Giveaway (GIVEAWAY) $200 Cash + 10 VIP Legends [Enter Now]
2017-05-21, 12:06 AM, (This post was last modified: 2017-06-22, 11:06 PM by LB'Decoy.)
Whats up fellow elites! hope you are having a very awesome day!
Since HawkEye decided to allow me to do regular giveaways and thanks to his Generosity he will be giving away 10 Free Legends Upgrades on this giveaway
And To spice things up, i added a cash prize of $200
$100 for the first winner with a Legends Upgrade
$50 for the 2nd and 3rd winners with a Legends Upgrade Smile
And the other 7 winners will get Free Legends Upgrades!

The giveaway is easy, and you can have one entry so make it interesting

So basically it's about posting an image on this thread (It can be GIF/JPG) and type a story behind this image, it can be funny/interesting and it shouldn't be from your life personally

For example:

and such so! you can use as a source or any other image sharing website
as i said, you only get to have one entry so make it interesting Smile

The winners will be announced on the 20th of June
And they will be picked according to the funniest/most interesting images.

I wish all of you Good luck!

Lets Go!

[Image: kewdqLw.png]

Again, Thanks to HawkEye For allowing me to do this giveaway and thanks to him also for giving up to 10 Free Legends Upgrades to this Awesome Community!

Today is the day for the announcement and i gotta say, there were some really good pictures from you guys and i laughed hard on some few of them

The winners has been picked according to the most creative ones, i'll start ahead announcing the winners of the cash prize which by chance all of them were Legends Already, so they will only get the cash prize obviously and i made sure that the rest of the winners are non-Legend users Smile

So that means, 3 Legend Users won the cash prize
And 10 Normal users won the Legends upgrade!

Starting ahead with the first winner of the $100 cash prize:

1- Padfoot $100
Quote:[Image: mv2nAcM.gif]

2- reneedb $50
(2017-06-07, 05:11 AM)reneedb Wrote: Well i am gonna post my own daughter....
The story is that she tend to look very mad sometimes and because she is just 2.5 years old it kinda looks funny.
One day i had the idea of photoshopping her into other pics and this is the result:

[Image: ByKjrtd.jpg]

Just to proof this is really my daughter here is a regular pic:

[Image: gTG6M4w.jpg]

3- @"PRINC3" $50
Quote:[Image: o4SHofh.png]

My Struggle While Creating A Password Mad

And here is the 10 users who won a free legends upgrade provided by HawkEye!

1: rieffs

[Image: fukS3fd.jpg]

2: *Legendary*

[Image: PyjKcGN.jpg]

National Geographic . Behind the enemy lines :D

3: vegetajgd

Hello, tech support?
[Image: AT9i1Lr.jpg]

4: today1991

This is when I get an upvote.

[Image: QsWn7bX.gif]

5: @"Rajesh2008"

Everything Goes Wrong When Someone Says its Free

[Image: giphy.gif]

6: Undamaged

Saw this and thought

[Image: kVaj8JXJcDsqs.gif]

to everyone :)


[Image: thaitanic_o_1870259.jpg]

8: @"emiljano"

Hopefully he wasn't planning on kids Grin

9: byraul

[Image: 1pmlky.gif]

All the time there is more air than content

10: AndyRucker

[Image: 27bc14233c5c55f4289e755aba0a7b29.gif]

Thank you guys for participating! and good luck to the users who did not win and stay tuned for another giveaway soon which i'll be hosting!

I'll go ahead and contact the winners of the cash prize asking for their payment details & regarding the Legends winners please allow up to 24/48 hours for the upgrades to be made from Hawk's side.
Have a great day!

Best Regards.
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amricow(2017-07-14 09:13 PM) FRENCHINDAHOOD(2017-07-01 06:04 PM) Pyromaniac(2017-06-28 07:13 PM) *Legendary*(2017-06-23 03:37 PM) MY_BROTHER(2017-06-21 01:15 AM) reneedb(2017-06-20 02:40 PM) 2workhard(2017-06-19 05:50 PM) hsindhu12(2017-06-19 02:27 AM) cirie_welch(2017-06-18 09:10 PM) DeathGun(2017-06-18 01:50 PM) Homework420(2017-06-17 04:44 PM) alex9971(2017-06-16 02:59 PM) maed810(2017-06-15 11:05 PM) AVICIIED(2017-06-15 05:46 PM) MadKing(2017-06-13 09:52 AM) fettgrym(2017-06-07 07:59 PM) Watt(2017-06-07 07:26 PM) ryuverse(2017-06-06 09:55 PM) PvaZone(2017-06-06 06:02 AM) D0c70rCPA(2017-06-04 10:30 AM) wadboram(2017-06-01 02:11 PM) nvlima09(2017-05-29 11:03 AM) _Thunder_(2017-05-29 10:28 AM) DrKent(2017-05-29 02:48 AM) COBNET(2017-05-28 10:52 PM) Niki(2017-05-27 06:59 PM) Optimus(2017-05-26 08:06 PM) zigson(2017-05-25 05:05 AM) rieffs(2017-05-24 10:03 PM) vegetajgd(2017-05-23 02:32 PM) SwiffJustus(2017-05-23 06:47 AM) Trish26(2017-05-22 02:28 PM) Quobi(2017-05-22 01:51 AM) wilhb81(2017-05-21 09:15 AM) today1991(2017-05-21 08:46 AM) EnChanter(2017-05-21 07:50 AM) Qoins(2017-05-21 03:46 AM) BE-DutchHero(2017-05-21 03:39 AM) AlexEdy1982(2017-05-21 01:57 AM)  HawkEye(2017-05-21 12:55 AM) 

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2017-05-21, 12:18 AM,
[Image: ccDRB]
Anyone else out there like me?

Thank you guys for the opportunity
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LB'Decoy(2017-05-22 05:40 PM) 
2017-05-21, 12:31 AM,
LB'Decoy I'll blast this out to everyone tomorrow via PM's. It's super generous of you as well buddy, it's great to see Elites has good member's still, which is awesome. Good luck everyone!
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D0c70rCPA(2017-06-04 10:30 AM) wadboram(2017-06-01 02:12 PM) SwiffJustus(2017-05-24 08:19 AM) Quobi(2017-05-22 01:51 AM)  LB'Decoy(2017-05-21 01:19 AM) 
2017-05-21, 12:35 AM,
[Image: india-captured-no-filter-funny-photos-1.jpg.jpg]

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LB'Decoy(2017-05-21 01:19 AM) 
2017-05-21, 12:43 AM, (This post was last modified: 2017-05-21, 08:24 AM by DrKent.)
Hm... Sounds familiar? Grin

[Image: 3gwO9Fx.jpg]
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lordscarlos(2017-07-20 03:33 PM) elitestatus(2017-06-10 04:10 PM) DexterStoner(2017-05-28 12:26 PM) Quobi(2017-05-22 01:52 AM)  LB'Decoy(2017-05-21 01:19 AM) 

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Nice microphone that is lol
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LB'Decoy(2017-05-21 04:45 AM) 
2017-05-21, 06:57 AM, (This post was last modified: 2017-05-21, 06:59 AM by Pyromaniac.)

Hopefully he wasn't planning on kids Grin
2017-05-21, 07:21 AM,
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FRENCHINDAHOOD(2017-07-01 06:04 PM) BE-DutchHero(2017-06-03 10:18 PM) Snoopy(2017-05-27 01:12 AM) Pankage(2017-05-23 07:24 PM) Quobi(2017-05-22 01:52 AM) WarAffiliate(2017-05-21 07:23 PM)  LB'Decoy(2017-05-21 05:20 PM) 

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