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Getting Your First Campaign Started
2018-03-06, 06:05 PM,
Starting Your First Campaign

Once you are confident that you have done enough research and you are ready to launch your first CPA Marketing campaign, there is still more you will need to consider. Do not be bogged down by all the information out there; the best approach to this is to avoid following blindly a set of guidelines.  Just think outside the box. One more important thing is that do not expect to become a millionaire overnight with CPA marketing.

Research and Do More Research!

[Image: research.png]
Though you have conducted a lot of research so far, there is always something more you can learn before you plunge in into your first campaign. Research more on CPA Marketing and its models.  

Pick a Network

[Image: pick%2Ba%2Bnetwork.png]
Join a network that suits your level; avoid exclusive networks. Research more on networks that are great for newbies.

Find an Offer

[Image: find%2Ban%2Boffer.png]
Ask your affiliate manager which offers you should try out. Consult further about selecting a traffic source. Most importantly, settle for a niche you are very conversant with.

Consult your Affiliate Manager
[Image: affiliate%2Bmanager.png]
Once you have been approved by a network, you will be likely to be assigned a manager. Make the affiliate manager your friend because he/she has a wealth of information that will get you off the ground pretty quick.  

Pick a Traffic Source

[Image: traffic%2Bsource.png]
What you are looking to achieve is to get a traffic source that is compatible with your offer. So always confirm the offer you are selecting is suitable for your type of traffic. The affiliate manager can assist you with this.

Be Compliant
[Image: Compliance-Icon.png]
Keep up to date with the CPA marketing laws to avoid getting banned or fined.  Ensure that your creatives and landing pages meet the FTC standards.

Research Demographics
[Image: demographics.png]
Understanding the demographics of your target audience among other details especially if you are using paid traffic will pay dividends.  This way, you understand the right people to target which will help you to push traffic to people likely to convert.  

Build Your website and Landing Pages

[Image: build%2Byour%2Bpages.png]

If you’ve got the skills, start building them right away, or hire someone else to do so. You will need to build your landing pages and the rest of the website before you start sending traffic there.  

Track your campaign
[Image: track.png]
This will help you understand what is working and what is not in your campaign. Ensure tracking is installed correctly and is working on your site.

Push Traffic
[Image: push%2Btraffic.png]
With everything working accordingly so far, start sending traffic from the relevant sources and keep tracking. For those using paid methods, conduct multiple tests on your small initial campaigns and once you have established what is working, launch a big campaign but remember track everything.  


[Image: optimize.png]
Analyze the data gathered from tracking. If you find out that it has got the potential to work, optimize it for further testing. However, if you find out it is performing poorly, let it go.

Scale Your Campaign

[Image: scale.png]
Having established that your campaign is profitable, the next step should be to step it up. This means expanding your campaign to get more profitability.

Repeat The Winning Formula
[Image: repeat.png]
Having established the winning formula, apply it to other offers, traffic, funnels and so on. All you need to do is to make small adjustments and redo it in a different campaign or in a larger scale.

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