How To Begin Your SEO Campaign - Read This For SEO 2014!
2014-02-21, 06:39 PM, (This post was last modified: 2014-02-26, 12:12 AM by kasher9.)
Hey guys,
I've had a lot of people adding me on here asking where to begin their SEO campaign. Literally I've had around 100 emails/skype adds from here asking such questions so I thought I'd post in public. This is written by me personally so please read through it all, I promise you everything I've written is for a reason and not just BS.
BTW to mods, I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section but this doesn't really fit the criteria of blackhat or whitehat seo section as this is a tutorial for SEO as a whole.


SEO has changed dramatically over the past year. I remember in 2012 when I used to do SEO for clients, it was incredibly simple; you diversify their 1st tier campaign, and shoot social bookmarks/wikis down the 1st tiers. Was easy and cost effective, but then the google updates became aggressive. Now, google is at the point where the following metrics are consistently measured:

- How deep your link profile goes: they can actually track the quality of your links tiers down and if they see rubbish blog comments or anything which looks botted, you eventually will get hit with negative SEO.
- Your social profile - whether you have google +1s, and how many you get
- The age of your website vs the amount of links you have: if it looks unnatural, again you'll gain ranking very quickly if you have a high amount of links all of a sudden, but eventually they'll drop down.
- Your internal content - if you're not updating your content or have a landing page with 500 words, again, no matter what a SEO service provider says, you'll drop in rankings eventually and it's a b*** to recover, believe me on that. They also read the flow of the content so whether there are huge amounts of mistakes in grammar etc
- Your co-citation: whether you are linking to other sites other than the money site/basic wikipedia pages - do you basically have authority or not
- Your keyword diversification: do you have just your money keyword anchored or do you have other keywords embedded as well?
- Your niche: a big one especially in regards to hummingbird, they monitor certain niches more closely than others
- The quality of your links: how long have they been around for etc
- The amount of visitors you get - yep, not many are aware of this one but Google live in the world of paradoxes, they want YOU to have visitors already in order for you to rank and get traffic from the ranking. Makes sense doesn't it? haha.

Many more metrics are covered but I think these are probably the most important currently. It probably seems overwhelming but the reason why I wrote the above is to make people aware that SEO involves far more than just the backlinks you do, which is why I see SO many people time after time posting around the web the following questions:

Quote:I purchased an SEO service, my ranking went up after a month from NA to 15. Now it has dropped again. I didn't update my website, or do any work from my end, can someone please tell me why?

These types of questions really piss me off. Fundamentally, almost all SEO services which "guarantee ranking" don't care about the future or your website internals. For them, it's all about the bottom line. And bottom line to them is that you'll write the review of the pseudo increase in rankings that they provided before you fell in ranks. I'm sure I'll get a lot of hatred remarks from SEO companies for this but I implore you to go to a forum which is focused on SEO services, you'll see what I mean. They create a service, offer no refund guarantee, yet guarantee rankings, and then close up shop after a few months, and open up a new service with a new infographic. I'm not saying all SEO companies are like this, I'm just talking about the ones that guarantee rankings. Ofcourse the SEO guy isn't gonna be able to keep you on top of google for $100 for "payday loans". Don't be ridiculous.

Quote:I spent $XXXX for SEO, he guaranteed me rankings within 3 months but he didn't deliver what shall I do?

Is he the owner of Google to guarantee you rankings within 3 months? You've just been scammed my friend.

Quote:I built XXXXXX links using a SEO service for my website, but I haven't seen any results, what shall I do?

This was from an actual client (if you're on here, sorry for this but at least I didn't mention your name haha). I spent 2 whole weeks going through her link profile and disavowing (deleting) the links after checking them one by one. After I did that, all I did was create 10 unique articles for her website, and send some basic web 2.0 properties to her money url. Guess what? She was ranking 35th after 2 months. She paid $300 for the SEO service with the XXXXX links, and if I didn't have to disavow, my properties to her only cost $59. So less than half the cost and some actual result. Now I'm not trying to promote my service here, I'm just saying, each niche/website/keyword needs a particular set of links and something less is infact more in SEO. Bottom line is: you need quality these days not quantity to rank.

You get the idea. I hope this has scared you enough to understand that you can't just focus on backlinking anymore so this is how I begin my SEO endeavours for a new site:

- First take a good look at your website. Does it flow well, do you have social accounts, do you have a good text:html ratio. You should aim to have around 10 keywords based around your main keyword embedded into the site. Then, a split 2% anchor density between those 10. This should make up a total of 2-3% keyword density around your page. You should also have a text:html ratio of around 20%+. If you're not sure how to calculate it, go on, this is a GREAT site for free onpage SEO analysis, I always use it and its absolutely fantastic. If you have 500 words, you're eventually gonna get flagged up no matter what you do.

- Next stage is purchasing HIGH QUALITY traffic to your site, make it look as regular as possible so that Google sees you're not just focusing on SEO and you have "PPC" campaigns running. If you don't know anyone who can provide this, let me know otherwise please use the search button.

- Set up social accounts for your site. Google +1s are directly influencing your rankings, so make sure you use this, it's a free tool given to us, why not?

- Always always always try and purchase a site if you can which is aged, NOT dropped but aged.

If you're happy you've covered the above pre-requisites, you begin with the SEO campaign:

- Go on and load up your top 10 competitor's sites. Take a look at their links, and how long they have been on top 10. If they have only 10 links and they've been on top for 2 years what does that tell you? You've found a goldmine niche.

- Use your competitor's links: in most cases, you can use their social bookmarks, and their blogs to comment on etc. These links are obviously proven to work so naturally they're gonna be better.

