[HQ] Step-by-Step guide to Manual Web 2.0 Creation
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Manual Web 2.0 Creation: Step-by-Step

Okay, although it is certainly not the most glamorous form of post-Penguin link building, it is definitely effective.

These links are super easy to build, and should be a part of almost any link builders arsenal.

What is a “Web 2.0”?

Web 2.0s are simply free blogging platforms. Most properties allow for a pretty crazy amount of freedom including URL modification, ability to place images and video, contact forms and a ton of other goodies.

If you share this post below, you’ll get a free excel file with 50 + web 2.0s you can start using today. The excel sheet includes domain authority (DA) of each website. Download it now:

Click here now to download the excel file listing 50 + free web 2.0s

What makes a Web 2.0 a great backlink?

These properties are great because you’re basically piggy-backing off the authority and trust already established by these sites. Yes, it is a sub-domain and your page authority will start out with a goose egg ZERO.

But there’s one important thing to remember about these properties: they build authority very quickly.

With only a few strong links, any given web 2.0 can go from a PA 0 to PA 30 +.

Aside from the authority factors you’ll get from web 2.0s, you also need to remember that you’re getting the most RELEVANT link imaginable.

If your main keyword is “dog toys”, and you’re getting a contextual link from a “dog toys” blog, then it’s going to send massive trust to your site.

Relevancy is king when it comes to link building. Don’t forget that.

So, the question is: how do you build web 2.0s that Google respects?

Step 1: Prepare to WORK.

Most automated programs cannot post on the web 2.0s above, so you’re going to put some work into creating these properties. You need to remember that your first tier of links MUST BE high-quality.

The days of spamming thousands of links to your site are long gone.

Google wants authoritative, relevant, and trusted links hitting your site. If you fulfill all three of these important goals, then you will see the rankings you desire. It sounds so simple right?

Step 2: Create an Email Address

You’ll have to make accounts for these web 2.0s, so I recommend making a default email for this purpose. It doesn’t matter if you use the same email account to create the properties. Some SEOs freak out about leaving footprints because they think Google cares about what they’re doing.

Step 3: Sign-Up for 10 (or a million) Web 2.0s

There is no specific reason why I chose “10”, but it’s a good place to start. Depending on your keyword competition, you will probably need to make more than this.

If you’re super paranoid, then use proxies when you create the properties. Hide My Ass will do the job.

Step 4: URL Creation

Now that you’ve created your accounts, you will be prompted to create a URL that should look something like this: “keywordkeyword.blogspot.com”. Because we are looking to improve the relevancy of our backlinks, you want to include keywords related to the niche.

If your main site is about NBA basketball (sorry just got done watching the Lakers), then your URLs should include a specific keyword you’re trying to rank or related LSI words. For example, let’s say our primary keyword is “NBA basketball”.

Here are how some of your web 2.0 URLs should look:

You see how these URLs look natural? If every web 2.0 you make includes “NBA basketball” in the URL, then it may throw up some red flags.

Diversify, diversify, DIVERSIFY.

I can’t say this enough.

BE RANDOM when you make these properties… seriously. I’m not kidding.

Step 5: Ways to Create Content

Creating your content to post on the 2.0s is the most important part! There are few different ways you can approach the content creation. Deciding on which technique to use completely depends on your resources and time.

1. Write it yourself (BEST)
Writing purely unique content for all your web 2.0s is the absolute best thing to do. If you can afford to, you need to consider outsourcing it. Writing content for your web 2.0 will be extremely time-consuming and you should definitely be spending your time developing your site instead. HOWEVER, if your budget is extremely limited, then just write it yourself or consider the following option.

2. Advanced Spinning (Most Effective)
If your budget is really tight and you need to produce a lot of content, then you might want to consider spinning.

I’m going to be honest with you, I don’t use spun content on tier one EVER. I always use unique, manually written content. This isn’t to say spun content doesn’t work, but I just sleep better at night knowing my content on tier one is 100% unique. And the trust is, it just plain out works better.

If you decide to take the spinning route, you have to use ADVANCED spinning, not low-quality one-click spins… With truly advanced spin you will probably spend anywhere between 2-4 hours to complete an entire spun article. In this amount of time, you will have produced an article with thousands of different variations.

3. Scraping Content (Not Recommended)
There’s nothing wrong with scraping content for your tier two or three, but I definitely advise against it for your tier one. I’m not saying it won’t work, but it’s a risky move if you’re trying to build a long-term authoritative website.

