2014-07-17, 04:32 AM,
I was hanging around a bit , i firstly registered in Jun 2013 , and didn't post so much till this year , since my base was FileIce , which was the "trend" of 2013 ...

About me
My name is Raul , got 17 years (going 18 in 7 november - this year) , i'm from Romania and i'm a "PPD-er"

How i started?
Got a friend that told me he's doing few thousands with his brother per month , so i was so curious to try too , he didn't want to share the website at begining , so after i gave him few headdaches , he shared it , and told me to handle it by myself , because he is not sharing with me any information ...
So i registered to FileIce , i sent them my "registration post" , so i waited to be approved . As first time using it , tought i'll be accepted , cus he didn't told me about "Refuse/Accept" system , so i was refused first time , but 2nd time i was accepted by them , and i was so damn happy... I was checking their forum , tutorials for 1 - 2 weeks and then i started working.
Did some researches and as begining , i tried with "FIFA 2012 and FIFA 2013 crack" , i saw that i didn't get any click or something , and my yt video was still online for 3-4 months .. i stoped , i tought is enough for me , so in 2012 i stopped working there but i was still reading and checking alot of forums , but that's all i did that year.
So i decided to try again , so i went back to fileice in 2013 April , and i started working using movie niches , because a friend of mine gaved me this idea. So i uploaded few movies , i heard about boosting , so i boosted with some views using websyndic(newbie) credit maker website that brings traffic , and i got my first download in that night , so that motivated me to work , my first payout there was 133$ , then 2nd payout was 200 , and saw that things work , so i uploaded like 7-8 movies , and the highest payout i had in 1 month(August) was 475 $ which was made in just 2 weeks , since i had videos on first page and not flagged. After getting that hit , i tried again , so September gaved me again some nice earnings , like 450$ too . So i did like 900$ in 2 months using my own knowledges , without any landing page , just a newbie webs page... even if i knew html .
After that i tried to work again , but my videos was still getting down , so i stopped untill now 2 weeks .
So i moved to CPALEAD & INSTALLAXY , i didn't make any $$ yet , but i'm still thinking and trying to get some ideas , tutorials ...

#These 2 weeks was so damn horrible for me , i did researches to find movies , uploaded always , and all my yt accounts was going down whitin ~25 mins , since movie was popular . I was still asking my old "IM" friends from skype what happened , and they had the same problem. So i stopped again doing anything.

What i want to do ?
Found few days ago informations about VPS servers , which are helping you too much to earn , as i heard.. and as my friends told me , so i got now 20 VPS servers , only one video on youtube , and no earnings , just few clicks.
I spend more than 10 years online reading and searching , specially on this forum ... But still no ideas ..
Had an idea today to buy a .com domain , which will be "free hosted" in one of my virtual servers , but i still try to get an awesome niche ..

What i will try to do ?
I'll try to earn a bit SEO.
Buy a .com domain.
Make few youtube accounts too.
Find a MONEYMAKER niche that might bring me thousands .

#I'm about to start my first Journey on this forum , but first let me find a niche that might works , or if you got ideas , don't be so selfish and share it with me.

# Sorry for giving you so much headdache with writing that much ! XD
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2014-07-17, 04:34 AM,
Welcome to CPA Elites w1cked, That's what i call an introduction!

Any questions related to CPA belong here.
Before posting, make sure you are in the correct section.

I am temporarily absent due to family circumstances.

2014-07-17, 04:34 AM,
Thankies , i'm still trying to find the Edit button to edit a mistake XD i wrote "YEARS" instead of "HOURS" -.-"
2014-07-17, 04:38 AM,
Hello Raul, welcome to cpa elites!
Didn't expect such an introduction to be honest hah! Good luck with learning SEO and reaching your goals!
2014-07-17, 04:40 AM,
Thank you sir , wish to be that easy , i'm a bit confused , don't know where to start , and ... to be honest , i wish to learn from begining some bucks , and i wish to get some help , but no spoon-feeding xD , just few advices..
2014-07-17, 01:21 PM,
Fantastic introduction worthy of a good welcome.
Hope you like your new base now. :)
2014-07-17, 04:36 PM,
Thankies guys ! ^^ . I like cpaelites forum so much xd.
2014-07-17, 04:39 PM,
Welcome to CpaElites. I hope you'll earn thousands!

2014-07-17, 04:47 PM,
Yea.. i wish to... but that are just dreams :). Thanks anyway..
2014-07-17, 09:17 PM,
Welcome to CPAElites, good luck in your journey :D

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