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[GIVEAWAY]This Niche Made Me Close to $4k
2017-05-30, 07:31 AM,
[hide]Hi guys, I have a lot to owe to various awesome people here, over at Krafty Marketing and just everywhere in general, so I'm gonna give back and hopefully you can use this knowledge to help yourself out of a tough situation like I was in.

Alright, so in Aug 2016 I was in Nigeria. It sucked so much, bad electricity, bad internet, just shit in general. My third world brothers know what i'm talking about. I did some aff marketing with SEO back in 2014 and I knew it was the only way out of the shithole I was in. So I went in, tested a few offers here and there, and found something that worked.

Offer: Casting360
Network: Direct, Peerfly and BizProfits
Traffic Source: Instagram
Time Run: Aug/Sep to Nov/Dec 2016.

Few Pics with payment proof:
Biz Profit
Alright, so here's how it went down as short as I can put it:

I had a hunch the offer would do great on Instagram, because who the hell doesn't want to be a professional model? Especially if you're all up on Instagram?

So I tried it with a "Job Hiring" angle like "Hiring 8 Models for Disney Print Ad". I put that in my bio and had my name be something like 8modelswantedasap, I added a few custom made pics with inspiring quotes like: "My mom couldn't believe I could do it, but here I am, in New York!" -Ashley, First Job: $200/day.

Example Page:
I made a simple wordpress lander where I just sold the product more, heck i'll just give it to you:

My Instagram page is different because I switched gears to another offer by the same advertiser.

Anyways, so results were good with the first account, I got automation involved (which was a bitch then, and is even worse now with the major insta automation tools down) - and scaled up. Figured out what was converting, what wasn't, tracking which websites were getting me click throughs and all that.

It was so much fun! At the height of this I was making around $350/week, might not sound like much but the median income in Nigeria is $120/month ~N30,000, probably lower. And I was in a university, so no rent or was the only thing that kept me sane tbh, my situation was so fucked...I can't even get into it in a public post.

So yeah, finally was making decent profit, I used it to invest in paid traffic and lucked out like a motherfucker. Daniel, who was formerly at Mundo gave me access to a campaign, it was profitable the first day (although it got my account banned), and I just kept going at the campaign, eventually making it work. I met a direct advertiser in the same niche, he flew me out to India to work for him...and yeah, i'm still grinding, but I feel so much more in a better place.

I owe this to every single person who shared a tip or a joke with me, you don't even know how much impact it's had on my life. I hope this campaign can help someone like me who was struggling in the same position. If you have any questions just post here, please don't PM me, let's let everyone share.[/hide]
2017-05-30, 07:45 AM,
Interesting NICHE mate. Will try it soon.
2017-05-30, 09:38 AM,
Nice one mate.
If there is a will, there are always a way to bank-in.
Thanks for the good share.
2017-05-30, 10:19 AM,
Good one mate! Thanks for the share!
2017-05-30, 10:28 AM,
I will try this niche mate, Thank you!
2017-05-30, 11:00 AM,
Congrats OP, you deserved it brah!
2017-05-30, 11:32 AM,
Thanks for your generosity, you're trully awesome, @villecity :)
2017-05-30, 01:10 PM,
Thanks mate for sharing...
2017-05-30, 01:51 PM,
Great to read that Elites have an awesome impact on your life! :)

Thanks for sharing your niche and stuff with us. Cool

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2017-05-30, 04:18 PM,
I would like to thank you. After reading your thread, I came with a great out of box idea myself!

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