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CPA Elites Official Interview by DutchPride.
Hostwinds Peter.

1. What made you interested in the hosting sector?
I was working as a backend web developer for a local company. I had to work a LOT with our hosting company. The process was really terrible, and It got to the point where I was calling them to tell them how to fix the problems. I knew I could offer a better level of customer service and support. That was when I started Hostwinds.

2.How long have you been in the hosting business for now?
I started my first website when I was around 14 years now.

3.Do you mostly run the business on or your own, or, do you have others helping you out in regards to CEO's and such?
We have a team of 11 working at Hostwinds, we area always hiring, and hope to have at least 20 by years end.

4.Do you use CPA yourself?
I have used CPA in the past, however, I dot not have the time I used to for it.

5. How long has Host Winds been running for now?
Hostwinds has been around since October of 2010.

6. There is always a lot of speculation in regards to what hosting business's do if / when someone gets reported, you have expressed a few times on CPA Elites that you deal with things fairly, would you like to elaborate on this?

This all depends upon the nature of the complain, for a DMCA complaint for example:

1)Verify the complaint is legitimate, and meet all the requirements of DMCA

2) If the complaint is legitimate We then will do one of several things depending on the severity, as well as your site as a whole.

3A) We will determine if your entire site is violating copyright laws (Example: a website dedicated to hosting stolen and paid version for free copies of software or keygens) In these cases we will typically suspend your website since the ENTIRE website is dedicated to violating others copyright. We will of course provide you with full backups so that you can move your website to a new host

3B) If we determine that only a small portion of your website is in violating. (Example: One page on your website has the logo of another company on it) We will typically rename the file in question (Example logo.jpg to logo2.jpg) This will allow your website to be online, and for us to be in compliance with DMCA laws.

3C) If the complaint is valid, however there is moral grey area: Such as hosting pictures of someone who does not like them. Then we will forward the complaint to you, and consult our legal team as to the best course of action for us. (We don't want to hinder free speech, but we don't want to break the law either)

7. What do you think about CPA Elites?
I think it is a really cool forum, where people can get the info they need about the various networks, and various methods for promoting CPA offers.

8. What made you join our forum?
We do a lot of monitoring of where people are talking about us, during that monitoring the forum came up.

9.Whats the funniest/craziest thing you've ever came across on Hostwinds?
Oh man......I think it has to be the funny ID's people try and pass off as real for ID verification. We had one where the guy, used Word Art ( )

He pasted it over the actual name on the Credit Card, and drivers license. It was ridiculous, not sure why he even went to the trouble at all.

11.Thanks for letting me interview you, If you have any tips/shout outs/opinions feel free to say them now.
I would like to give a shout out/thanks to ALL of our loyal client's. We are waht we are because of them, we try and treat each and everyone one of our client's like family. I want to personally invite any client who ever has any issues with our service, to shoot me A PM or skype me (Skype: Hostwinds.Peter) . I guarantee you, that I will do everything in my power to make you happy.
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Any questions related to CPA belong here.
Before posting, make sure you are in the correct section.

I am temporarily absent due to family circumstances.

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2014-05-12, 03:03 PM,
Do you have free 1 month or existing users? :D

[Image: banner300x250.png]
2014-05-12, 03:45 PM,
Nice interview, Hostwinds seems to be doing fine atm, hope it continues like this for a long time :)
2014-05-12, 07:14 PM,
Hostwinds - > THE BEST. That's it, good luck with the business!
2014-05-12, 08:35 PM,
What about fake content?
2014-05-12, 08:36 PM,
he is nice guy!
the support was amazing!
2014-05-13, 03:07 PM,
What is your policy about the PPD niches? Most of the members of this forum uses game hacks (mostly fake stuff). Do you allow such things?

Sig goes here...
2014-05-14, 04:54 AM,
(2014-05-12, 03:03 PM)Fierce Wrote: Do you have free 1 month or existing users? :D

If you have no active services, we can offer you a small discount ~25%

(2014-05-12, 08:35 PM)tirycm Wrote: What about fake content?

If it's legal in the USA it is legal on Hostwinds. If you are violating any types of copyright, or other such laws, however, it will not be allowed. Please ensure that your content complies with the laws of the United States of America.

(2014-05-13, 03:07 PM)umerjutt00 Wrote: What is your policy about the PPD niches? Most of the members of this forum uses game h@cks (mostly fake stuff). Do you allow such things?

This should be fine as long as it complies with the Laws of the USA.
2014-05-14, 05:00 AM, (This post was last modified: 2014-05-14, 05:01 AM by oplaopla.)
(2014-05-14, 04:54 AM)Hostwinds Wrote:
(2014-05-13, 03:07 PM)umerjutt00 Wrote: What is your policy about the PPD niches? Most of the members of this forum uses game h@cks (mostly fake stuff). Do you allow such things?

This should be fine as long as it complies with the Laws of the USA.

Yeah, I was with Hostwinds for a while and although I left, I can tell you I never had any problems with my fake niches. Never even got a warning or a message about them. From my experience with them, as long as you stay within the boundaries of legality, they just don't care.

P.S: Obviously no viruses (e.g. RATs) in the place of the files you are offering
2014-05-14, 05:01 AM,
Could we get somekind of explanation on what happened in the past 6 days? several users reported a loss of the database.

I was one of them, fortunately my Issue has already been fixed with your support (5* Support by the way) however I would like to know what made it happen and how to prevent it since it has taken me about 6 hours to get everything back to how it was since the backup database you had saved did not save everything I had done.

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