Follow My YouTube Journey to $500 / Day - Daily Updates!
2015-08-31, 07:58 AM,
Hello there friends,

As some of you may know me I am part of CPAElites since 2013 and I've been doing IM for a long time now. It all started back then with computer and a keyboard and haven't stoped since then!

Most of you probably remember the sweet YouTube era when everything was easy peasy or you could just unlist your videos and boost them with 301+ views so they would get ranked and you would bank, well sadly that era is forgiven and way old now, but that doesn't mean that YouTube doesn't have alot of potential.


YouTube still remains as the main video platform across the web and there will always be people who are interesed on a specific niche. We just need to follow the latest updates, stick with a working method and master it!

I recently tested a method that seems very promising to me and I decided to create a journey thread so I can share my every-day updates with fellow internet marketers who will support me, inspire me or just help each other, hopefully.


- I am going to do pretty much everything manually: creating phone verified youtube accounts (you can buy a sim card for 1.20€ in my country) , niche researching, creating landing pages, creating and editing videos & uploading.

- I will buy YouTube Views and Social Signals ($100 available for investiment).

- CPAGrip Network.


I can't share with the public the specific niches that I am using, but I am going to target high-paying countries with PIN Submit offers such as: France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy & UK.

I am going after gaming niche(s) since I feel that there is always a "huge gap" in the market. Gamers (especially 12 year old ones) are always hungry to find a way for quick, free resources and YouTube seems to be the first site that they will visit for that. They want a video showing them how to do it and that's what I am going to do, make a well-explained video + proof that will trigger their brain and actually convince them to proceed toward completing the offer.


My goal is to reach $500 daily. I know that sounds alot and it's not as easy as it sounds but it is still achievable. I truly believe that if we have the motivation, we can reach everything that we want. I have the right ambition for it and I will not give up until I reach or even pass that goal of mine!

As I said earlier, I have $100 that I will invest into this strategy so hopefully they'll pay off!


Reach $100/day [x]
Reach $250/day [x]
Reach $500/day [x]
Reach $500/day stable [x]
Reach $15,000/Month [x]

I will try my best to update my journey thread everyday with screenshots and statistics of what I did that day, how much I spent and how much I earned.

Thanks alot for having the time to read this and support me throughout this journey, you are an awesome community!

First update, tomorrow!
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2015-08-31, 10:22 AM,
Good LUCK mate
You will make it
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ryanlynx(2015-09-12 10:43 PM) f0rest(2015-09-01 01:20 AM) 
2015-08-31, 11:15 AM,
Wow, this seems to be interesting. Good luck mate and I know you will make it.
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f0rest(2015-09-01 01:20 AM) 
2015-08-31, 11:45 AM,
I got few questions for you mate if you don't mind.

- since you are buying views, are you going to unlist your vid or just public it directly?
- this will be 1 vid per account right?
- are you going to target hack keywords?(YT is very strict with this kws right now)

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f0rest(2015-09-01 01:20 AM) 
2015-08-31, 12:38 PM,
goog luck mate
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f0rest(2015-09-01 01:20 AM) 
2015-08-31, 12:42 PM,
Keep as updated I am really keen to see how this works out :D
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f0rest(2015-09-01 01:21 AM) 
2015-08-31, 01:03 PM,
good luck on your journey
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f0rest(2015-09-01 01:21 AM) 

I need Psychologist Cool
2015-08-31, 03:09 PM,
Goodluck mate, I am interested to follow your journey.
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f0rest(2015-09-01 01:21 AM) 

2015-08-31, 03:12 PM,
Goodluck mate. wish you all the best
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f0rest(2015-09-01 01:21 AM) 
2015-08-31, 03:13 PM,
yay f0rest, long time no see, good luck with ur jurney
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f0rest(2015-09-01 01:21 AM) 

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