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For Beginners, Get your facts together what stops you from earning ?!
2014-06-01, 03:12 AM, (This post was last modified: 2014-06-02, 01:33 AM by Alexander.)
So This is not a tutorial, not a guide and not a question thread it's a thread that I am gonna mention some quotes, misunderstood points that lead most to beginners give up.

To be honest I dunno if someone gonna laugh at me because of this thread or I will be encouraged since I am a beginner too this stuff which I am going to mention won't be taught to you by any mentor or referral.

Last thing I am not sure if this is the right place for it but I just want all beginners to see this same as for myself to always remember this.

Part [1]

Quote:1- As a beginner If you think buying all this fancy e-books on different forums that pretend to be a gold mine and going to make you the coming millionaire in the next couple of hours then keep your money in your pocket, After wasting over 100$ on fancy e-books I learnt a lesson but it was kinda late for me.

Quote:2- As a beginner If you think the mentor you got or the referral you got is the problem you don't earn then forget it, Let me tell you this I myself have been bugging the hell out of John from cpa grip to change dozen of times to different guys and you know what I never earned a dime with any of them.

Quote:3- As a beginner If you think that your mentor gonna teach you everything ? If yes you are completely wrong let me tell you this, Fancy guys like "B.....a" got dozens of referrals thousands of them and they only earn of 1/4 or less from them, Without teaching them the actual thing, This forum actually is the best mentor for a newbie, For example the unlist method I can guarantee that no mentor gonna teach you it in any possible way, But you can find it right here in the forum for a thank you button right under the contributor not even asking you to sign up under him. A mentor gonna tell you the same crap heard by everyone but in different way of typing or different accent.

1-Give you a niche or tell you how to find a niche [Basic way]
2- Make a blogger
3- Youtube video
4- Send views and likes

If anything increased then he is just adding some basic colors to a basic paint

Quote:4- Believe me a mentor got nothing new to give you all you need to do is motivation and some time to work not to just go play Wow or Lol or whatever and work on the side , NO this is actual work just think of it as you are in a part time job stick your head to your screen and start working

Quote:5- Some people actually would help you ?! There is a section called Elites Help desk and got this description allow me to quote:

Quote:Newcomers to the CPA industry may kindly ask for help regarding simple and generic questions from more experienced members in this forum.

If you are a new guy don't know anything about CPA/PPD I guess you can start some where from there and you should start with:

1- What is PPD/CPA ? Here by Mod DutchPride

2- CPA Networks and how to apply: Here by our own Hawk

3-I guess you now know what is CPA/PPD and wondering mostly How to start ?! Hmm maybe you like reading e-books ? Wait why pay for them ?Just up there scroll up you will find a search bar type in [E-book, Guide]
Alot of results will come up and you can also try this thread

Here by our member Rkt

Quote:6- Don't rush into the PPD/CPA world or in the earning money online in general there is alot of stuff you will learn on the long run but the important thing is to just take it step by step, We all want money but only small number of us achieve it, Will you ? Will I ?

You will across alot of phrases like:

1- Youtube unlist method, Instant ranking, ........... blah blah blah

2- Google traffic method, 1 DAY 1ST PAGE GOOGLE ... bla bla

3- Affiliate marketing, Drop shipping, Email list ...

And Tons more of phrases that you won't understand anything of.

Just take it easy you will learn everything in the right time.

Alot of knowledge at the same time = No knowledge at all

Quote:7- The Basic start for all of us: 1- PPD Account 2- Niche 3- Youtube account

Just let me tell you something important, A Mistake I did it long time ago.

Wrong Mentality

I bought a domain name a mentor gave me a niche which was android game, I connected domain name to blogger made a blog made a video uploaded it and got everything done with the niche and made my application and done.

You know what happened ? I earned " 0 $ " from that niche and at the same time my mentor earned more than 500$ because of it, Simply You know why ? I only used that niche only that one and waited for days to get a lead I got views but no leads I just wanted it so bad so I lost motivation in a couple of days and stopped working so I lost my domain name and about 10$ were spent on nothing.

Right Mentality

So if you plan to go into the industry then do it right.

