2013-07-20, 07:41 PM,
(first sorry for my english, im good when im speaking, but when im writing fast its shitty)

my name is... :)
Im 19 years old boy (or man if you want) from Slovak Republic. I was studing graphic design and now i have holidays. I will look for job in August.

Im in IM since March 2013. I started like almost everyone, spamming my PPC link everywhere, making 0,0005$ a day but i was happy because i had hope i can make some money online.

But i never got paid and never made more than 0,05$. Then i found darkstar thread on Forum discussions are not allowed here. and he motivated me as hell (thank you buddy).

I started reading, reading and reading a lot (this is funny because in my life i have readed max 2 books).

Then i taked action, i registred on http://www.cpaelites.com/Thread-Network-Ban and AWM under darkstar- it was 29.3.

I had some niches in head but i never tried do any keyword research or something... first video wich i did was GTA 5 Beta leaked, but i never published it. Then i tried World of Wacraft stolen passwords and video was removed in 1 day :D.

My third niche was really funny, i tought i need to make something what is popular now and it was Harlem Shake... I had idea to make fake Harlem Shake Documentary movie so i make trailer for it... check it :D


I sended here some views comments etc... and ive never got any click or lead from this (and only 100 natural views i guess)

I was dissapointed and demotivated but then i started doing fake keygens, generator, hacks... I found some saturated and unsaturated niches and in one week i made about 25 .exe files in Visual Basic.

But i did only 3 videos... i bought 10 PVA YT account and HMA VPN. Boosted them little bit with sites like u2b, syv and enchance etc.

And ive got my first lead from one unsaturated niche- boom 0,80$

Amazing feeling but i was LAZY as hell. And few days after was everything gone. One of my videos was reported and that PVA account was created on 1 IP and 2 phone numbers so they locked all my videos + blogger.

But i was smard and i made backup on every my blogger article (simple switch to html, ctrl+a copy it and paste to .txt) So i had my blogger online again in couple of hours. In this time i started doing PVA acc by myself and asked HMA for refund (somebody told me they are overused and i have to use proxy) When they refunded me money i bought another VPA which im still using, i never used any private proxy.

I uploaded my videos again, one got banned after few days (spotify code generator) and i was again lazy as bitch.

But i was still making money, my first month in cpa/pdd was for 20$ in AWM (dont rember how much in CF) for doing nothing.

Next month i made 102$ in AWM (idk CF) and i was still doing nothing. But i was again motivated and started working again, not so much but still better than nothing.

I made 228$ in AWM next month, it was June and ive got some PIN leads and my highest day was 19,65$ in AWM (+ some cash from CF)

Now its July and i have some days when im making 24 hours and some days when i just check my videos and im playing dota/gta whole day.

But i already made 325$ in AWM and 65$ in CF this month (last day was very wtf days, something must happend, im getting low traffic, but im still making 15$ +/- ... but its only my luck)

My best day is 35,31$ in AWM (and some bucks in CF) and worst day in this month is 7,90$ in AWM.

3 days ago i bought hosting and .com domain and i made decent looking WP site. Its 100x better than my old blogger but its making me same money :-/

Now im sitting here and reading SEO guides and this forum, i have 9 online videos, 1 is ranked on 1 place in google and 1 place in youtube for 110k monthly search (this video got me my first lead and its still active) and i dont know how did i ranked it (its brigned me about 23-25k real visitors and earned more than 380$ (but i dont have any proof in this video wich is really bad, i could make more)...

I started to buying views because its faster and better, im using enchacneviews for likes, comments, subs and favorites. Im still using AWM and CF (im still waiting for my money here, they have problem with Paypal :-/ )

I earned total in about 4 months:
676,12$ Adworkmedia
114,60$ http://www.cpaelites.com/Thread-Network-Ban

its not so much but im lazy as hell...

I want to make 100$/day or have stable income 2500-3000$ month wich will be 3-4x more than avarage month pay in my country.

My dream is to live in Dubai (i was here when i was 13 and i love that country) with my girl (im with her more than 4 years) and have muscle car (i love old cars like ford mustang 1967 or chevrolet cammaro 1969 but i like new cars too like ford charger 2012).

And also i want to help my parents to pay bills, take care about flat and house etc. I just want to live good life, i dont want to be in fear every month with words: "can i pay my rent this month or i have to ask money from someone?"...

And i forgot im not only computer geek :D i love sport too, im going to gym every second day, i have a good knowleage about healthy nutrition, sport supplements, but now its summer and im lazy as hell, im not eating what i need to eat and i need to prepare for Spartan Race Beast (22 km obstacle race), race will be 31.8. and my condition is ... nothing ... i need to go running every second day buy... WTF im lazy... but i was on 2 spartan race already (but it was spartan race sprint and its only 5-8km) and i did not prepared for them (i went runnig only 3 times lol)

Okay that enough, when i start writing i cant stop and im not looking at my english so, i know it will hurt you all to read this sorry :D
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2013-07-20, 07:45 PM,
Welcome to the forum.
Sometimes being lazy is not a bad thing as long as you can get 1 or 2 hours a day work , then that should be enough.
Good luck on your journey, it is very nice to see you have goals and objectives.

Please feel free to PM me if you need help.
2013-07-20, 07:55 PM,
Welcome to CPA Elites. I am lazy too! I could make much more than i am already if i worked. Good luck in reaching your goal! :)
2013-07-20, 08:17 PM,
Thanks, but what i shared? That Harlem Shake? Lol it was epic fail and im doing nothing with that niche, if i can call it niche :D
2013-07-20, 08:27 PM,
Hello, welcome to the forums! I hope you will achieve all of your goals! :)

[Image: siggy.png]

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2013-07-20, 10:17 PM,
Hello there. That's one nice long intro.
Anyway, welcome to CPA Elites.
Have a beutiful time :)

[Image: kPc49Jx.png]
2013-07-20, 10:22 PM,
Hello mate welcome to the forums.

[Image: i0A426A.gif]
2013-07-20, 11:14 PM,
Welcome to CPAElites! I hope you have a wonderful time browsing the forum!

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