Got infected, needs accounts back!
2013-08-04, 04:25 PM,
Hey people, these days are fucked up!

3-4 days ago I got ratted. I don´t know how this could happen, because I always check every file with AV scanner and only run it sandboxed first... but it happenend. Not my main computer but my laptop was infected with a trojan.

I recognized it first, when that guy used all my credits @ enhanceviews and hitleap. I saw his minecraft video on youtube and there also was his direct fileice download link...

After that I wanted to check my other accounts and yes, passwords changed... Adnooka gone, FIleIce gone,sharecash gone... the rest is in good standing.(of course I changed every pw now)

I was able to recieve my fileice pw back, because that kid hadn´t changed my email there. He only deleted all my files and changed the payment email with his own,lol.

At Adnooka he must have changed everything ;( I tried to contact Matt through skype, but still no reply.. I hope I get that back very soon.(Damn vacation time!)

Does anybody know the Fileice admin? Do you think he will provide me all the infos, who has logged into my account (IP and name maybe?) I sent an email @ with all the infos (youtube vid with fi download link and stuff..) but still no reply...I hope he will get banned.

So guys, please learn from this and be careful what you are downloading, even from here!

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2013-08-04, 04:32 PM,
I am in a HF CPA/PPD Skype group and some dude was bragging on there that he ratted a legendary earner and stole all his niches.....
This must have been you?

If you want to join the group PM me.
2013-08-04, 04:37 PM,
(2013-08-04, 04:32 PM)NUMB3R44 Wrote: I am in a HF CPA/PPD Skype group and some dude was bragging on there that he ratted a legendary earner and stole all his niches.....
This must have been you?

If you want to join the group PM me.

messaged you at skype buddy. just afk for an hour or so.

Still the most reliable PPD network!
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2013-08-04, 04:41 PM,
You know you could contact PayPal if he did something with it and legal actions might be taken.

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2013-08-04, 04:46 PM,
I'm the owner of the hf cpa/ppd skype group, i'm on vacation now so please pm me the name of the person who hacked you.
2013-08-04, 05:15 PM, (This post was last modified: 2013-08-04, 05:15 PM by Nuutero.)
Did you delete the rat? I think I had downloaded something too since my AV deleted a file called "piracy.exe" or something like that. Fortunately I have Keyscrambler and more epic security measures so they will never get my passwords.

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2013-08-04, 05:36 PM,
Those HF guys plays with fire. I wish they are all in jail no matter age are they.
2013-08-04, 05:53 PM,
Don't run any software related with hacking on your pc, use a virtual pc and run all your hacking tools on there.
Sandboxie & keyscrambler can be easily bypassed these days.
Good luck recovering your accounts

2013-08-04, 06:08 PM,
This stuff is no joke. I hope they will be caught soon.
2013-08-04, 06:32 PM, (This post was last modified: 2013-08-04, 07:16 PM by hammerK.)
I don´t know his name, yet. My paypal is fine,too. The thing is, I was a bit stupid. I made the mistake that I had some stored passwords on my laptop...I´ll never do that again. I mean if it was a keylogger or any shit like that, that wouldn´t solve the problem neither, but I feel more safe when I type in my password every time I log into a site.

I don´t really care about my enhance views and hitleap account. that are just credits.. the idiot made some youtube featurings and that cost me like 200k or 300k credits. I still have them runnin 24/7 on my VPS so in a couple of days everythings fine again.

My main gmail account is safe, because I connected it with my mobile phone now. 2step login..

I just hope to get an answer from fileice and adnooka today.

BTW: This is the site he spent all my hitleap credits on:

and this is his youtube video he used with my enhanceview credits:

Still the most reliable PPD network!
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