[GET] [Full Customizable] FB Viral Script [Admin Panel + Multiple "Postings"]
2014-05-08, 04:55 PM, (This post was last modified: 2014-05-08, 05:25 PM by X00.)
Hello CPA Elites members,

i'm going to release my fully customizable FB Viral Script with an admin panel and the ability to add multiple videos/postings (yoururl.com/?id=12345) SOON.

This is how YOUR page would look like. Anything is created by myself. I just have ripped FB's icons. :-P
Take a look to the following image. Please do not care about the image in the center of this screenshot. :-D Needed something to test.

[Image: viral-01.png]

Following pictures shows how it will looks like if the visitor clicks on the video (not finished yet!).

[Image: viral-04.png]

Just a proof that you can edit anything:
As you can see it looks almost exactly like FB. With the admin panel you are able to edit anything on this page. YOU can create comments. YOU can edit like and share counts. What ever. You can edit anything you see there - except the layout. :-D

On the right side (advertisements) there wont be ads at least. There you can see later some other videos you've added with your admin panel. :-)

I'm going to finish it in some hours - i'm currently busy.

If you got some "special ideas" message me. ;-)
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2014-05-08, 05:15 PM,
viral stuffs :D
keep it up dude
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rubelpangsa(2014-09-29 10:25 PM) 
2014-05-08, 05:25 PM,
(2014-05-08, 05:15 PM)star79 Wrote: viral stuffs :D
keep it up dude

Err, what? ;-)
2014-05-09, 02:56 AM,
Waiting for it
Thanks x00srch :D

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[Image: fTwNogI.png]
2014-05-09, 03:35 AM,
OMG, i love this script , waiting:)
2014-05-09, 04:26 AM,
ill wait too :D hahaha
2014-05-09, 01:03 PM,
Currently it looks like this. But i found another landing page of google for videos and i'm going to use this. :-) Guess its way better.

[Image: viral-07.png]
2014-05-09, 01:27 PM,
waiting anxiously for it :p
2014-05-09, 01:42 PM,
I saw some pages like this a couple times on facebook^^
2014-05-09, 04:43 PM,
i am waiting for it too :pp

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