Get Creative, Think Outside The Box - Q&A Websites WORK! [Guide]
2016-02-03, 05:21 PM,
Hello Elites,

Okay guys I am constantly seeing so many threads posted asking, does this method work, or is this e-book any good, and does that guide teach me how to get new traffic etc… I just wanted to tell you something and although I say this a lot on the forum about thinking outside the box, there is a method to my madness, and believe you me when I tell you that even the older traffic sources still work, I say this because they still work for me.

So let me give you guys a quick example about thinking outside the box from my perspective, so lets look at what many would perceive as an old-hat traffic source and use it as an example, and in this example it will be questions and answer websites, there are some questions about websites online that generate millions of traffic and for good reason, many people that need to know things are going search how to get them done and they end up on you guessed it, the questions and answers websites.

So let me ask you this… Is there any reason why you could not create a cheap bot that will go and post questions and answers websites, all related to the niche is that you’re using, so let’s just do the maths for real quick.

I would suggest that to get a bot created your looking around a hundred to $100-$150, one thing I always do is go over to freelance websites and spend a couple of hours contacting all of the developers, once you have contacted them ask them to send you a couple of examples similar to what you are asking for, if they tell you they can’t and that their work is all private work, tell you not interested and move on (they normally then respond).

If you dig around long enough you will find gold this is also something I tell people when they come to this forum, nobody will spoon-feed you, you have to put in the work and effort yourself to generate the results. I personally have approximately 5 developers I can contact any one time, I tell them it’s first come first serve, this works very well!

You get the bot created and then check out the Alex rank using similar, to determine which of the questions and answer websites generate the most traffic, you can also check out their referral traffic as well just to get an idea as to how popular each site really is. When done, what you can do is send out the bot to start posting the questions and then post the answers to your questions, whilst linking back to your niche be it a locker or on your website.

Obviously this is just a basic guide but the point of the story is I want you guys to see that there is a possibility in everything, even an old hat traffic source which you most likely pushed aside due to it being well, old, does not mean you cannot think outside the box in this day and age and automate everything.

In my honest opinion automation is key to your success online, when using black hat niches with SEO it’s mostly automated, which is exactly why you need to take that concept and implement it on anything else you do as well. Again the name of the game is to automate everything, create a bot that will go out and do everything for you, at worst, at least get it to do 75% to 80% of the work for you.

I tested out my own theory not long ago, not for BH niches but to plug other things for different projects, plugging, for those that don't know this is to plug (add a link as clickbait), thus getting interest from your responses in order to click your links.

It worked.

Update: Here's some inspiration for you: Hawks [2016] Goldmine Traffic TUT - Sh#T Just Got Real [My Earnings Proof Attached]

Written by - Hawk
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2016-02-06, 11:59 AM,
Thank you for encouraging us all to re-think what we already know and find new ways to exploit it. Questions and Answers sites DO work. I personally hired one tax lawyer because he was answering all questions in yahoo and seemed very knowledgeable. Just from me alone, he earned several grands...
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HawkEye(2016-02-06 02:49 PM) 
2016-02-06, 02:17 PM,
hawk don't mind but does writing help in improving ranking?
I think maybe
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HawkEye(2016-02-06 02:49 PM) 
2016-02-06, 04:58 PM,
(2016-02-06, 02:17 PM)paradise Wrote: hawk don't mind but does writing help in improving ranking?
I think maybe

It could do I'm not 100% sure about that.
2016-02-06, 09:15 PM,
Already have a niche that works very well with this stuff but never thought of automating it, thanks HawkEye :)
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HawkEye(2016-02-06 09:23 PM) 

[Image: di1WHG0.png?1]
2016-02-08, 04:11 PM,
thanks a lot. have the content locker in place on my site already, only challenge is the bot developer, any recommendation? plus are there low priced bots also?
2016-02-14, 04:35 AM,
Thanks for sharing HAWK
we need more of this topics , we can't find it anywhere else..
thank you
2016-02-14, 04:48 AM,
Things like these spark up lots of minds. Kudos to you for having the time to make this!
2016-02-27, 01:21 AM,
great method, i hope i can try one day
2016-03-19, 02:24 AM,
excelent great method

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