[Guide] Scaling YT and SEO - THEY'RE DEAD! Not really.
2018-02-23, 04:59 AM, (This post was last modified: 2018-02-23, 07:18 AM by RaeRed.)
Decided to share my thoughts on certain methods that are supposedly "dead". Here's a guide that I wrote up on YouTube, SEO and how you can still profit off them even if some of the people here are saying they're dead or getting harder to do. 

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2018-02-23, 04:59 AM,
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CatD3vjl(2018-05-26 11:03 AM) Greensh95(2018-03-02 05:38 PM) 
2018-02-23, 05:16 AM,
Just updated the OP with one more section that I forgot to include. Make sure to refresh the page if you haven't seen it yet.
For those who are into CPA or YouTube and SEO in general, make sure to check it out.
2018-02-23, 07:15 AM,
Smm panel for youtube views are really bad right now so it's normal it's hard to rank ahahaha if someone know a good one pm :D
2018-02-23, 07:25 AM,
(2018-02-23, 07:15 AM)AntidoteVirus Wrote: Smm panel for youtube views are really bad right now so it's normal it's hard to rank ahahaha if someone know a good one pm :D

Not necessarily true. Maybe some are bad. Maybe you're looking at the wrong one's. Instantfans and Justanotherpanel are ok. There's a lot more of them if you know how to do your research. Which one were you using though? BTW, I still see a lot of videos ranking with hundreds of thousands of views. So it's not necessarily hard to rank if you have the correct tools in front of you.
2018-02-23, 07:28 AM,
Great thread!

I am currently working on a site and SEO but I am in no rush for it to rank, I am focused on getting quality content posted frequently and in the meantime I am doing youtube as it's what I know best and can earn a good amount to help both pay for the content on my site and invest in a personal PBN.

I am a HUGE noob when it comes to SEO so I am learning as i go, not going to just blast my site with random links.

Great read man, thanks for the post.

[Image: getimage.asp?m=4913&o=11772&i=115391.dat]
2018-02-23, 08:34 AM, (This post was last modified: 2018-02-23, 09:08 AM by DrKent.)
Great post! Really.
Before, we use to say "Don't give up", as its main thing to do when you're in IM. Test and test, trial and error and there is always workaround.

You're right, heard a lot of times, Youtube is dead (when YT patch unlisted method, when YT patch comments spamming, patch paid views, GSA backlinks spam etc) Right now, YT is not even close to dead, (whatever BH/WH) methods dyed, we just need to test things and here we go again. Same goes for SEO. Logic is, that G must show something when someone search for those keywords. Trust me, lot of ppl are spending sleepless nights right now to figure it out. Once you find some domains ranked again, just do reverse engineering and that's it.

Every platform update itself all of the time (Seo, IG, YT, FB etc) you can't get same banking results from 2015 method now a days. Its gone. Thing is in testing and tweaking and updating your stuff with platforms that you want to bank from. And guys, DON'T GIVE UP! My 2cents Cool
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aCa(2018-02-23 09:05 AM) 

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2018-02-23, 10:02 PM,
Great & High Quality post from you. Thank you mate!
2018-02-24, 10:04 PM,
Thank you OP for the guide, This is a much needed guide.
2018-02-25, 09:20 PM,
Great post and great information by you mate. CPA and IM is all about testing new things and keep in mind to never give up.

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