to see:
First thing you need to do is go on - I’m not affiliated to this site. This site should be your god post the new google algo updates. Basically what this does is help you find related keywords to your current keyword which you can use instead to rank. Let me explain, lets say you’re searching for laptops, well a related keyword to that may be notebooks dell, although people generally believe that’s a niche change, in google’s eyes it isn’t. It’s much better now to rank for LSI’s instead of trying to rank for just your money keyword, especially when you’re trying to rank for fake hacks. Now the key idea here is to get 2 one words, 2 two words, and 2 three worded keywords.
Once you have that, next thing is content. This is something I learnt whilst I was training my vas a few years ago, it’s manual syndication with a twist. So what I want you to do is head up on or whatever article index you want to use. Search for your main keyword and find 3 popular articles on there which are relatively similar. What you want to do is take 20% from the first article , then spin it but make sure its readable, 20% from the 2nd, and spin again, 20% from the 3rd and spin again, and 40% should be written by yourself. Obviously the end content you get should make sense. The clever people on here should be able to make macros for this… after this point you need to head over to wordai. I’m not affiliated to the owner but that tool is by far the best spinner on the market. What you want to do is use the turing spinner and see what spins you get. If you did this right, you should be able to get around 5-10 good spun articles which are relatively unique. Once you have the articles, what I’d like you to do is embed 5 generic anchors, and the LSIs you prepared above. After that, add at least 1 anchor leading to an authority site within your niche. The reason why you do this shall become clearer later.
You also need access to the following things:
- 5 images relating to your niche
- A youtube video relating to your niche
- Some social signals
I’m not gonna bother posting a list of web 2.0s here, there’s so many around the forum, just search for it.
What I’m focusing on is the web 2.0 itself
- The key aim here is to make it look as welcoming as possible – add a theme on to it first of all
- Then change the name of the web 2.0, make sure it doesn’t say “this is a wordpress blog” – HUGE no no for tier 1s, this is why I always know if someone truly handmade the property or not: many SEO guys say they make the properties by hand but ultimately, it’s usually all fed into software
- Now categories; if you want this to truly give you linkjuice you can do this: per article you create, you can make a category for it, looks unprofessional but it gives some clever inbound links without the necessary work.
- On the web 2.0 property itself, I usually aim to have at least 3 articles per property. The reason behind this is simple: content has and always will be king, google loves content, why do you think most SEO services have to boost their tier 1s so much which 10,000+ wikis and such?
- Now the images asked, you need to post on each article
- Add the youtube video to the property as well
- And the content
- Make sure the timestamps on the articles are irregular
- Add fake comments onto each article to give it the impression of popularity.
Now time to get some linkjuice going, what you want to do is use these google footprints:
"useful links"
"useful resources"
"useful sites"
"useful websites"
"recommended links"
"recommended resources"
"recommended sites"
"recommended websites"
"suggested links"
"suggested resources"
"suggested sites"
"suggested websites"
"more links"
"more resources"
"more sites"
"more websites"
"favorite links"
"favorite resources"
"favorite sites"
"favorite websites"
"related links"
"related resources"
"related sites"
"related websites"
intitle:"useful links"
intitle:"useful resources"
intitle:"useful sites"
intitle:"useful websites"
intitle:"recommended links"
intitle:"recommended resources"
intitle:"recommended sites"
intitle:"recommended websites"
intitle:"suggested links"
intitle:"suggested resources"
intitle:"suggested sites"
intitle:"suggested websites"
intitle:"more links"
intitle:"more resources"
intitle:"more sites"
intitle:"more websites"
intitle:"favorite links"
intitle:"favorite resources"
intitle:"favorite sites"
intitle:"favorite websites"
intitle:"related links"
intitle:"related resources"
intitle:"related sites"
intitle:"related websites"
inurl:"useful links"
inurl:"useful resources"
inurl:"useful sites"
inurl:"useful websites"
inurl:"recommended links"
inurl:"recommended resources"
inurl:"recommended sites"
inurl:"recommended websites"
inurl:"suggested links"
inurl:"suggested resources"
inurl:"suggested sites"
inurl:"suggested websites"
inurl:"more links"
inurl:"more resources"
inurl:"more sites"
inurl:"more websites"
inurl:"favorite links"
inurl:"favorite resources"
inurl:"favorite sites"
inurl:"favorite websites"
inurl:"related links"
inurl:"related resources"
inurl:"related sites"
inurl:"related websites"
list of links
list of resources
list of sites
list of websites
list of blogs
list of forums

What you want to do is start looking for sites similar to the property you just created and start placing MANUAL blog comments and forum profiles, the blog comments should be on moderated blogs, why? Because if it passes, you have little – no OBLs on there so the linkjuice you’ll get is absolutely amazing. The aim here is quality not quantity, so 3-4 per property should be fine. Once the blog comments have been approved, I actually reverse the tiers. So, usually people leave blog comments to the final layers, but because these are off high calibre, you’re going to send tier 2s down them using gsa or whatever software you want. The reason why we do this is because if you selected right, you should have found an authority site and usually with authority sites, its quite difficult to cause negative SEO.
You also want to purchase some social bookmarks and social signals for the property, again google loves that crap.
Yahoo answers is amazing for you to get external traffic going, and although the links are nofollow, the power of the link itself can be very useful, and it can naturally create a social buzz around your site. So what I would like you to do is set up a yahoo answers account, and start by answering questions related to your website, you don’t refer to your website in the text, but instead simply have it in your bio. Eventually you’ll get the right buzz going naturally which is what google loves.

And that’s pretty much it, you should essentially have a solid tier 1 property ready for your site. Do not rush to add your anchors, I usually wait and let the linkjuices flow for at least 2 weeks before adding the anchor, I’d advise you do the same as the first two weeks is usually in the period where the property gets deleted. Also, obviously don’t forget to index the property.

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2014-02-18, 09:27 AM,
This is an awesome HQ share, thanks for taking the time to write it up!
Learned several new things here. Have some rep!
2014-02-18, 12:16 PM,
Very thx :) I need it
2014-02-18, 03:12 PM,
Interesting. How do you do the google footprint part?
2014-02-18, 04:05 PM,
very detailed guide.Thanks for posting
2014-02-18, 04:16 PM,
thanks a lot man ! keep them coming !
2014-02-19, 03:06 PM,
No problem, I probably won't share for a while now as I need to focus on my own money making but have a look at my private blog network thread
2014-02-19, 04:06 PM,
Awesome! thank you so much!
2014-02-20, 06:35 AM,
(2014-02-18, 03:12 PM)abaddon013 Wrote: Interesting. How do you do the google footprint part?

Well you usually add your keyword to the footprint, and use it with scrapebox to scrape you the links. Then its a matter of filtering so my filter usually works something like this
First eliminate all sites with less than PR2, then eliminate sites with no authority, and finally eliminate links with a higher OBL than around 30
2014-02-26, 05:35 PM,
What you usually used in web 2.0 properties? Top 20?

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