[Free] Get UNLIMITED US phone numbers for accounts verification by call
2014-02-05, 04:33 PM,
Hi!, this is my first contribution, please, excuse me for any grammar errors you may encounter. In this tutorial you will see how to get an US number for receiving calls. Useful for account verification by phone.

Note: Please, I would be happy if a mod can insert the images and/or links. Thank you!.

Part 1.

[hide]First go to:
and sign up an account. You can enter fake information but make sure to provide a valid email address and to remember the last name, username and password. They will ask for it later.


Once registered, they will send us an email for verification purposes. Open the email and follow the link inside to validate your Callcentric account.


Now we have to continue providing them information. Fill the fields under "Contact information". Again, you can provide fake data. You can leave "State" field blank. Tick the checkbox and press "I Agree, Sign Me Up".


Now they welcome us. Just click on the "Go to my Callcentric" link. Also they sent us another email with our account info. Check your email inbox and take a look if you want.


Look at the black navbar menu under Callcentric logo. Click on "RECEIVE CALLS". Now you will see a list of products and their prices. We want to take the "Free Phone Number" option, as you can see the cost of the service is $0. Click on the yellow button saying "Get a number".


Ok, time to start your phone number purchase. Fill the fields into the first gray box.
Select product you are looking for: Free Phone Number
Select country: United States
Select State / Province: NY
Area code: It doesn't matter, choose whatsoever
Rate center / City: It doesn't matter, choose a city you like

Press the "Lookup" button.


A new page will load and show us the numbers in stock. Choose one and click on its respective "Order Now” button.


Here we can see the checkout page. Make sure the cost keeps being $0, if everything is right then click on "Checkout" button.


Now a warning page that I don't fully understand appears. It seems something for US and Canada citizens. I'm from Europe so I don't really care. Otherwise if you are from US/Canada, you may want to take a deeper look.

In the first option select "No", then enter your lastname and click "Submit" button.


After that, a review page will load. Just look if the "Grand total" is $0 and click "Submit" button.


Once your order is processed a page telling us our order has been succesfully completed will load and you will receive a new email in your inbox. That email contains your new USA phone number.


Part 2.
Ok, you have completed your phone number purchase. Now you must download a software to use your new number. I recomend to use the Callcentric official software named "Callcentric Softphone". You can download directly from their website:
Although you can use other VoIP programs. If you want to read more info about alternatives, go here:

Ok, once Callcentric Softphone is downloaded, install it. It is working great on Windows 7 x86, I don't know its performance in other systems. Once it is installed, execute it. A popup window asking for your username and password will appear. Enter your account info and click "Login".
If the login fails and you are sure you entered the right info, close, re-open the program and try to login again.


If everything went fine, you should see an image like this:


If a message error saying "Unable to contact Callcentric" or something like that appears, please close the program, open it again and login. You will login successfully this time.
You are done, you have all the necessary things to verify an account by a phone call.[/hide]

Part 3.

[hide]This is an extra demonstrating it is working as today date 05/02/2014 (day/month/year). I will try it with a google account registration.


I think your phone number already has the (+1) USA prefix. Google is a smart guy, if you fail to write your phone number like me, google will fix it for you automatically in the next page. Make sure to discard the captcha verification. Google suspects that you are an evil bot so it ask us to verify your account via phone.

Don't forget to select "Voice call"!.


Before you press continue make sure to have your speakers ON, loud sound and a good brain to remember the pin number. Ok, now press “Continue” and wait a few seconds.
Ring!, hurry!, pick up the phone (the button with the green phone icon).


Call established.


The voice will repeat the pin code for two times.


Fuck, she hung up the phone, I wanted to propose her a date. The good thing is I got the pin number, at the second time...



Final notes
- To avoid abuse of this service, you have a limitation of two phone numbers per account.
- Multiple accounts are prohibited, if they caught you, they will probably close your accounts.
- You can use proxies and VPNs and avoid this limit.
- Once you have entered your login info for the first time into the Callcentric Softphone, it won't be able to change user from a program menu. You have to go to C:\Program Files\Callcentric\Callcentric Softphone\dat and delete the file called "callcentric.ini". When the program opens again it will ask for username and password.
- Maybe this whole process may be automated with imacros or similar software.
- Feel free to write in your comments other services that admits voice phone call verifications.

Callcentric.com virustotal report:
Callcentric Softphone virustotal report:

End of tutorial, if you have read this guide from start to end, you got +100 charisma points and exalted reputation with the antarctic penguins. Big kudos from me. Wink

Guide Written by Aamobu for CPAELITES.com
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2014-02-05, 04:35 PM,
well your image codes are not working :-| anyway thanks will take a look.
2014-02-05, 04:44 PM,
(2014-02-05, 04:35 PM)WaX Wrote: well your image codes are not working :-| anyway thanks will take a look.

Hi Wax!, copy and paste the link between [.img] [./img] tags and paste it in your browser address bar, It is working for me. :)
2014-02-05, 04:53 PM,
wow this seems to be one of the great and working method for verification.
Will do this and update here.
2014-02-05, 04:57 PM,
very good method will try this one
2014-02-05, 05:14 PM,
Nice method man and you also have a good sense of humor.. LOL
2014-02-05, 10:05 PM, (This post was last modified: 2014-02-05, 10:08 PM by Calisthenics.)
Lol @ the penguins in the images!
To be honest, you make it look way harder than it actually is (probably because of the little step by step spoon feeding tutorial)! Nevertheless, thank you very much for the guide! It is time to create some new accounts now!
2014-02-06, 12:39 AM,
Thank u man!
u help me a lot
2014-02-06, 12:48 AM,
thanks for the share , i hope that it works.
2014-02-06, 12:49 AM,
Elite share here !!

Thanks ...

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