Step 6: Content Guidelines

No matter what type of content creation you decide on, you must make sure your articles are 400 + words. Try to naturally include your primary keyword throughout the article without keyword stuffing. We want these properties to look natural. 1-3% keyword density is more than enough.

Step 7: Setting up the Post

Simply paste your article inside the editor for whatever web 2.0 you choose. At this point, you will need to gather photos and videos for your post.

You can include one photo and one video, two videos, three videos, three pictures… you see where I am going with this? Keep it random! To mix it up, sometimes I won’t even include a picture OR video.

After you have inserted your photos and videos, it’s time for you to insert your links. One link will obviously be for the page you are targeting, and the other be will to a relevant or authority website. Be random with link placement and use many different types of supporting outbound links.

And after I have a few posts on a single web 2.0, I also like to interlink. This gives the 2.0 even more credibility because it’s linking just like a normal site would. Don’t worry about securing every last bit of “link juice”.

Worry more about quality and relevancy for your web 2.0 links.

It will pay off in the long run.

At this point, your post should be completely ready to publish, but STOP right there! We need to talk about filler content before you publish that post.

Step 8: Filler Content

Thought you could just post your article and be good to go? Well… you actually can, but this is definitely not recommended. You want these links to be permanent and you should never have to worry about them being deleted.

If you’re posting single-page web 2.0s, then your chances of losing that backlink are much higher.

And most importantly, Google will give much more weight to a link that is acquired from a site that is filled with useful content and has more indexed pages. This is when filler content comes in.

Filler content will give your web 2.0s the appearance of an active site.

For filler content you can use scraped articles, related video posts, images, and even random posts about your life. 5-10 posts per web 2.0 is stellar, but even 2-3 posts can do the job.

Step 9: Schedule (If Possible) or Publish Your Post

Some web 2.0s allow you to schedule posts and others don’t. I recommend scheduling your posts in daily intervals. Do not post all your web 2.0s in one day. Always keep your posting frequency random to make sure things are staying natural.

I recommend posting filler content as your first post on any web 2.0, and then follow it up with your actual article. Sometimes don’t post your main article until the web 2.0 is 4-5 posts deep. Or post it first. Be unpredictable.

Finals Thoughts on Manual Web 2.0 Creation
Wow… that was way longer than I expected, but I wanted to make sure I covered ALL aspects of this very important link building technique. Using web 2.0s is one of many link building strategies I use to achieve awesome SEO results.

Using 2.0s alone will not help you achieve #1 rankings, but they are an important part of your campaign to diversify your link and anchor profile, and send some serious trust and relevancy to your site.

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2015-10-10, 03:46 AM,
Thank you, this is a great guide.

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NEW SKYPE: psyvortex2@outlook.com
2015-10-12, 08:13 PM,
Till now I have only used PBN domains but I might try Web2.0 in the future, thanks for sharing!

Dedication is a talent all on its own.
2015-10-12, 08:38 PM,
(2015-10-12, 08:13 PM)PixelBlocker Wrote: Till now I have only used PBN domains but I might try Web2.0 in the future, thanks for sharing!

Always mate

[Image: di1WHG0.png?1]
2015-10-31, 03:20 AM,
(2015-10-31, 03:17 AM)arvinzx20 Wrote: Thanks for sharing this method. I learn to your method... Thank you.

Always Mate :)

[Image: di1WHG0.png?1]
2015-10-31, 03:35 AM,
Hello, thank you for share with us.
I don't understand how that post have just few "Thanks" and replies... weird.
It's really nice tutorial its like a spoonfeed in my opinion.
2015-10-31, 03:37 AM,
(2015-10-31, 03:35 AM)alxwanted6k Wrote: Hello, thank you for share with us.
I don't understand how that post have just few "Thanks" and replies... weird.
It's really nice tutorial its like a spoonfeed in my opinion.

NP mate, It's just because not that much of people are into SEO so that's why the replies and thanks are low

[Image: di1WHG0.png?1]
2015-11-05, 12:52 PM,
hey can we discuss via pm or skype? very useful guide i appreciate the time and effort!

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2015-11-05, 01:01 PM,
Very detailed tutorial. Thanks for your contribution man. :)

Skype/Mail me for approving and join us on link below! SKYPE: nem.mgcash MAIL: nemanja@mgcash.com

[Image: Il4ZQYz.png]
2015-11-05, 01:11 PM,
(2015-11-05, 12:52 PM)L0gic Wrote: hey can we discuss via pm or skype? very useful guide i appreciate the time and effort!

Yea why not my skype is jw113133

(2015-11-05, 01:01 PM)Nem Wrote: Very detailed tutorial. Thanks for your contribution man. :)

Always mate

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