GitnMeSumCash's Journey To $100+ Daily!!!
2013-12-09, 10:20 AM,
Inspired by numbers and peacebreakers thread...

About Me...
Been into PPD for about a year now. Made about $2100 so far.
With 3 networks, FileIce and Sharecash.
All traffic is pointing at CF at the moment.
I have approx 20+ videos up at the moment.
I make all my videos, vb apps and bloggers using the OMFGWTFISTHIS template.
Password protected rar files.

I was averaging $25 daily with CF, all boosted with free exchange sites but I have had a few bad days dropping me to $3 and $5. Today I'm at $34.93 and have 2 hours to go. I seen the 2 peeps above threads and have a dynamic IP as well and figured I'd go for this set and forget don't boost method. Wish me luck!

Today I have created 4 accounts and uploaded 12 videos. 3 videos per account.
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rubelpangsa(2014-10-11 02:13 PM) 
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2013-12-09, 08:10 PM,
Good luck! I will follow your journey!
I am proud to be first post, people will know me in a year when you have made thousands ^^
2013-12-09, 08:12 PM,
Good luck mate. You're doing good, looking forward to seeing more success.
2013-12-09, 08:36 PM,
Good luck, I'm boosting with free exchange sites so hopefully they work for me. Wish you luck on your new journey though!
2013-12-10, 02:39 AM,
good luck man ,;)
u're doing good bro
2013-12-10, 10:11 AM,
Today was another rocky day for earnings.. 2 hours left and I'm only at $8.83... weak!

Anywho, created 7 accounts and uploaded 21 videos so far today. Gonna shoot for another 12 before I go to bed.

Those of you who have done this set and forget method, how long did it take to really see an increase in earnings?? Any feedback is appreciated.. Thx.
2013-12-11, 11:15 PM,
Didn't do much work but some niche/keyword research yesterday. I have 2 new niches I'm going to go after and will create apps/bloggers/videos for.

Yesterdays Earnings - $13.23
2013-12-11, 11:24 PM,
Just don't stop and don't even think to be lazy if you want to achieve your goal then work hard and you will get to it, but never try to stop and rest for 1 or 2 days, try always be doing sometimes, even 10 minutes per day to boost a little video or something else.
Good luck I believe that you will reach $100+ daily
2013-12-12, 10:00 AM,
Finally my first lead on a set and forget video :) I also had a decent netherlands download for $11 which bumped my total earnings today to.
Earnings: $22.90
For the month - $168.13

Still have 2 hours left in the day, not too bad. But this is typical with CF, I'll have an above avg day or two then back to under $10 or less.
Also got 2 leads on a boosted video which is in top 5, weak! lol. I went off google trends strictly for that niche because it was trending up pretty quick and is a new game.
Def have some work to do tonight after a busy day @ my 40+ hour a week IT job. For some reason one of my page 5 videos got 6 downloads and 2 on the password.txt for the game. So thats the niche I plan on boosting tonight, plus I need to update the lander for it. Total videos I would say I have up is around 60+.. Goal tonight is at least 5 accounts and 5 videos. I noticed when uploading 3 videos per account, only 1 or 2 IF that indexed or that I could find in the top 15 pages without getting lazy.

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