Google catches Indian Government Agency with Fake Digital Certificates
2014-07-10, 12:59 PM,
[Image: Fake-Google-SSL-Certificates.png]

Quote:Google has identified and blocked unauthorized digital certificates for a number of its domains issued by the National Informatics Centre (NIC) of India, a unit of India’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

National Informatics Center (NIC) holds several intermediate Certification Authority (CA) certs trusted by the Indian government’s top CA, Indian Controller of Certifying Authorities (India CCA), which are included in the Microsoft Root Store and so are trusted by a large number of applications running on Windows, including Internet Explorer and Chrome.

The use of rogue digital certificates could result in a potentially serious security and privacy threat that could allow an attacker to spy on an encrypted communication between a user’s device and a secure HTTPS website, which is thought to be secure.

Google became aware of the fake certificates last Wednesday on July 2 and within 24 hours, the Indian Controller of Certifying Authorities (India CCA) revoked all the NIC intermediate certificates and also issued a CRLSet to block the fraudulent certificates in Chrome.

CRLSets enable Chrome to block certificates in an emergency.

The search engine giant believes that no other root stores include the Indian CCA certificates, which means that Chrome on any other operating systems, Chrome OS, Android, iOS and OS X were not affected.

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2014-07-13, 08:32 PM,
Probably indian tech support scams.
2014-07-13, 09:42 PM,
Lol Indians were too intelligent to fool google until now. No offence. :)

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[Image: jqE21u3.gif]
2014-07-14, 01:31 AM,
Ahaha again these indian scammers lol.

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2014-07-14, 06:46 PM,
Shame on these digs of doing non sense tricks for making money by someone hijacking his/her websites.

[Image: ytsrcpae_500x90.jpg]

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