[Giveaway For 20 Users] FREE VIP Legends Upgrade!
2017-04-10, 11:37 PM, (This post was last modified: 2017-05-10, 08:57 PM by LB'Decoy.)
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Wohoo Smile ! It's been a while since i posted a thread and this seems weird a lil bit lol
As the title says, I'll be giving out 3 Legends upgrades to 3 Users
This forum gave me alot of info through my entire career and i MUST give back!


[Image: 30c05073c1774e26a06f09c69608b7fd.png]

Edit #2:

[Image: 13a1c4abb73e454db24f890125984a6c.png]

So the amount is 16 Now not Three, Thanks to Hawk's Generosity!

I Remember when Hawk gave me free VIP when i shared my first thread Tutorial back in 2014
And that gave me a push and i would like to share the same experience to some of you guys!

All you need to do is just Describe your plans, Goals, and whats your favorite hobby.

Winners will be announced on May 10th.

All i would ask for is when any of you guys win the giveaway, Just try your best to contribute anything to the forum! as this forum helped me, and surely helped most of the people here! and ofcourse i'll still be doing my best from my side! Much respect to all of you.

Get at it Boys!

Best regards.

[Image: kewdqLw.png]

First of all i wanna Thank HawkEye for his generous Gesture of adding more free upgrades to the giveaway, making it a total of 16 people earlier, and i went ahead and added 4 more upgrades making the total amount of the giveaway as 20

Since alot of people entered the giveaway i had to pause the entries at the 8th of May so i can take 2 days to analyze the participants and choose winners according to several categories, to the people that was not picked, i want you to know that i will be hosting another giveaway soon and i hope you can participate again and make sure that you're from the categories which i picked the current winners from.

Further more, i picked the winners according to several things such as: Their Plans & Goals, If they were Logical, achievable and makes sense! also their hobbies, people with healthier hobbies tend to be successful in all matters of life, also i was checking the recent posts / threads of the users & their reputation amount and taking a look at their support to the community, the whole reason of this giveaway was to give some people a push in internet marketing and also hope they would give back to the community once they reach their goals & Achieve their plans!

Just to clarify, i was giving the same attention to all kind of users & not only old members.

Again, Good luck for the people who did not get picked and i hope i see you guys in the next giveaway!


Here are the winners with some details below most of them:

Quote:- 1

https://www.cpaelites.com/Thread-Giveawa...#pid613121 - adesinaabolaji

His plans & Goals seems logical, Also a new member with a good amount of posts that might help the community in the future.
His hobbies are somewhat healthy, which might as-well be a good sign for his future.

- 2

https://www.cpaelites.com/Thread-Giveawa...#pid613199 - dkmage

The guy took the time to make his reply unique, also an Old Elite with Good Reputation, Seeing that he has some multiple social awards on the forum, he will probably be a good pick and might also contribute more to the community.

His mindset about "Trial & Error" is gold which also can make this guy a successful Interent marketer if he took advantage of the VIP Sections.

- 3

https://www.cpaelites.com/Thread-Giveawa...#pid613241 - Lolgend

I've seen the guy help redirect someone from thinking about Suicide in a thread, he's been here since December 2016 and he has a very good amount of Reputation & posts
He's a friendly user & has a journey in the forum, he's optimistic & has no problem sharing ideas & methods to the community.

- 4

https://www.cpaelites.com/Thread-Giveawa...#pid613353 - aceyx3

This guy seems like a high quality member, he has a good reputation, but seems that he's facing troubles with internet marketing, giving him a chance to be a Legend might give him a push & also he might help the forum in advance.

- 5

https://www.cpaelites.com/Thread-Giveawa...#pid613362 - iray

This guy is new to the forum, but he has a acceptable amount of posts and a good reputation, according to the way he gave his reply, he seems that he knows what he's planning about & seems like a logical person, which also leads him to be a nice addition to the Legends group.
Also his hobby is interesting & Healthy which would help him achieve his goals & Plans.

- 6

https://www.cpaelites.com/Thread-Giveawa...#pid613456 - Youtubeviews

This guy is new to the forum and has a very good amount of posts, also he has a good reputation, and from the way he replied, he seems Confident & Logical
I'm pretty sure he will help the forum further more in the future.

- 7

https://www.cpaelites.com/Thread-Giveawa...#pid615588 - @"thehacker290494"

This guy has a journey in the forum, he's an old active elite with a good amount of posts & Reputation, also this guy does not seem to be selfish, his Plans & Goals seems interesting and he probably know what he's doing, seems to be a good addition to the Legends Group & he might help the community more in the near future.

- 8

https://www.cpaelites.com/Thread-Giveawa...#pid615908 - Qoins

Again, this guy follows the "trial and error" technique which is a good sign for an internet marketer, he's patient & optimistic and he's trying different kind of methods, also he has a positive reputation & also a good amount of posts, he's been here since 2015 and i think he's giving his %100 for CPA, also he has a journey in the forum, giving him the upgrade will definately help him.

- 9

https://www.cpaelites.com/Thread-Giveawa...#pid617001 - dbiz

This guy definately desrves an upgrade, i've seen him help a user to overcome a bad incident and redirect him away from suicidal thoughts, he's been here since April, and already gave a good amount of posts & has a good reputation, he has a journey in the forum & seems like he will help the forum members in the future.

