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Hello everyone!
2014-01-06, 09:35 AM, (This post was last modified: 2014-01-07, 04:06 PM by rowebil.)
I'm not sure if we can link to other sites or not, but I have seen this on a forum!

I am on hacking forums (where I saw this) and a lot of blackhat forums.

Eh, I've been doing PPD for years now. I stopped in 2011 to focus on school, computer repair business, and trading forex. I content locked Fast Five, put it on the torrent site (they were doing maintenance so they were too busy to remove the rar archive), and got $530 in 4 days.

Years before that, I sold something else on eBay, and earned $3,274 in two weeks lol. I went to Burger King, put money in my Mom's van just because I wanted to, and came home to $100 in sales!

I want to get back into PPD because I have the most perfect idea, and I've only read ONE book on it but had the idea way before reading the book.

I didn't fail once in my life. Okay, maybe putting together a computer or something, but with physical labor - I didn't fail. I never failed with content locking...never failed with eBay. I repair my family's cars too, and both of my sisters, and Mom's car works perfectly. I always tell them I guarantee my work for a year. They didn't fail. The one sister took her car to Midas to get things done to it, and they wanted $900 for brakes lol. They cleaned the throttle body, we came home and it didn't want to start again. I fixed it for her, and now it's beautiful. Four wheeler engine, fixed - and it's actually better than new, considering a blown gasket was hindering the clutch first bought.

So if it is anything I put my mind into, and research, I'll never fail and have yet to! Failing for me is putting a lot of work into something, and having it not work. Failing isn't making a mistake. I've made mistakes...

But, being that I never failed once in my life, I feel as if I will fail doing PPD - even though I've done it before and was successful. I feel like YouTube is too cluttered already and people have killed the PPD industry because everyone complains when seeing a content locker.

So in all, I'm solely on her to see motivation and other people making daily money. I've seen many threads on other forums, and even was told that people are making way off $100 a day off of fake content. So I have hope, but I need that extra push for some reason. In 2010 and 2011, I never had failing thoughts. I bought a $300 server for content locking lol. Now I won't even buy a $30 VPS! I feel like "Oh, if it doesn't work out, that's wasted money."

So yeah, I just wanted to introduce myself!
2014-01-06, 09:39 AM,
I can see you already have some experience in IM, hoping to learn some ebay stuff from you, good luck and welcome to cpaelites.
2014-01-06, 10:02 AM, (This post was last modified: 2014-01-06, 10:03 AM by rowebil.)
Pretty much experience! Except with YouTube, not so much. I had put a full album on there, and I've actually had like 30 million views lol. Something tells me it was near 100 million views, but that seems REALLY high. But I remember beating most vloggers in channel views. Nickelback album. I was surprised! I was jumping out of my chair... people loved it!

eBay, it was serial keys. They don't really like that, so I'll never be able to get another PayPal account. Also, because my Dad has the same name as me, and got banned too, and yeah. No more eBay for me!

Oddly enough, I have 1,500 subscribers. I had 500 when I made the account and uploaded music.

I hope to learn new things on this forum, and could definitely contribute a lot in the computers section.
2014-01-06, 10:26 AM,
A lot of knowlege there. Share some with us :) Welcome!
2014-01-06, 02:51 PM,
I've made money with serial keys before... Those were the days till I got arrested!

Glad your switching over to CPA, I would really like to hear and expand on your idea. If you'd like a JV M me .

Repetition & Improvement
2014-01-07, 04:21 AM, (This post was last modified: 2014-01-07, 04:26 AM by rowebil.)
(2014-01-06, 02:51 PM)Required Wrote: I've made money with serial keys before... Those were the days till I got arrested!

Glad your switching over to CPA, I would really like to hear and expand on your idea. If you'd like a JV M me .

Arrested? Yikes! Someone even reported me to Microsoft (not sure why, but to trust the key was legit) and I was fine. Autodesk as well. They were all legit retail serial keys, not cracked, not stolen -etc. eBay just didn't enjoy them being sold.

I've been in CPA for a while, but I want to continue it again! Content locking is what I want to do.

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