How To Brain Map Your Life - How I Changed My Life [Guide]
2013-09-06, 03:14 PM,
Hello Elites,

For some being able to dedicate lots of time online is difficult. When you hold down a part time/full time job yet want to make it online everything gets in the way, for some even if you don't have a job and strive to make it online it's difficult as well if you don't have the right mindset. However you can at make things easier by creating a brain map:
[Image: Fotolia_career-mind-map.jpg]

I don't have a normal job I work online full time, however when I did have a job and was trying to make it online I needed to get into the right mindset. The problem I found was being able to get out of the bad routines I allowed myself to get into.

The Problem
- I would stay up until 2 in the morning watching crap on TV, I actually started to believe I had insomnia.
In reality I was just bored with my life and did not want to wake up the next day and work the 9-5 job.
- My eating habits and diets were bad, now this may sound dumb but in reality your dieting affects the way you feel/act and really does contribute towards your whole mindset.
- Drinking to much in the week, again this will not help your mindset and just makes you lazy.
- My over all mindset based on my goals and what I wanted to achieve was way off.

Resetting Your Brain Algorithm

The problem is that we are all held prisoners by our own mindsets, and at the same time we are even held hostages by the garbage television subliminal crap:
[Image: large_tv-static.jpg]

Then you have your computer games you spend time on, before you know it your brain is pretty much messed up as your wasting your time "worrying" "being caught up in crap" and you don't know how to change your life and chase your goals.

My Little Secret

Did you know that I have NO education? in fact I was the crazy misbehaving kid in class and was actually moved to a different school. Yep, that is right I pretty much started out with nothing and have now managed to build up a nice little portfolio online. My Mother left when I was around 5 years old and it messed with my head and made me a bad kid.

I don't really know when I'm telling you all this but it's just to prove my point, that if a kid that left school with nothing, can make it online then you CAN as well!

My Resources And Brain Map

- Download: to your computer and write down ideas/what you need to do based on learning.
- Work out how much time you spend on the computer + watching TV.
- Calculate that time up and then simply decide on how much your willing to invest from it, into actually sitting down and reading guides to make your main goal a reality. Write down the times you can spare into the sickies and put them on your computer screen and wall next to your bed.
- Look at your dieting and reduce the crap, trust me you will see a difference if you do. I can not lie to you and say it's something I have done for years however I just started dieting and exercising and I feel GREAT now!
- My diet + exercising method:
Wake up>15/25 mins on exercise bike>Use weights 3x sets of 10> Eat an apple>get in shower>work work work>Have lunch = salad and sandwich>work work work>finish working>eat dinner with salad>Do 3x sets of 10 on weights again>For late tea eat an apple and have a cuppa


It's not rocket science to be able to make money online, it's just your mind set and how much you really want it. I wake up EVERY DAY at 6.30/7.00 in the morning and work through until 5.30/7.00 in the evening. Don't believe me ask Staff they will tell you!

Ironically I could just as easily lay in bed and have a lay in, whilst maintaining my online revenue but I choose not to, why? because I have sickies on my laptop screen and on the wall next to my bed telling me to get up and create new goals.

Final thoughts - As I said above if a kid that gets kicked out of school and leaves with no education can do it, then you guys can do it as well.

ϟ★Hawk Eye★ϟ
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