So I got a ppd account, Let's find a niche "I already read from books and asked on forums how to find niches etc etc" So I know the answer I found niches, Okay I got youtube account what to do ? Okay let me do a research on cpa elites for youtube new methods and see how the ranking goes What will come up to you

" OMG What is this ?! Instant ranking method , Unlist method >> Money"

"Reading......." "Uhm this seems good" "Write notes down in my sketch"

Go make videos for niches get everything done blah blah blah I learnt to make description, Title extra tags not to direct to offer etc etc I am ready.

Do I have money yes ? Invest in likes , comments and views ?

No, Work in exchange programs "Let me first see which exchange programs works good " hmm 1 2 3 Okay I will work with the 3 of them and take likes from here comments from this one and views from that one.

Okay I got let's see 10 niches up with 1 video each with views and likes and it's ranked

I am not gonna wait for money to come I will look for new niches and do the same process until I see progress

This is called the good way of thinking believe it or not 65% of the guys who think with the right mentality earn money and improved to become legendary money makers.

Part [2]

Quote:1- One of the strangest things that I heard from mentors is if you want to do white hat niches do black hat niches because they are easier to rank for easier to earn from.

I just got one question for people who are thinking like this

If I am targeting like for example Clash of clans war guide with 2000 searches per month which is much higher right now, I made a youtube video about it made a decent blogger with a unique article and mentioned that I have an e-book that can help you win each war, All I did is out sourced my e-book for 5$ or compiled it myself from websites offering it for free or you could also sell affiliate products related to that ?! What you don't believe click bank for example got it ? Seriously click bank can teach you how to brush your teeth in the morning and actually people do buy it.

Quote:2- White hat niches is important, I will say something that may sound kinda weird after you have read my last quote, Starting with black hat will actually give you some heads up about white hat especially if you are new to the whole game but believe me black hat is not a world you would like to stick to for long time, I mean black hat is just like a guy who controls a sum of your money and betting on losing stocks, You won't get any warning but you will just lose it all in a sudden people think that even after videos are deleted blogs are down domains are reported, Going on is just great and awesome and this means you are super wooper pro in the field, I tell you this is wrong because some time later you will lose it all again one time after another, People reported losing hundreds of videos of youtube after spending money to send views likes comments, While in the same time a white hat niche with organic views likes and comments will last longer and earn you auto pilot once it's ranked.

Quote:3- Mentors again > So I am back to speak about mentors and what they do, Basically Believe me A free mentor is a dumb mentor because he is either a noob who got a payment proof off the internet from some sales thread or just a guy who got lucky and want to be more luck with you.

Let me ask you a question famous people in the field of internet marketing, I can't remember names right now but I mean look the best in the industry who earn thousands each day someone broke the limit of 10,000$ a day they sell a coaching program worth 500 $ ++ and make you also sign up under them and will actually make you earn alot of money and they will keep earning of you till death.

I am currently not at home I will post some more tonight.
Regards Alex
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2014-06-01, 07:10 PM,
Thanks a lot. It was very helpful.
2014-06-01, 07:24 PM,
This is very helpful and motivating. Please don't delete it. Thank you!

If You See Someone Getting Wealthy, Be Happy For That Person. Admire Him. Learn From Him.
2014-06-01, 07:32 PM,
(2014-06-01, 07:10 PM)zildzian Wrote: Thanks a lot. It was very helpful.

(2014-06-01, 07:24 PM)wealthycharles Wrote: This is very helpful and motivating. Please don't delete it. Thank you!

Great to see people interested, Will add more tonight


Regards Alex
2014-06-01, 07:51 PM,
"Alot of knowledge at the same time = No knowledge at all"

This is more true than most people now! Good advice. Learn by doing.

[Image: 09157213daeae64192b209fd480e9ed2.gif]

2014-06-01, 07:55 PM,
Every word means a lot and it is really motivating for a person who wants to earn. This thread will make a person learn more and become standalone.
2014-06-01, 08:03 PM,
Good thread. Really motivating for someone starting like me. Looking forward for the next part.
2014-06-01, 08:22 PM,
Well said. Although I feel that if anyone is looking for a mentor of sorts or just motivation look into Charles Ngo.
2014-06-01, 09:07 PM,
hey I'm new too.. How much do you make right now if you don't mind to share..
2014-06-01, 09:13 PM,
Although it would be nothing new for some people around, I would like to encourage you to continue with your thread.

Maybe you could write some things about time management strategies, scheduling, automating jobs etc.
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Nobledroid(2014-07-22 03:54 AM) 

This place is intentionally left blank.

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