- 10

https://www.cpaelites.com/Thread-Giveawa...#pid617652 - heroxadieu

This guy seems that he needs a chance, his plans & goals are nice & also wants to help the forum members, he seems to be lost a little bit & giving him an upgrade will surely help guide him to the right path, Hopefully.

- 11

https://www.cpaelites.com/Thread-Giveawa...#pid617762 - @"Meda"

This guy seems optimistic and has the crave to learn, hopefully he can learn & spread the word through the forum.

- 12

https://www.cpaelites.com/Thread-Giveawa...#pid619597 - arvinzx20

- 13

https://www.cpaelites.com/Thread-Giveawa...#pid613079 - @"Hibridinoisy"

- 14

https://www.cpaelites.com/Thread-Giveawa...#pid613223 - wilhb81

- 15

https://www.cpaelites.com/Thread-Giveawa...#pid613414 ** - nagimastipipit

- 16

https://www.cpaelites.com/Thread-Giveawa...#pid617022 - houlihan

- 17

https://www.cpaelites.com/Thread-Giveawa...#pid617312 - karapa

- 18

https://www.cpaelites.com/Thread-Giveawa...#pid617410 - chardo5

- 19

https://www.cpaelites.com/Thread-Giveawa...#pid617506 - @"vanper77"

- 20

https://www.cpaelites.com/Thread-Giveawa...#pid617729 - AlexEdy1982

Please be patient as the process of rolling out the Legends Statuses will take about 24 hours for Hawkeye to do.

Thank you guys very much for participating, and i hope all of you can achieve their Plans & Goals!
Squeeze as much info as you can from the legends sections.

Good Luck!
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2017-04-10, 11:43 PM,
Thank you in advance for hosting this giveaway!

My plans are to find someone that is willing to help me start my CPA-journey and hopefully spoonfeed me, as I have no experience what so ever.

My goals are to be able to afford to re-invest into the method and pay my partner his fair share and maybe go out eating a couple times.
I could of course list: Buying a Beamer/Benz/Bentley, but we all know that it's most likely not going to happen :D

I love reading newspapers and staying up to date on finance/politics.

Good luck to everyone entering this contest! :)
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LB'Decoy(2017-04-11 08:38 PM) 
2017-04-10, 11:44 PM,
My main objective is to build myself a steady income that would allow me to pay my studies. I'd need about $20 a day to accomplish that, but I wouldn't really mind scaling things up ;)
As for my hobbies... I love anything related to computers, but I'd say that coding and hacking are my main passions
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LB'Decoy(2017-04-11 08:38 PM) 
2017-04-10, 11:46 PM,
Pretty sick that you are doing this for this amazing community! +rep for this amazing giveaway!
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LB'Decoy(2017-04-11 08:38 PM) 
2017-04-10, 11:49 PM,
Yea, like guy above me, I must rep+ you for doing this great giveaway! Cool
GL guys
P.S not participating
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LB'Decoy(2017-04-11 08:38 PM) 

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2017-04-10, 11:57 PM,
(2017-04-10, 11:49 PM)DrKent Wrote: Yea, like guy above me, I must rep+ you for doing this great giveaway! Cool
GL guys
P.S not participating

(2017-04-10, 11:46 PM)DutchHero Wrote: Pretty sick that you are doing this for this amazing community! +rep for this amazing giveaway!

Thank you guys!

If You Think That Any Of The Staff Team Is Using Their Privileges In A Wrong Manner
You Can Always Contact The Admin → HawkEye
2017-04-11, 12:05 AM,
No problem! Much love :)
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LB'Decoy(2017-04-11 08:38 PM) 
2017-04-11, 01:39 AM,
I'll add three Legends into the mix too, so you can give away six in total.
Latest Thanks - View all

Nanoball_007(2017-04-26 07:26 PM) Liverpool F.C(2017-04-26 05:30 PM) Qoins(2017-04-21 09:41 AM) xchanmolx(2017-04-19 01:08 PM) Quobi(2017-04-11 08:54 PM) EnChanter(2017-04-11 12:17 PM)  LB'Decoy(2017-04-11 06:05 AM) vans1997(2017-04-11 01:52 AM) 
2017-04-11, 01:52 AM,
(2017-04-11, 01:39 AM)HawkEye Wrote: I'll add three Legends into the mix too, so you can give away six in total.

Wow, that's really generous :O

This community amazes me every time I refresh the page :O
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LB'Decoy(2017-04-11 08:38 PM)  HawkEye(2017-04-11 01:55 AM) 
2017-04-11, 02:31 AM,
Thank you for this helpful giveaway.
My plan is to upload more videos on Youtube to scale up. I will also look for money to invest into views and likes to rank my videos as I have found out after several fruitless attempts that your videos will be hard to rank without those, at the very least. Thus, with five videos every week and 10k views for each. I hope to see result. Then, I intend to reinvest up to 80% in my first 3 months
My immediate objective is to attain a constant $10 per day in the month of April. As mentioned above, I will be reinvesting up to 80% of my earnings. I aspire to attain $30 in May
Long term objective? To be a 'Legend' in Internet Marketing
My hobbies is just football: be it playing(even though I am not a good player), watching football matches( I am a Manchester United fan). and football video games.
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LB'Decoy(2017-04-11 08:38 PM) 

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