GodZeus's Journey To 200$ a Day [From Seed To Money Tree]
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I started thinking about money making online about 2 years ago. I started with PTC sites and earned first few dollars. My online money making researches finally guided me to an forum (I don't know if I can say that name but it was HF), where I found so much money making methods, that it just blew my mind! I started collecting ebooks, information, guides for almost 1 and a half years! But one day i watched some motivational "How to be successful" videos and I felt reality kick in my head. I created my first niche few days later. It was 7 months ago. I made fake software and one video with fake proof. I ranked at youtube #2 after few days and then I started earning average of 13$ a day. I was so excited for about a month, but then my video got deleted. I stopped working online. I started again 3 months ago. I created new software, new video, made wordpress site and ranked it at #1 on Google. Also implemented another money getting method into PPD niche(So I'm getting money from PPD + another source while using same site and niche). I am earning ~ 20$ a day this month(July) and I'm stuck with one and only one niche for 7 months already!
This project was made to give me motivation to work and move forward to my dream of being rich and success.

I'm gonna start and try to stick with PPD. Blueprint is:
  • Make 3 to 5 videos for one niche and rank them on Youtube (#1 to #5) by different keywords if it's possible and niche is worth that.
  • Create site or landing page and buy professional domain, rank it on google if niche is worth that.
  • Do not move to next niche while current niche not finished.


Money Goals:
[x] 10$ a day. [seed]
[x] 20$ a day.
[x] 50$ a day.
[x] 75$ a day.
[x] 100$ a day. [money tree]
[x] 150$ a day.
[x] 200$ a day. [big money tree]

PPD Goals:
[v] Have 1 niche launched.
[x] Have 3 niches launched.
[x] Have 5 niches launched.
[x] Have 10 niches launched.
[x] Write ebook about earning money with PPD.
[x] Reffer 5 people to be my refferals.
[x] Reffer 10 people to be my refferals.

Lifetime Goals:
[x] Buy a car.
[x] Get at least 2500$ stable monthly salary.
[x] Be good at SEO.
[x] Be good at Photoshop.
[x] Be good at Youtube Video Ranking.



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2013-07-26, 06:22 PM,
Hmmm i like ur goals and i follow u
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bmn(2014-07-06 11:22 PM) 
2013-08-17, 11:57 PM,
New month is time to start taking serious actions, however i've been too lazy once again and did nothing... I hate myself but I'm trying to focus on this project again. Today i did calculations ant statistics about this month earnings.
So total money earned this month (August 1 - 16) 646$/16 = Im earning 40$ a day now!!! Thats huge for me.

And today seems to be a good day, because i already got 2 French leads and day just started:
[Image: Untitled-1dR7k5.png]

Today Plans:
  1. Purchase backlinks, comments, likes and etc for previously uploaded 3 videos for 1 niche by different keywords.
  2. Think new niche and start developing software for it.

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2013-08-18, 12:01 AM,
Them french leads<3, goodluck with your journey bro.

[Image: 30l2a7s.png]
2013-08-18, 12:13 AM,
Goodluck man! Hopefully you'll reach the big money tree soon!

Just a question. With $100/day.
For how long? Just hitting it once, a whole month (approx $100/day) or 7 days? :)
2013-08-18, 01:54 AM,
(2013-08-18, 12:13 AM)Ignore Wrote: Goodluck man! Hopefully you'll reach the big money tree soon!

Just a question. With $100/day.
For how long? Just hitting it once, a whole month (approx $100/day) or 7 days? :)

100 a day means that Im gonna calculate total month earnings and divide of total days (30,31 or 28) and if i see average per day is 100$, that means goal is reached :) Thank you. I will grow big tree soon, i just need to fight my laziness.

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2013-08-18, 02:56 AM,
Good Luck with your journey bro :) Soon i think you can earn 200$ a day!

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2013-12-24, 05:32 AM,
Today is the day, when i'm back to my journey! I had so much health problems caused by not sleeping at nights (lol) but I finally almost recovered. Yeah I know bad time to decide start working at holidays... but anyway i will do as much as i can these days... My plan for next days is to build multiniche site and post at least one niche per day or per 2 days.I still have one niche launched, but my traffic comes just from outranked google site like 6th possition or 7th and i wasted all my money too... so lets say, im starting from scratch now... Current stats for today: Adnooka: 45.14$ waiting payment, should arrive at 25th day (will be some investment money for ranking)
Plans for Today(it is 1 PM now.ill start in the morning): make 3 videos + softwares for niches

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2013-12-26, 10:27 AM,
Good luck! Keep it up!

Happy New Year! 2014
2013-12-27, 07:24 AM,
Good Luck on your journey!

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