- The fundamentals however is having a barrier between the links created by you and your money site. This is CRUCIAL after the new updates. Now let me explain, you read the above clients question, do you want that to happen to you and have to make some SEO douchebag like me disavow your links for XXX? I'm guessing not. The barrier should be your high quality web 2.0 properties. Now these are a godsend when it comes to SEO, you can send your SEO service purchased links to the web 2.0 properties, which would be directly linked to your website.
End result;
Worst case scenario without a barrier: Google flags your site with the "unnatural links" message and/or your ranks just fall after that SEO service guy guaranteed you a rank increase. You'll then have to either abandon the site, or get a SEO douchebag like me as I said earlier to spend weeks disavowing your links.

Worst case scenario with a barrier: Google flags your site because of the web 2.0 properties are linked further to some crappy links. You delete a few web 2.0 properties which takes around an hour to do.

Which version works best for you?

Now I did a huge thread on creating web 2.0 properties here, just click on my username and you'll be able to find it, but make sure you create these by hand. Why you ask? Manually created web 2.0 properties mean you can control them. YOU add the content, YOU change the theme, YOU edit it yourself, and maintain it. If you can't create it or don't trust yourself you can always purchase the properties (i thought i would do a small plug of my services considering most seo guys will hate me for this haha). Plenty of good sellers around. You need to nurture web 2.0 properties much like your site. Have a look at a SEO service around google, and you'll see that most web 2.0 properties created by them are with 1 highly spun article, no theme, no other pages, and no other anchors. Google's smart enough to track this as unnatural linkbuilding, don't fall into that trap. SEO services use 4 articles for a package of around 6000 links, do you not think Google would pick up on duplicated content somewhere down the line? That's another thing, I always use manually SYNDICATED content, not just spun. Takes longer, but gives a much much better result. As I said, if you can't afford to buy the properties (even though they would be an awesome investment), read my thread on how to create web 2.0's successfully, I explain the basics of content building in there.

- Create forum profiles MANUALLY within your niche. Not many SEO providers will do this purely because it's time consuming but you can do this on your own for free. Search in your niche for something like "keyword forum" etc and signup. Start giving info around the forum and start posting. Get involved with the community, and then add a SMALL link in your signature to your site. These types of links are invaluable and offer true authority to your site + offer natural views.

- Create articles on places like manually. I did a whole section on content in my web 2.0 building thread, check it out if you're not confident on content and you want a quick way to create content. The difference between doing it manually and using a bot? Manual submission means you control the account and post to it regularly, and you can also use it as tier 1 content instead of lower tiers.

- Now that you have your first layer of protection, you can use good quality SEO services/gsa. I won't be covering GSA on here as there are PLENTY of tutorials but this is something you should definitely consider using once you have covered the above points.


And that's it. I hope this gives everyone a heads up before dabbling in the world of SEO, as I cannot explain how vital it is to consider all the above points. I'm sure I'll get a lot of negative remarks from SEO guys, but I'm quite tired of reading the same questions being posted again about someone promising them guaranteed results, they delivered but after a month they fell in ranks. Cover the above points and you can start purchasing cheap SEO services again as you'll have a layer of protection :)
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2014-02-21, 10:06 PM,
Nice thread! Really helpful for people which are new at SEO, including me.
So Tier 1 should be always manually ? Never using GSA?
2014-02-21, 10:10 PM,
Nice text here very helpfull.
2014-02-21, 10:51 PM, (This post was last modified: 2014-02-21, 10:54 PM by kasher9.)
Yeah I mean I can't express enough how vital it is to have a good bulletproof cover between your site and your gsa campaign. I see soooooo many seo services around the web which guarantee rankings but after a month you fall anyway, why? Because you had no solid protection. As I said in the thread, if you don't feel confident making them you can always purchase them. I'm not necessarily referring to my service here as there are plenty of guys who sell them. Pick the one you feel your budget is suited too. After that you can use gsa.

No matter how good gsa or ultimate demon or any other bot is, ultimately itll always be better to create your tier 1s by hand because alot of the metrics cant possibly be covered by bots and as far as im aware you cant update thr web 2.0 within the bots to the extent you want to.
2014-02-22, 04:04 AM,
I didn't understand one thing. Is having articles/landpages 500 word long a good or a bad thing? I mean when it's related stuff with screenshots and videos.
2014-02-22, 04:32 AM,
Having 500 words for your whole site is always BAD. You ideally want as much content as possible.
2014-02-22, 04:50 AM,
(2014-02-22, 04:32 AM)kasher9 Wrote: Having 500 words for your whole site is always BAD. You ideally want as much content as possible.

I plan to create a multi-niche site so 500 words per blog page should be enough... I hope?
2014-02-22, 04:56 AM,
(2014-02-22, 04:50 AM)makoczan Wrote:
(2014-02-22, 04:32 AM)kasher9 Wrote: Having 500 words for your whole site is always BAD. You ideally want as much content as possible.

I plan to create a multi-niche site so 500 words per blog page should be enough... I hope?

What are your competitors doing? That's your best advice buddy, look at them, and try and mimic the amount of content the have as they're doing SEO successfully. But generally yes, 300-600 words per blog page is adequate.
2014-02-22, 06:47 AM,
Thanks, I will try to surpass them using your methods, but first gotta let my domain age a bit. Can I make YT backlinks from videos as soon as my money site is fully configured with first blog page or wait at least a week or two? (I don't have a domain yet but I plan to get one tomorrow).
2014-02-22, 04:29 PM,
You can add them but I'd suggest you wait, you really want to give off the impression to google that you havent just built the blog to make money.

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