[First impressions] CPAGrip - Amazing performance and NETWORK
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First Impressions on -

Note: I am not trying to insult any network.

My history with CPA/PPD - I started doing PPD first about 7-8 months ago. First network which i was on was Fileice. Now fileice was a nice network, I had an amazing niche ranked then I switched to Adnooka, since fileice started getting too high of a percent. Adnooka was doing great, I had my bad and good days. When the bad days came I joined a few networks and one of them was CPAGrip. But we will talk about that later. At the time I had around 7 niches and like 2-3 months ago I was earning 20-60$ daily. But the unfortunate happened and 90% of my niches got deleted and that's when I decided to join CPAGRIP! The days after re-joining and putting all my files on CPAGRIP:

Day 1 - November 7th -
This is when I transferred 50% of my niches, including one FR. I was lucky and I had amazing performance from the first day:
[Image: 07176b941f5d1a8f62939489d450105d.png]
That day I had 3 FR clicks 2 leads, and that was that. I had a good performing CR as well.
Day 2 - November 8th -
Next day I had 23 views and 7 clicks, but no leads.
Day 3 - November 9th -
Next day I had 21 views, 6 clicks and no leads.
Day 4 - Novermber 10th -
This day I transferred all of my remainig niches, and new ones and I started boosting!
I had 46 views, 23 clicks and 1 lead. My old friend, came to help me cause my niches got deleted and he himself started earning at CPAGrip. His first day, he had about 50$ which made me 2.5$! (Shout to Bucksmaker!)
Day 5 - November 11th -
A lot of my niches started kicking in and I had a lot more clicks and views then the other days. And ofcourse leads and $$.
I had 102 views, 46 clicks and 18$. Also, my friend (ref) earned me a decent amount of 3.62$ (Around 60-70$ his)
Day 6 - Novermbet 12th -
Mainly a nice day, I had okay amount of clicks andc views and leads, compared to a few days and that my niches got deleted.
[Image: f8bec9e9d6165f22dd3acf83802e74ab.png]
I earned 6$ and my ref 4$+, which made me 10$+. Thanks so much again Bucksmaker! :)
Day 7 - Novermbet 13th -
This day wasn't that bad, wasn't that great either. Although, my referrals were there (I gained another one), and my earnings as well and I had another cool 10$.
Day 8 - Novermbet 14th -
My earnings dropped a bit because one of my new niches got deleted, but luckily my referrals made me 4.4$ and I had 2.7 so I had a cool 7$.
Day 9 - Novermbet 15th -
Today was fine, I earned 4$ and my referrals earned me 6$. I was quite impressed and another day came with 10$.
Day 10 - Novermbet 16th -
I did had a bad day, so I had 2.7$ and my referrals had earned me 4$ and I had an okay 7$.
Day 11 - Novermbet 17th -
I had same earnings as my referrals, both me and my referrals earned 4.7$. Well the referrals earned 80$+, but earned me 4.7$! So that day ended up with 9.4$
Day 12 - Novermbet 18th -
This was an okay day, I made 5.83$ with 3.7$ from referrals and I had 9$+.
Day 13 - Novermbet 19th -
The network performance was really really bad, I had 0.93$ made (from 1 lead) although I had above 45 clicks. MY referrals also earned little so it was a bad day with 2$.
Day 14 - Novermbet 20th -
The day was also bad, I did had 1 lead and still I had low CR / EPC. I made 1.63$ and my referrals 2$ so I had 4$ in total that day.
Day 15 - Novermbet 21th -
My views / clicks did drop this day, because some of my niches got deleted, but I made new ones so that day ended up with 6-7$.
Day 16 - Novermbet 22th -
Another bad day from the network, this was really bad for all the users and I had only earned 4$ (along with my referrals)
Day 17 - Novermbet 23th -
My views improved and so did my clicks and leads. This day I had 6$, and my referrals 4$(They had 80$+). Which meant that the network's CR/EPC went to normal.
Day 18 - Novermbet 24th -
This day was okay, I had ok amount of clicks / leads and I had 4.66 and my referrals earned me 4.66 as well I had around 9$ that day!
Day 19 - Novermbet 25th - Current date!

This performance ended with 152.33$ in almost 3 weeks. Yes I didn't really earn that much because most of my niches got deleted but I am really proud of this network. My 3 week EPC was an outstanding 0.18.
The US offers, and high paying offers of this network convert so well!:

[Image: f2199b7b848b155ad42727f4a44ebdae.png]

I am really proud of my network and here is the reviews (ratings including)

The support is absolutely fantastic! The admins JohnW and RyanP are always active on Skype and around the Public chat of the network. They are really nice people and they help you always!

Network Performance

The network performance is amazing to be honest, a lot of people are really happy with their current statistics and so am I! I have 0.18 EPC and 11% CR with 700 clicks in the past 2-3 weeks and it is cool!


Offers and Payout

The offers are mainly about US/FR/AU/UK/IT/Spain and other high paying countries, countries like Bulgaria, Serbia, India, Philipness and Macedonia offers don't convert well, but even if they do the payouts are low. The network CR and EPC of 70% of the countries is HIGH so I like it. The payouts are amazing, currently I haven't been payed but there are a lot of payouts. I am NET 30 this month, but soon will be bi-weekly!


Finally I am happy with the network, and I really like it and you should join too.
Some more feedback would be acceptable in the posts below! :)

THANKS SO much for viewing this thread!
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2013-11-25, 09:54 PM,
Not even trying and still earning big with CPAGrip, thats how a good of a network they are.
2013-12-02, 11:15 PM,
I am not a big earner (yet) ... but I recommend this board, not only for the cash, but also for the community. Right now, I can't be active in the chat (dont have a 25$ balance yet) and could not interact, but I saw some people (including NEFantasy) and they seem to develop an awesome community.
2013-12-02, 11:29 PM,
seems legit.incentive traffic is allowed?
2013-12-09, 01:13 PM,
Yes , this website is very nice with fully editable contents! Staff is very friendly! They optimize their surveys for the best conversion
2013-12-09, 01:23 PM,
the same as my firs impression, until now i still find cpagrip the network which is best for my traffic
2013-12-29, 06:12 PM,
Maybe anyone need cpagrip account with 94$? i can sell it for 40$ paypal Why i'm selling? Because payout day is January 17, but money i need now ..
2013-12-29, 06:26 PM,
Crazy how alike our first experience with CPAGrip is.

2014-01-03, 07:11 PM,
One of the best networks !
2014-01-06, 07:32 AM,
i think i am gona try it :)

[Image: adludum_banner3.jpg]

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