Heartbroken Here - Any advices for meh ?
2015-01-23, 03:35 PM,
Hello everyone,

Well its an awkward situation here to post these kinds of questions here in a IM Forum but this is the first time i am going through a hard time.

Actually i love a Girl and she loves me too

And We've been in relation for a long time, we used to drink together, party together and smoke dope together too like we spent every second together and now she's being forcefully married to another boy by her parents and her parents arent listening to her words, we can flee to another place but actually i dont wanna live a cursed life and now she also cant go as the arrangements are already being done.

Idk wtf to do now, i m actually so much depressed that i feel like to hang myself, like a half of my body is missing,.

So can anyone advice me what to do now, i really need to get over through this.

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2015-01-23, 03:40 PM,
(2015-01-23, 03:35 PM)Airborne Wrote: her parents arent listening to her words,

Better you go and talk to her Parents, maybe that can help you both the tackle the situation perfectly. the major problem you might face is that boy might have a 9-5 job and her might think that as a best thing for her.

Just saying but if you both really love each other dont let her go that easily!!
2015-01-23, 03:41 PM,
Why can't she marry you?
And why would you live a cursed life if you flee.. that's the best option in my opinion if you have a good income from cpa move somewhere else and get married
2015-01-23, 03:47 PM,
I told her parents and her father tried to beat me up instead he got his head fractured,

The guy with whom shes getting married he makes like 400$ month which i make in 4 days

I dont wanna flee away cuz my parents has a big wish is to make my wedding very special so i dont wanna ruin their wishes.

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2015-01-23, 03:53 PM,
2015 and arranged mariages still, ffs

Before you do anything you need to ask yourself one question: would u marry that girl?
If yes go get bank loan and pay off her parents ( thay aint marying her to another dude cuz he is cuter ) if that aint an option just take her and move to another city ( hopefully she is 18 if not that could be kidnapping ). If u dont want to marry her just let it go, but if u do and dont act about it you will wonder "what if" all your life.
2015-01-23, 03:55 PM,
Here the major issue with us, Even though we are making much income then a normal guy. No one will believe that and will say we are just wasting time.

I have been doing a 9-5 job + IM and in most of the months I am making more money from IM, Still my parents dont want to hear they just want a offline job which is not at all worthy

Only thing you can do is talk to her parents again.
2015-01-23, 04:32 PM,
Ill let her go and get another pussy to smash.

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2015-01-23, 05:59 PM,
@thehacker - are you crazy, the guy opened her fathers head haha

Where do you live btw?
2015-01-23, 08:40 PM,
Just go and take her if you really want her and she agrees to do so, Make sure you keep no left overs so that when you go and remember this moment and you didn't act. It is just for days may be months , parents can't leave their sons or daughters so long. After that you can have a nice and big wedding.
2015-01-23, 09:25 PM,
(2015-01-23, 05:59 PM)Katy Perry Wrote: @thehacker - are you crazy, the guy opened her fathers head haha

Where do you live btw?

I live in india though but today actually some of my friends actually kidnapped his father for like 3-4hours but then i talked to him and told him to give her daughter to any other guy, Im letting her go though.

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