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Finally found an easy way to lose weight (Here's how)
2017-07-28, 02:01 PM,
Having spent some time researching diets I finally found something, I do work out occasionally, not as much as I was though due to having a baby boy now. Anyway, I'll cut to the chase... download a free app called: My Fitness Pal - add your ideal weight, create your normal food intake and start recording EVERY bit of food and water.

You may be asking yourself how much time this will take, well fear not because the cool thing about this app is:

1. When starting out you can scan the packages, this app also has a MASSIVE database of foods/drinks so you can type a product name and save it.

2. You can save templates, then each time you eat just open the app / your plan / click the saved item = It's recorded automatically for you.

So that cuts out the time issue (I was worried about when researching this app). Now, you can also implement the same things when using it's exercise options.

Here's an example for my today's usage:
Starts at X allowed calories (automatically calculates this based on your data input regarding height, weight and ideal target weight) / my todays: 1x bottle of water + used bike for 22 mins = X amount of calories to use up etc.

The cool thing about this app is logging everything you eat and drink, and as I said once you saved your frequently used intakes you just click them so it takes only seconds to update each day.

The app also calculates how much weight you will lose based on your normal daily intakes and exercise, this will of course change depending on extras and delays.
2017-07-28, 04:06 PM,
Sounds good. This app will come handy. Thanks --- The previous admin/owner of CPAElites --- for sharing this app with us.
2017-07-28, 04:09 PM,
WOW seems to be a cool application. Let's see how accurate its report. Let me download the app now.
2017-07-28, 04:52 PM,
my friends use this app its really good !
2017-07-28, 05:01 PM,
Any suggestion for gaining weight? I've been so thin since I was a kid :D
2017-07-28, 05:21 PM,
Nice mate, I would suggest you to drink lemon, like 4-5 times per week.
How I consume: make juice of 2-3 lemons and drink after or during meal, then drink up to half l of water.

Benefits: Better skin, cleaning veins, reduce blood pressure, hydrate, vitamins/minerals, helps burn fat, helps to stay healthy in general.

[Image: cpagrip_banner.gif]
2017-07-28, 05:50 PM,
I have been thinking about losing weight for ages but its really hard so might test this out thank you!
2017-07-28, 05:53 PM,
me dont need to loss weight from all body just stomach or waste isf more hoping this will be usefull
2017-07-28, 06:09 PM,
Thanks mate! Now i can keep my diet on track! Will try this.
2017-07-28, 06:30 PM,
Thanks for the suggestion. I will use this app from now.

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